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Dir: Marc Isaacs / UK / 2001 Filmmaker Marc Isaacs sets himself up in a London tower block lift. The residents come to trust him and reveal the things that matter to them creating a humorous and moving portrait of a vertical community. For more of Marcs work visit: _____


yousufj56 : This video was unique because it showed normal day life with normal people. By the end, i had that "right at home" feeling. Any one else? 

GRAND LOOP : That Pakistanian kind of guy who brings food all the time is awesome

Yasin Re : you know what .. because of this short film i´ve planed to be more kind and to be a better listener ... know that feeling? nice film

HonestSonics : All the CGI explosions, beasts and action in the world could never be as compelling as this.

FableCountry : Beautifully depressing.

f s : John is unreal. From the word go you can see, that's a man with some deep, deep sadness.

BAWFIN : this is unsettlingly sad.

Милош Обровац : I'm glad I watched this. At the end, this video left me with a weird nice feeling. We are all messed up. It is wonderful and comforting in a way.

steve randall : Poor John. I wish I could've saved the fella. Life is harsh.

TheBabblingBiker : I love the Indian/Pakistani guy who keeps offering food. Such a lovely stereotype holding true, isn't it?

hypno : My mother passed away suddenly from a heart attack a few weeks back and this is the first thing to put a smile on my face. I'm overjoyed at the moment.

Schizopantheist : Strange metallic purpose enshrined in fixtures Cardinal desires directed and imprisoned in shells Stacked like corpses of machine casing And made to wait For nothing.

Tea Lizard : Never thought I'd find a mini-documentary about people in an elevator so compelling.

Bryony Williams : This has me feeling weird and inspired... with a few tears.

Basement Hermit : There's something quite touching about this. Rather human.

Mer Zuen : people are so interesting

Joykey : I love Peter, especially the part with the golden eagle.

Richard Harris : THIS is what youtube is for.  Makes all the rubbish almost worth it.

thatasiankid45 : The Pakistani (I think he's Pakistani) man was so nice and generous! 

SkippingLegs : that indian guy who offers food is really friendly.

Liz Green Downtwisted : And no one person pissed in it ! Every public lift I've ever been has always stunk of piss.

Wicks91 : Knowing that John committed suicide makes his moments all the more difficult to watch. Can't imagine the pain John went through prior to that. 

JayFromElektro : Seriously, words cannot describe this.

dexhinr : I don't know why but this is so cool.

Donal Boyd : That was - beautiful. Truly. 

MrMetallkopf : People are fragile

jettrooper3rd : That woman really doesn't like Starbucks.

OrangeJews1138 : Subtitles would be pretty good.

Adam Denman : Strangely captivating, and a little creepy. I liked it.

Chris Tographer : Well done Marc Issacs. 

willonz : The old lady that lights up a cig around 19:40 was priceless "Hows your breathi--" "Not good."

David Keller : I'm so high and I have no idea how I got here holy shit there's nothing in my search history this is the only page help

Fleeta J : Lily is the best. The meshuggana [sic]. Wonder what the block is inhabited by now... Great portrait of London.

Marcy O'Rourke : This elevator is positively claustrophobic!

Ea Supernova : That old woman at the start taking the elevator must be the female version of the Joker. Spot on. Even got the purple jacket lol.

slowandcrystal : A benign ghost in a lift that everyone confides in.

Mr. S : This short movie/documentary is a wonderful and moving piece of art.

Mackey : this is genius

Kerser Wun : holy shit that poor guy who lost his parents within 2 months of each other

Ahiba Sabala : People can be so wonderful and complex sometimes, there are huge layers of depth to all of us.

poobertop : I couldn't help but watch all of this, which seems so strange..

Jason Matthew : Very interesting stuff... makes me happy and at times sad to watch this.

bluelichen : My favorite part's where he gets his shoes cleaned.

Christopher G. : This is so entertaining for some reason...I can't understand why but I enjoyed watching this. More please.

182scotty182 : It's like a very early version of "Humans Of New York"

Reece : Hi Ravensbourne!

peter parker : I love this. Great idea :)

Mucica maLa : Touching film. Completely changing the idea of the space where you check your make up.

michael cohen : absolutely mesmeric!!