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#bestsetup #topSetups #top10setups Hello Guys this is My setup gaming Station for 2018 Check all the Specs here: ▼How Much Does My SETUP Cost Video▼ ▼ Seal Of Approval Setup Wars Video▼ ▼My Custom Desk for Cable Management Video▼ ▼All My Setup Videos▼ ▼ Where I made my Setup Light Shelves▼ Follow my Instagram: epsypt TIPO - Best Setup Gaming Series Setup Specs : - 3 X Monitor Acer's 37.5" curved XR382CQK ( - 1 X Monitor LG 29UC97C-B ( - PlayStation Pro 4( - HTC vive ( - Truntable rega Planar 2 ( - Colunas kef R SERIES 5.1 - Headphones Sennheiser HD 569( - Custom Working Desk 15 feet by 3 Feet with 440 Pounds - Custom Bass Traps - Custom Wood Diffusers Black and White PC Specs: - Tower Cooler Master c700p - - Fan Cooler Master ( ) - AMD Threadripper 1950x ( ) - 2 X Samsung Pro 960 M.2 1TB ( ) - Motherboard ROG Zenith Extreme ( ) - Watercooler Cooler Master ML240L ( ) - Corsair 1000i ( - Cablemod ( ) - 128 gb gskill F4 – 3200 ( - 2 X SLI Gráfica Geforce GTX1080 TI OC 11gb ( Sound Music - Atmospherica (From epidemicsound)

Comments from Youtube

zxnzo : Even the table costs more than my rent

Sloway : My setup = ps4

Iron Pilled : This setup is called: High Electricity Bill

Zalim Forever : If i had this i will never see sunlight again

Kurdi Gamer : Wer kommt alles von Monte?

MihaiFox : NASA is jealous...

vSyrix : Even a thief would have so much respect for this setup he wouldnt even steal it

Greg the gamer : who came here from techsource?

Laurentiu Dumitru : With money, anything is possible! Congrats for the setup!

azoz lion : WOW This is Really Nice and Amazing congratulations for you to this Beautiful Setup ❤

Nero : where are is cable lol It's amazing

Slizk : Keeping that room clean must be a pain in the back side

EeGinVlogs : Cleanest gaming setup I’ve ever seen

Paulo Barca : Olá meu amigo Vou te dar uma dica para deixar o teu Setup mais louco. Usar um Arduino a funcionar directo com o pc para controlar o Backgroung Light. Conforme as cores da tela mudam os led's mudam também. Fiz isso no meu setup

LuckyTuber : Let me guess it cost about 5050040302992920039494995949505050 milions of dollars?

STORM YT : its cost more than my whole dream life :( ..i dont even have money to buy your mouse... 😑

Aiden pritchard : I’m going to the same thing but with 1 monitor( curved ultrawide) and way small desk:) any ideas

Random Stupid : Yeah nice 1000000$ electricity bill...

Макарони : I just wont 1000$ pc, nothing more... Price of your spaceship 200.000$ lol

Beda : i would never leave the room after i would entered it

durchfallman TTV : Ther are no cables is it wireless 😂😂😂

Zhoyd IOS : Youre mousepad cost my pc

WestNikk : То чувство, когда живёшь в деревне, и у тебя доисторический ноут

William dos Santos Nombora : Parabéns pelo setup! de certeza um dos melhores de 2018 hehe.. abraços de Moçambique :)

Gáborné Nikovits : When you have awsome setup , but you still noob in games 😂

chris Scomersi : #MonteArmy #Twitch

Pawan Bakshi : My setup = PS4 and my PC

Venborne Studios : I think this is not a real setup. Its all VFX.... Made in maya and other softwares. But the man is real. Joking

XxMythicalxX : Bro your gonna get broke. You have like 5 screams plus led lights plus your pc. I’m telling you you’re gonna have a high paying electric bill. But nice set up by the way👍

Luis G.Martinez : Muy elegante y potente.En 2 años cualquier equipo hará lo mismo que el tuyo y con menos presupuesto.

Yukisas Saidon : Which program do you use for the animated wallpapers?

VJtheDJ : Wow! This is the best gaming setup ever!

Zack Wooz : your keyboard better than my whole room :(

Harry Mould : I saw this setup on one of tech sources set up wars and I was blown away! The setup is absolutely AMAZING well done bro

iSpooky : setup wars

Zdrave : I think this guy won on lotto and he bought all this stuffs with that money

Aktiv Mois #Tigerarmy : Wer kommt auch von monte

The Green Moustache : It isnt the best setup ! The best Setup is Ninjas New SEtup P.S BUT THE 2nd BEst Setup in the World. Still BRILLIANT EPIC SETUP GOOD JOB!

Kostas Pastir : Dann that shit CLEANNN... nice !😱🔥🔥🔥

subham Kumar : I like it this gaming setup

That Guy : This is so unbelievably amazing

Kim Jong : this screams rich kid

Mark : Having a room like this I don't think I'd invite anyone over.. They would see this and think differently of me, and not in a good way.

MysticGFX : I don't like the wallpaper but the rest is cool.

Sarcastic_ Taco : Whats the background??? Computer background?

Abhishek Jain : This video is better than my entire life

kaya : just the monitors cost more than my dream build

ADY HRC : Esperó algundia tener algo hací

IDK : Definitely the best looking setups out there