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zyon : Even the table costs more than my rent

Kurdi Gamer : Wer kommt alles von Monte?

Dominik Heinz : This isn't a setup. This is a spaceship.

Iron Pilled : This setup is called: High Electricity Bill

Mr.ClubHouse : i would never leave the room after i would entered it

Zack Wooz : your keyboard better than my whole room :(

AZERT : My setup = ps4

Abdullah Alzahem : طز بدحماس ياشيخ ههههههههههههههه انت عربي حط لايك 😘❤️

Kim Jong : this screams rich kid

Greg the gamer : who came here from techsource?

Venom : What do you do for a living and how do you get all your money to do something like this? PLEASE TELL MEE

Laurentiu Dumitru : With money, anything is possible! Congrats for the setup!

Zalim Forever : If i had this i will never see sunlight again

SirSkuller I هيكل : يزق فلوس ذا ؟ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 لا ما شاء الله الله يزيده

EeJinVlogs : Cleanest gaming setup I’ve ever seen

Andruzz : After 1 sec: WOWOWO

farclax 99 : soy el unico que habla español?

Mejky : lol, the worst gaming setup I've ever seen. It's so unpractical.

iLoveCakkee : Also ich komm auch von monte aber hab das vor ihm auch schon gesehen

ZhoydYT : Youre mousepad cost my pc

GUNSMOKE408 : 👌amirite but ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ the bills

chris Scomersi : #MonteArmy #Twitch

Mark : Having a room like this I don't think I'd invite anyone over.. They would see this and think differently of me, and not in a good way.

Thijmen Geluk : hey can you pay al of this for me? pls :)

IEBahumut234 : hm that power bill 😂😂

santtu u : Perfeckt

FRUTY CHEF : GG je le veut ptn

Flactory : Amazing

Bhavdeep singh sidhu : plz submit to techsource... i want to see him get a heart attack

Slizk : Keeping that room clean must be a pain in the back side

JoeProGamerMC : Damn u should have more subs! Keep up the good work love your setup!

DannyBoyPlayzm8 : Put this setup next to the Mona Lisa and you wouldn't see a difference...

DeadPhantom : I almost failed no nut november

THE GAMER : Wtf caricamente e tech source stanno morendo dalla invidia

STORM YT : its cost more than my whole dream life :( ..i dont even have money to buy your mouse... 😑

Zigmas Vaitkevičius : This is my dream set up

L30n_Am09 A : Do you playing fortnite

kaya : just the monitors cost more than my dream build

THE GAMER : Ma quanto tempo hai impiegato e quanti soldi ai speso?

spaghetti : 0_0 i have simply no words for this masterpiece. Damn, your setup is *awesome*

Gangsta Hooligan : Play to fps game on 3 screen useless

someone is me : i love this setup

Martim Alves : Tu és português n es notasse o sotaque

PUBG Mobile Official : My setup = PS4 and my PC

HamizanArif : in muslim...if u are rich..need to pay zakat harta

Matej V. Films : $150.000 is the price?

MysticGFX : I don't like the wallpaper but the rest is cool.

Personal Development : I thought it was a girl setup tbh

ShadowSpear : AND YOU HAVE ONLY 10K SUBS........

Hush : It is the best!