Sniper Smurf

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Sir Swag : The perfect team mate doesn't exi........

Xavier Xavier : What Bastion actually sounds like if he had a voice

Pistachio : I respect this man's way of life.

xGGN : The timing of the song...

Bud : I dont care how many people have to die, get this man in Overwatch League.

Mystic Melody : This is why Bastion doesn’t speak aside from random beeps

Robert : He is the epitome of man

Vulcan422 : SniperSmurf? More like Low Tier GOD

mitch verr : I can do nothing but respect this way of life.

MyMindIstellingNoButmyCucumbermyCucumber : They gave him all of the points LOL I would too.

BeastMode : Holy shit this dude is awesome!! Why cant i meet people like this online? Most Overwatch players i meet are douchbags!!

Aaro R : a true american hero

Timothy Winters : This is the best thing in Overwatch history.

Clare Poirier : Those laughs at the end are so contagious

Sir Brodacious : I love you hovering over them to maybe mute or report, and then you just burst into laughter. That was just beautiful

Brett910 : This is the funniest shit I have seen in a long time, I love gaming.

LeoD : "you have an hour on pharah"

Verylong : The timing of the song and those character cards popping up...

zorxツ : Бля, просто топ нахуй

MCNoFunAllowed : A true modern day warrior poet

Cangrejo arbol : i'm crying

nanako : this video was great the only thing that ruined it was brig

Liquid-Snake-PL : I cried, cried a lot ;D

Pres Pres : If bastion could talk

Dank : He was in one of my game i couldnt stop laughing


PeferG17 : amazing

Poptart : This is an automated voice message. 0:05-1:02

Avery Burnap : oh my god I think I played with this guy

Lonely Boy : Now that right there is a REAL man

T R : Someone should make a comment with everything he is saying :P

dete : This guy used to play on ps4

Christian Marinos : I love this

Beary Boy : Amazing.

DreBin1415 : I watch this over 5 times before I stopped

The Outhouse Studios : This is it. After years of searching I have finally found the perfect video

J491 : lmfao

Mr. Fahrenheit OW : This guy is a legend and must be remembered forever and always

Zero Dragon 7 : LowTierGod should do this more often.

Adam : reported.

dedbroken : Бастион, которого мы заслужили.

David Moore : We rolled you

Mr. Zavri : was a great video til the song, then it became an AMAZING video! That guy is hilarious

MrCrafty1313 : so many people trying to steal this guy's original speech it's sad

wonderthoams : omegalul this happened in a deathmatch lobby

de Perago : I like how he falters on 'team', like that's the one part of his grand speech that he's weak on

Filthy Casual : Did you win tho

Rain Heart : Damn, I want to meet more dudes like him in game.

Ironthis : there needs to be a murica skin for Bastion

lnfinity [RU] : Просто топ перфект мега )