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Bhavdeep singh sidhu : plz submit to techsource... i want to see him get a heart attack

iiRegretz- : honestly the best one ive seen

Kershaw : SICK

On Jers : OMG!!

Hardware Forums : I Love Your Setup Very Much Bro , Keep It Up !!

tyler : just the monitors cost more than my dream build

M.N.G.P Official : OMG <3

Ieuan Alli : I suggest you send it to Techsource. You wouldn't get the "seal of approval" you will get the highest thing ever to be awarded on his channel (I hope you do anyway :))

Termaniz : How in the actually heck is this not fake

Professor Rambo : Beautiful setup bud.

vivek patil : Came from techsource ! Congratulations!! Beast setup... Put more videos. You got a break

Omar : I was scrolling through the comments and I saw that you were liking every comment. I find that very kind of you that you are giving time to check the comment section and reading a lot of comments!

Austino Reyra : sorry bro but it sucks, looks like a disco, u should use white light and then it would be at least a good setup, not one of the best, but an average

MiKE : OMG that`s insane MANNN !!

General Necrotic : Put it in an art museum

adrian leakey : Amazing set up, you deserve an award for this :)

Fortnite world : You have a best setup 2018 gg !

Rajwinder Singhbal : Nice setup :D

Luk As : Nice. Just nice.

FTPGAMING : The only thing you need is custom watercooling loop in your pc

RISKY : I only saw this seup because of tech sourse but the best setup i have been trying so hard to make my setup better so i decied im going to put way more work and spend 130 dollars for my setup and i will get more things so i will probaly spend another 300 dollars right now i have a light up keyboard and a chair that is not too good and crap monitar but i do have a good mouse and mouse pad things im working on is my cables my chair monitar headset holder and a way bigger desk but i am getting a second keyboard and a mouse and a muose pad in total my setup cost is 1800 dollars

Cristian Andrei : how much did it cost in total?? y r awesome

ТM : I want to cry. It is so pretty

GameKing : You r a legend my dude your setup is awesome

KainSwiss : Hahaha this is the kinda a setup you have to end all setups lol. Those Kefs nice touch.

Vussaim Dube : I am in South Africa and from Zimbabwe man this is my dream setup one day.Great job this is the World’s best setup.Africa loves you Peace


Faze Zevio JK : A bit overkill and I could never play on a wide screen like that

JUST SAUCE RAW SAUCE : You did it. You make it into Techsource Setup Wars. CONGRATS.

Storm Het games : Is it plexiglass?😘

Storm Het games : what color is it acrylic? 😘

Abdullah Abdelkarim : dude ur setup and pc is a beast

Tiago8v : Grande setup! ;) Isso aqui em Portugal é raro! Continuação de exelentes videos! Abraço.

Surya Narayanan Sreeraj : YOUR SETUP WAS AWESOME

Meshall Al-razoog : The best setup I have ever seen, awesome work man.

Oliver Harrison : What's that wallpaper!!! This setup is flippin incredible

Kberg : can you please link what wallpaper you use? (wallpaper engine)

BigRinoz : I think this setup is the best honestly, subscribed.

zenser : Wow i dont have even pc

Ilyas Made : Futur !!

Anonyl : Song by : DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R - Ultra Mega Go Force Album : Ad Extremum (put in description for right pls)


3NCode : Why dont you have 1mill+ this is probably one of the best setups ive ever seen !! people need to recognize this channel !

Cle4n CSGO : just to say i do love the setup so much but it is a bit to much for me i would think a 3 triple monitor setup is the way to go this is just overkill. what do think about that? i would love to make a 3 monitor setup but would it be cool?

Landrar : Congratulations on the best setup award! I've never seen Ed speechless. 😂

Moises Vlogs : Came from Setup Wars

Stucker : I just wanna know how u made the table 😍

Barato Reviews : As I mentioned in the techsource channel, your setup is the world's best so far! My goodness! You're such an inspiration. This is an architectural beauty. This is a beast! I wonder how much all of these costs.. 🤔 I just subd. I am your fan here from the Philippines.🇵🇭

Guitarethomas Cars : magnifique setup

Albi WA : Could you make a tutorial on the wood diffusers? Or add some sketches because I’d like to build similar