Never Gonna Give You Cup - Gus Johnson

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Gus Johnson : You guys have been so cool about sharing my internet junk with your pals. Thank you for sharing the love and spreading it like a fine, high-end manure.

Be Back Whenever : I can see the dedication on your face. You're trying so hard. This couldn't have been the first attempt.

Joshua Powers : The hilarity of this video aside, you're seriously doing Rick Astley justice with your singing. Great set of pipes you've got.

Dixie Normus : I really just feel privileged to know about this channel.

Dani K : He actually has a decent voice though, this is actually really good lmao

Pealz Heer : 1 Gus 1 cup.

Johnny McBanana : Dude your channel is like a frickin' gold mine. Keep it up man.

Rumi von Snugglebutt : Are you secretly that singer of System of a Down?

Syphrus : but i want cup ;(

MasterBillKi : Bruv, I know you aren't a big channel but I'm sure with time you will grow and make something great out of it. All the best from Switzerland :D

THUG_PRO : Was it worth it Gus? Was it worth it in the end?

YarharALC : Was watching the first 2000 presidential debate. I opened this video on my phone and it started playing as Bush started talking, so I thought it was someone yelling from the crowds. Looked down and had a giggle

naw man : Thanks 4 not never making me cry respek ♡

Mysteroo Movies : How am I supposed to remix this if you don't say the WHOLE CHORUS

Luther Newman : This is the golden age of Gus Johnson.

elcuellorojo : This is horribly underrated

Luna Moonstar : This video: Never Gonna Give You up Next video: I've Given Up **COINCIDENCE, I THINK NAWT**

Nemo_K : Such passion. Brings a tear to my eye :']

Irishcrossing : 10 outa 10, would give one dollar off the corner of the street/ at the subway.

Andrew : Little known fact, after throwing the cup and jumping he pranced around in his living room for 3 hours it was just edited down

Mr Funreal : this honestly sounds great. a shame it's so short.

An.dres.exe : I can't believe it...iv'e been Rick Rolled

Skyler P.C. : I've been Anna KendRick Rolled!

Aaliyah Matthews : never gonna give you cup

Michael Wagner : Everything Gus uploads is top quality meemage

G 6 : I wanna hear him sing more!

Dawson Elmore : Gus Johnson is my spirit animal

David Arechiga : hey not bad Gus

TheRealBercik : cry, never gonna say goodbye

ZA_Survivalist : You earned that like. Well done.

Jkdabomb10A : Like never gonna cup you up better.

LittleMissLouis : That's talent right there.

Raahim Sattar : Got Rick rolled

Scyber_Sounds Of The Future : Thanks for sharing your Cher

Tyler Durden : We don’t deserve you, Gus.

Lucdav14 : 100th comment

Jan Rudzki : Never gonna give you cUP never gonna let yo cDOWN

LucasJS : This is the best thing on the internet

Action Bastard : pretty good vocal range

Andrew : You're a fine singer

NathaN : Sounds like Archibald Asparagus.

Marcelery Stick : That voice when i said IIIIIIIIII

Psdnmstr : I like how the next recommended video is "I've given up"

Mati Hooti : How many tries did it take to make this video?

Cool Guy : What are you wearing

vichaya ouearrepan : Quality content i subscribe for.

Lily Saxerud : You actually have a really good voice tho

Garrett Gold : Never gonna give you cup

blankestblank : this is your finest work masterpiece.

FuzzyLittleBastard : Never going to give you *cup*