Hi Five the Cactus - 2018
My good friend spent the last 10 years making this stop frame animation all by himself He finally finished it

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Hi Five the Cactus - 2018 “The World’s First Stop-Frame Animated Western.” Directed and Animated by Chris Thomas Based off a story written by Jay Purdy Music inspired by The Extraordinaries, Ennio Morricone and the “Hey” Dude Soundtrack. Original Score by Crooked Tooth and the Story Tellers Winner of 5 Awards, 7 nominations and + 30 Festival screenings (5 international). Proudly made in the city of Philadelphia. Rejected by the Philadelphia Film Festival and the Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art. IG - @nobodyiswatchingthechildren / http://www.hifivethecactus.com IMDB - https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9778529/?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm CAST IG'z and HandleZ- WRITTER - @jaypurrdy / https://theextraordinaires.bandcamp.com/ VOCALIST - @claw_det SOUNDS - @patpharari /pharari.video @c.hundreds


Soldaku : First couple seconds I wondered why the figures had a creepy, weird feel to them. Didn't take long to get my answer, I just couldn't stop watching afterwards. Nicely done man, real good job.

rabidL3M0NS : This is an absolutely incredible work of art! The visual and audio design is nostalgic yet uncanny. It evokes a strange emotion. It's like a repressed memory of a childhood fever dream.

Nicholas Kratzer : That was crazy to watch. Like a beautiful fever dream

Justin Estrada : I feel like I can see how you get better at animating as the film progresses.

Dukeman : stumbled on this on reddit. This is great. Deeply unsettling and tells an excellent story.

SiegeMinion : mother of god, I didn't understand a thing. And I loved it

cartman : LOL...you can actually see his talent improving through the years

Small Doggo : This is YouTube gold! Reminds me of the old days

jesse hays : Somebody needs to show this to PRIMUS immediately.

Tristan Christiansen : .I feel like I dropped acid started off watching Wallace and gromit... Then it morphed into a Primus video

yogiyoda : Very trippy but I can't understand the words. Needs subtitles or something.

5chr4pn3ll : Great work! Was worried about poor Mr Cactus there for a while but everything worked out :D

simon byrnes : That's enough internet for today.

The Greek Samurai : This is absolutley amazing. Incredible work!

Erica Stockwell-Alpert : The way Hi-Five’s mouth moves reminds me of the Oogie Boogie Man

ano nono : Wow, that was amazing.. a little bit disturbing, but amazing!! Would be cool if u added subtitles, since i could'nt hear all words :) great work tho!!

Mason Chapman : I just wanted to say that I watched this several months ago four times because I had to show it to my six roommates. To this day we still sing the songs and quote it and even got a potted cactus we named High Five.

Nicole White : HOT DAWG!! I love this!! What a root'n toot'n fine job! Thanks fer the mention, pard! I'm much obliged and most honored. Yee-HAW!!

M : is this stopmotion? Oh my god the effort. Absolutely amazing

Chandler_h : A wonderful execution. The style of your cinema matches the story so well. It's easy to become involved because the sheer uniqueness. Extremely well done! Cheers

Nick Valentine : RDR2 on PC anounced. Very cool!

Backless Chaps : Damn, nothing I've ever seen has captured the atmosphere of a nightmare so accurately. Amazing

Ranjit Singh : "Killer Cacti," nice foreshadowing

comeonyougotnerves : Speechless on so many levels. Thank you for giving this to us. I couldn't even start to use words for my overwhelmed state...

captainadventures : "Rejected by the Philadelphia Film Festival and the Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art." More like the Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Farts

Mansour Abdullah : Well done. What's name of the intro song?

Justin Meredith : This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Great job all around, the animation, camera work, style, music; everything was spot on.

El Dita : Thanks for the video, Chris. Now I have nightmares.

staticthreat : Quality stuff and shared with all my friends who of course appreciated every single minute.

cheeseburgers747 : Nice video, made me smile... I'll never trust a cactus now..

Merkwey : This guy must've been on some shit while making this story

MMO Vault : *This is weird but in a good way!* *Awesome video is awesome, great job!*

novocras : Welp, I'm now I have more fuel for my nightmares.

Llama Tuxedo : You should have a TV show I'd watch it

Hero : Real surreal, thoroughly enjoyed it. Great job Chris!

Hekios888 S : Terentino meets Davey and Goliath! Frikken awesome!

eerereps : You know its good when you stay through the credits...

The DIY Science Guy : Pretty dark story! beautifully made!

Colin Eason : I've watched this a bunch of times. I feel so sorry for Hi Five.

Jacob Ellis : Well done, sir. I was absolutely compelled to watch to the end.

Dredrick : Beautifully demented. Fantastic, mate.

froot loop : Amazing, you're so talented!!!! Looks great!

Thommigen : That was incredible. Well done.

rudefunk : Amazing! If this came out in the 1920's Disney would not have a chance. Great work!

Todd Johnson : saw this on reddit. awesome job man!

MrReedmore : in b4 1 mil. Phenomenal!

Ravenwood : Well this trip certainly took a turn - thankfully only 6 more hours to go.

SirAdy Unleashed : This is one of those things that you can't believe are actually YouTube videos and not high budget television features. Great job on the animation, design, story and song! You really have something going!

Taya Cross : That would've frightened me as a kid! I love it 😊