Hi Five the Cactus - 2018

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James S : Good job Chris. I'm looking forward to seeing your next video in 2028.

Nicholas Kratzer : That was crazy to watch. Like a beautiful fever dream

Foxnos : Holy shit this was like watching one gnarly fever dream. Well done.

Dukeman : stumbled on this on reddit. This is great. Deeply unsettling and tells an excellent story.

rabidL3M0NS : This is an absolutely incredible work of art! The visual and audio design is nostalgic yet uncanny. It evokes a strange emotion. It's like a repressed memory of a childhood fever dream.

Justin Estrada : I feel like I can see how you get better at animating as the film progresses.

Soldaku : First couple seconds I wondered why the figures had a creepy, weird feel to them. Didn't take long to get my answer, I just couldn't stop watching afterwards. Nicely done man, real good job.

SiegeMinion : mother of god, I didn't understand a thing. And I loved it

cartman : LOL...you can actually see his talent improving through the years

yogiyoda : Very trippy but I can't understand the words. Needs subtitles or something.

Sam McAllister : Absolutely fucking bizarre. But I loved it. Congrats!

Small Doggo : This is YouTube gold! Reminds me of the old days

simon byrnes : That's enough internet for today.

neo sapien : this is rad. i predict someone will put primus over this video and repost it =P

I_like_Youtube : Nicely done, also hello from Reddit.

jesse hays : Somebody needs to show this to PRIMUS immediately.

5chr4pn3ll : Great work! Was worried about poor Mr Cactus there for a while but everything worked out :D

The Greek Samurai : This is absolutley amazing. Incredible work!

Tristan Christiansen : .I feel like I dropped acid started off watching Wallace and gromit... Then it morphed into a Primus video

JacobTurnero : so cool! see you in 10 years

Yo : is this stopmotion? Oh my god the effort. Absolutely amazing

Kat Burns : This is awesome!

D4RK! : Wow, unsettling and great

Lithostheory : The music is also very nice!

Benjamin : 1:53 me after 10 years

ano nono : Wow, that was amazing.. a little bit disturbing, but amazing!! Would be cool if u added subtitles, since i could'nt hear all words :) great work tho!!

Albert Nigrin : A terrific animation!

Erica Stockwell-Alpert : The way Hi-Five’s mouth moves reminds me of the Oogie Boogie Man

Nick Valentine : RDR2 on PC anounced. Very cool!

eerereps : You know its good when you stay through the credits...

cheeseburgers747 : Nice video, made me smile... I'll never trust a cactus now..

Nicole White : HOT DAWG!! I love this!! What a root'n toot'n fine job! Thanks fer the mention, pard! I'm much obliged and most honored. Yee-HAW!!

C_ Rom : The hell, looks like a nightmare I've had.

Joshua Jones : This is the trippiest shit I've ever seen.

Jaxy Rod : This guy must've been on some shit while making this story

Todd Johnson : saw this on reddit. awesome job man!

Colby Boucher : I seriously hope this gets like 5,000,000 views

El Dita : Thanks for the video, Chris. Now I have nightmares.

Movement of Life : I'm so incredibly disturbed - extremely well done

madhatt3r111 : This deserves an award! Shocking and well executed.

insert cool name : This is super creepy

The Big Bear Is Coming : This is cursed

I’m already Sans Undertale : 10 years? Damn.

Lee Critchfield : Not sure but I think you may have been abused. Cool stuff but kinda dark

Colin Eason : I've watched this a bunch of times. I feel so sorry for Hi Five.

Sparky Sharky : Came from reddit.

Ladypants Lord : We awarded you a prize at the Brainwash movie festival in Oakland Ca. Best wishes always.

Hawkens85 : The animation is so fantastic, but the thing that really gets me is the music. I don't know who was in charge of that, but they nailed it. Just incredible stuff!! Congratulations!!!

Brian Juarez : this is art

No thankyou : 10/10. The songs were great too:D