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xanctuary : Even the table costs more than my rent

Iron Pilled : This setup is called: High Electricity Bill

Dominik Heinz : This isn't a setup. This is a spaceship.

Bhavdeep singh sidhu : plz submit to techsource... i want to see him get a heart attack

Tyler : just the monitors cost more than my dream build

quiety : i would never leave the room after i would entered it

Kim Jong : this screams rich kid

Zack Wooz : your keyboard better than my whole room :(

Abdullah Alzahem : طز بدحماس ياشيخ ههههههههههههههه انت عربي حط لايك 😘❤️

Greg the gamer : who came here from techsource?

Necrotic : Put it in an art museum

iFruTie I سلطة : يزق فلوس ذا ؟ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 لا ما شاء الله الله يزيده

Venom : What do you do for a living and how do you get all your money to do something like this? PLEASE TELL MEE

Laurentiu Dumitru : With money, anything is possible! Congrats for the setup!

Omar : I was scrolling through the comments and I saw that you were liking every comment. I find that very kind of you that you are giving time to check the comment section and reading a lot of comments!

vSyrix : Even a thief would have so much respect for this setup he wouldnt even steal it

Ieuan Alli : I suggest you send it to Techsource. You wouldn't get the "seal of approval" you will get the highest thing ever to be awarded on his channel (I hope you do anyway :))

المخترع ماجد حسن : I hope I have a room like this 😊😍😍😍 You have a lot of money 😅😅

IEBahumut234 : hm that power bill 😂😂

AlSoundz : Monitors that wide are useless. Its easier to play on just one.

Jay Rambo : Beautiful setup bud.

EeGinVlogs : Cleanest gaming setup I’ve ever seen

WarHead : $150.000 is the price?

Kalpesh Patil : Everything was right until that man came in that non fancy t shirt , non fancy glasses, non fancy hat, 😅 edit = it is the best setup of 2018.

ZEDOR : Just one word, wow 😍

Disappointing Burrito : 2 things. First is the panel with the led shape on the wall custom made and if so how did you do it? Second that triple monitor setup is basically cheating you can see the whole map without looking around in game lol

MoToDK : and how much do you pay per month for electricity

FTPGAMING : The only thing you need is custom watercooling loop in your pc

ChewBoi89 : my setup is100% better i have a 3$ pc and 99 cent keyboard and mouse

The Brown Boy : its cost more than my whole dream life :( ..i dont even have money to buy your mouse... 😑

Eric Rhodes : Man, I HAVE to know... what's the price tag on this?

Nickolas Frugone : Epsytech like how much did it cost xD lets say as much as the moon lol Edit: Thanks for the heart really nice setup tho!

Alexis Tropa : Immediatly liked the video and saved it...

Blackpink Fanboy NR.1 : this isnt a setup this is the place were god lives xD

High Rate Guy : You are sooo cool Bro, Giving a Heart to everybody's comments, I would never get a heart😕 Anyways! The setup is Superb! This is the most INSANE PC built that I ever saw😍

Dev Wood : Congratulations on getting the seal of approval


vivek patil : Came from techsource ! Congratulations!! Beast setup... Put more videos. You got a break

THE GAMER : Ma quanto tempo hai impiegato e quanti soldi ai speso?

sIIbo : If i want to buy it i have to seel my house and a kidney and a lung

Little Hunter : TechSource will be jealous

Prince da Mythicals : You must have a hell of a job to pay to pay your bills omg

MysticGFX : I don't like the wallpaper but the rest is cool.

THE GAMER : Wtf caricamente e tech source stanno morendo dalla invidia

Antij Tacto : Wallpaper Engine i love it too :)

Wisples : I can't wait to get a job...

Jikke_ 0229 : Omg my dream 😍😍😱😱😱😱😱

Oh Drifter : Man now I feel bad because ur actually a good person so sorry man

santtu u : Perfeckt

deadtros -_- : Omg wow your set up is very nice