The Most Unexpected Acoustic Guitar Performance | The Showhawk Duo | TEDxKlagenfurt
Mesmerized for 23 minutes and I have just finished burning my guitars

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Music works a lot like language does - except instead of words and ideas, it expresses emotions and intent. It also gives us an oxytocin boost, which plays an important role in increasing bonding and trust between people. The Showhawk Duo bonded TEDxKlagenfurt’s audience with their spectacular approach to playing the guitar. Listen to the magic they created on stage with their version of Insomnia - I can't get no sleep, Tiesto’s Adagio For Strings or the most unexpected thing you can expect on a guitar Bohemian Rhapsody. Young British guitarists Mikhail Asanovic and Jake Wright, together known as The Showhawk Duo, started out as buskers and have since gone on to play all over the globe. They have appeared on BBC Radio 1 on the Nick Grimshaw’s Breakfast Show, they performed for the LAD Bible and BBC Radio Bristol. They played at the UK's large festivals including the Main Stage at Bestival, Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, Somersault and more. International performances include F1 Grand Prix in Singapore, Seychelles, club tours in Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands and a 20 - date residency at Pacha in Ibiza. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Logan Cressler : Someone, please teach the audience how to clap... They've almost got it. They just need.... they just need to clap at the same speed as the beat.... They have the sound down. They are great at making clap sounds. They just need to get the timing down now....

Felicio Moreira : Almost a year and I'm still here! <3

gary bowman : I don't know how those guys keep rhythm and tempo when the audience starts clapping out of synch, they are in a "ZONE"... 👍👌

Ijaz c : I like the way they are playing guitar, guitar is my favorite music instrument, I'm on my way to learn it

Kristoffer Vemøy : Song list: 1. Insomnia - Faithless 2. Zombie nation - Kernkraft 400 3. Sandstorm - Darude 4. Adagio for strings - "Tiesto" 5. Children - Jack Holiday 6. ATB - Till i Come 7. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen cheers

Castle of Song : You have to laugh at the crowd clapping out of time despite the guys playing the rhythm very audibly.

Pj Neethling : Just how amazing was electronic music in the 90's? I wasn't expecting Till I Come.

dc2blair : I don’t care if it was technically hard or easy to play, I don’t play guitar, that element doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that I stopped everything I was doing for 20 minutes to be fixated by 2 guys pumping out songs that you’d never normally hear on an acoustic guitar. 10/10 for entertainment purposes.

Ken Eeken : Makes my heart race, at the same beat. Back to basics. Wow, guys I love what you are doing. Hats off and keep it up ;)

crazym108 : Can we talk about how bad the audience is at clapping along? I'm glad it died out quickly.

Tyler Eastburn : "you can't make a guitar sound like edm" Ted talk nibbas: hold my beer

Da BJ : First of all: Why do things have to take skill to be good? Second: This was good. Third: This takes a lot of skill!

Vikram Aditya Paul : My love and respect for the Guitar rose 1000 folds.

Fender5621 : So I guess TED talks are now a performance venue.

NameNotImportant : This is amazing... You would never think to associate the sounds of a guitar with those songs, with that type of music.

RexRed - Flock of Angels : Tiesto’s Adagio For Strings, beautiful rendition, emotion and vibrant energy! 💕🌞💖💗


brad gibson : That was just amazing...really awesome job!

Kim Chung Lương : Some people say this doesn't require much skill. It does. It requires a huge amount of musical skill - just not athletic skill like upstart guitar players expect from any performance. Quick fingers and the ability to play fast are just athletic skills. Musical skill is the ability to make the audience feel the emotion of the music, and to that we don't find any lack of evidence here.

Emmanuel Mudenda : Show me a better rendition of this song. I dare you

April the Cat Esquire : Wow!! Who knew Seth Green could play guitar that well!!! lol

Kit Carson : Well played boys! From Texas to yall.. Just like the phrase in Johnny Lee's song -Cherokee Fiddle- "If you wanna make a living ya gotta put on a good show" This was entertainment to the audience....listen to crowd...!! they put on a good show.........The ability to infuse emotion into notes is a good gift. Keep making people smile and feel alive. Gig-Em!

Aaron Klatt : STOP clapping you rhythm-less drunkards!

Whoa Look Out! : I feel like my dude on the right could bench a Prius with his middle finger.

Bigmozzarella : Some of the negativity in the comments is because the title tries too hard. Just give a fair title and let the performance speak for itself.

Bk Palos : Adagio for strings was always my favorite techno piece.... hearing it like this was just amazing

Deependra Thapa : Thoroughly enjoyed! Amazing, just amazing!!

Ken Eeken : And stop getting in my head and playing my favourite tunes ><

Dj Project : Bravo!!! The queen song at the end was really cool. Thanks

Lord Belial : pretty awesome...bring 'computer-made' Music back to handmade….but its the wrong audience….Little snobs

Elliot Binding : I found myself smiling so much while listening to this. I'm a guitarist and this blew me away.

Amy Whitaker : Just two guys jamming out, love it!

Jon Harvey : This is the most unexpected improper use of the word unexpected I've ever unexpectedly read.

@rc'n gel productions : 10:46 RIP Robert Miles :') incredible artist : wonderful tribute <3 thank you so much guys

Paralytic Angel : grandious couple of guitarists. very well done. WOW

Not 670 : Extra super acoustic being plugged into an amplifier.

Toby A. : Greatest talk segment ever. j/k !! Awesome performance.

Rushad Patel : That middle finger got too much testosterone.

yaduraj shakti : 42K UP and 2.2K DOWN Strumming made this performance greatest \o/

Douglas Gorman : When I tell my friends I play guitar @ 0:23 ( if you catch my drift)

Frédéderique Aelterman : They should learn the song “One-trick pony” by Paul Simon 😉

karel bellic : Insomnia & children hold special memories. Absolute legends.

Jon Kemp : To anybody keen to point out the fact that there is not a lot of guitar skill needed to play these arrangements, you have missed the point. These guys have taken songs unintended for acoustic guitar and arranged them in such a way that they don't sound empty and boring. They have created something innovative and entertaining, and this is why the crowd appreciated it as much as they would've Tommy Emmanuel or Don Ross. The arranging on BR was fantastic, one of the best i've heard considering there were only 2 instruments recreating a song with many parts, also think getting the crowd to sing was a nice touch.

Olli K. : Great stuff. Luv it. Like to have the tabs if possible.

Casey Bledsoe : The audience singing along Bohemian Rapsody just shows the impact that Queen has had on the world. Beautiful.

Abhishek Davis : If you wanna improve your playing quickly, without years of practice or you want to play smokin solos with intense passion and total control then this is EXACTLY what you've been looking for. If you're like I was when I first started working on my guitar playing, you're probably not as great as you'd like to be, yet. But don't worry Click here and join this newsletter Music

Phil B : The guy with the hat IS Kimi Raikkonen! Expect this coming from the Sauber garage in March this year...

Mygary : Music doesn’t need to be complicated to be good.

Hibodjj : from Guitarist to Guitarist this well Created ...thx for sharing this