The Most Unexpected Acoustic Guitar Performance | The Showhawk Duo | TEDxKlagenfurt

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Speechless Gamer : I play guitar myself, I see a lot of criticism about skill. This isnt about skill, this is about emotion and performing. They sat up a great performance, and i believe they will inspire others to play guitar. Music isnt about competition, its about fun and unity. I hope people understand this.

Kristoffer Vemøy : Song list: 1. Insomnia - Faithless 2. Zombie nation - Kernkraft 400 3. Sandstorm - Darude 4. Adagio for strings - "Tiesto" 5. Children - Jack Holiday 6. ATB - Till i Come 7. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen cheers

Jon Harvey : This is the most unexpected improper use of the word unexpected I've ever unexpectedly read.

crazym108 : Can we talk about how bad the audience is at clapping along? I'm glad it died out quickly.

Whoa Look Out! : I feel like my dude on the right could bench a Prius with his middle finger.

Rushad Patel : That middle finger got too much testosterone.

Jon Kemp : To anybody keen to point out the fact that there is not a lot of guitar skill needed to play these arrangements, you have missed the point. These guys have taken songs unintended for acoustic guitar and arranged them in such a way that they don't sound empty and boring. They have created something innovative and entertaining, and this is why the crowd appreciated it as much as they would've Tommy Emmanuel or Don Ross. The arranging on BR was fantastic, one of the best i've heard considering there were only 2 instruments recreating a song with many parts, also think getting the crowd to sing was a nice touch.

Ellexis : Best twenty-two minutes and 59 seconds of my day! Pure ear candy!

Ewan ET : People who clap in the audience need to be thrown out

Nikhil Sampath : i cant believe more than a thousand people have given this a thumbs down. Guess they just dont know how to appreciate music OR they are probably just deaf!!!

r4vis : The Most Unexpected Acoustic Guitar Performance??? not really tbh.. I would call it A great Acoustic Guitar Performance

Kim Chung Lương : Some people say this doesn't require much skill. It does. It requires a huge amount of musical skill - just not athletic skill like upstart guitar players expect from any performance. Quick fingers and the ability to play fast are just athletic skills. Musical skill is the ability to make the audience feel the emotion of the music, and to that we don't find any lack of evidence here.

Will Anderson : Why are there so many comments complaining about originality or skill level? Can't we as an audience try be positive and encourage them to grow rather than scold them for what we believe are faults?

Patrick Curran : From reading the comments there are some seriously intelligent guitar players picking this a part. But to ask why the crowd is enjoying themselves is puzzling to me. Wish more people would get lost or found in music and just enjoy it. Be grateful and congregate in happiness.

Mygary : Music doesn’t need to be complicated to be good.

Vicki McMillan-Kilpatrick : Was so lucky to have these guys play at our wedding in St Andrews in 2015, absolutely amazing and really lovely guys!

Ryan Jones : These guys must have asked mom and dad for turntables for Christmas, when mom and dad said no and bought them guitars. They did this in retaliation lmao.

Justin England : Don’t ever clap unless prompted...

Ed Fulginiti : If music is intended to bring joy, well, then they brought it!

Chingga ZYH : 9:14 anyone notice that she is sleeping well (left side bottom red dressing girl)

Parikshit Gupt : That's all u need.. a guitar and ... a guitar👍🏾

gary bowman : I don't know how those guys keep rhythm and tempo when the audience starts clapping out of synch, they are in a "ZONE"... 👍👌

Ilona McMelnyk : 16:05 ............czekałam na to ! Mam nadzieję że jeśli przyjadę z Polski w kwietniu do Lincoln to usłyszę to cudo na żywo . Excellent composition !

Billy Brown : Awesome. Wish crowds would keep a beat though

blindhowlingdrunk : Must be so off putting to have the audience clapping out of time like that

Aidan Holmes : A few seconds in "But they're not acoustic, I've been deceived". A few minutes in "Oh my God they're amazing, I don't care what they're playing anymore".

Garry Hall : "Bohemian Rhapsody" blew me away ! well the entire set blew me away !

Ian Lynch : This entire first 15 min set is the soundtrack to my personal renaissance. Thank you. <3 <3 <3 You made a happy man very old, or something like that. :)

Schumifannr Eins : The Showhawk Duo at TEDx? Big thumbs up upfront! :)

Dirk Mertens : It is not because a guitar is brown that it is an acoustic guitar. Well played, though. I play for 15 years and I can only dream of a middlefinger like that :-).

DJ De4dy : Songname at 5:05? pls do not troll like "Darude - Sandstorm XD" I'm searching for the real name!

Bigmozzarella : Some of the negativity in the comments is because the title tries too hard. Just give a fair title and let the performance speak for itself.

bubblehead119 : Obnoxious repetitive lame and boring. And that's the good things I have to say about these 2.

Da BJ : First of all: Why do things have to take skill to be good? Second: This was good. Third: This takes a lot of skill!

David Williams : Hey, are their names BILL AND TED. Lol—-

bobbyfan418 : Epic take on a timeless classic. Wow. As a music fan, AND a guitarist...Bravo to these guys.

Amnopp : I don't know that Acoustic use this much reverb

l'Accordeur Accordé : What is the list of songs please ?

lee martin : I’ve seen them a couple of times in Cambridge and they were fantastic, and really friendly. Happy to have a quick chat. They created a great atmosphere very quickly

Scott Snyder : Dude just play real drums.

Usual Atoms : A very click-baty title. Pretty disappointing after that.

Jones Family : Since the movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody” came out, I have heard so many different versions, all stunningly gorgeous. Proof the Freddie really did it. He wrote, perhaps the best song of all time, that reaches all. It has this amazing universal appeal with the ability to weave itself into every brain that it lands upon. No matter where it’s played, people know it and know it well. And we never get tired of it These two offer yet another version, and they’ve made it their own with audience participation. These audience members will remember this performance to tell stories to their grandchildren. Thank you.

randymtbr123 : This was someone’s idea of a “most unexpected performance “ , Just an individual opinion!!! Rodrigo y Gabriela is a much better performance

Sushant Khare : If there would have been a love button I would have clicked that.

Giaco54 : entertaining - the performance and the comments -

el pedro : I like the bohemian rhapsody version from newton falkner more!!i think they coppied him a bit!!!

Nikhil Raj Gupta : Goosebumps

Los Guitar : These guys are good, but they are basically a less complicated version of Rodrigo y Gabriela playing covers.

SPARKY SINN : Mmmmm Love this !

JerkFace FuckasaurusRex : Other people may be better but they enjoy what they do and that's how you inspire.