Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018

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Original Mac : Take all my money

Đạt Phạm : this is LEGENDERY

Black /Zamasu : In the bar Thanos: now I am the most powerful enemy of the film's Broly: hold my beer

Callion DBZ : Anyone else watches this everyday for like 20 times ?

V Reacts : I reacted to this,thanks!

SkyBlew : *Excuse me as I proceed to watch this trailer 100 more times lol*


Ultra Wolf warrior : Nappa: Hey vegeta tell me how many views does the new dragon ball super broly trailer have? Vegeta: ITS OVER 9,000,000! Nappa: WHAT THATS INSANE!!

xicor honer : it's over 9.000.000

W.Y Lam : People say DBS done for after Ep.5. But DBS didn't die, it just kept... IT JUST KEPT... 1:16

SkyBlew : *This is going to be LEGENDARY!!!*

W.Y Lam : Toriyama's script is 3 hrs long, but they cramp it in 1.5 hrs. Its gonna be like Infinity War HYPE LEVEL!!!

Shulk b : 0:37 Vegeta is happy

Our Pranks : This is gonna be better than any avengers movie 🍿

SMA : We want Jiren vs Broly!!

iThinkz : Why isn't this on trending?

galactic penguin : Is anyone going to mention how badass brolys screams sound?

llRoyalty : View counter is over 9 MILLION!!

mofasa2 : This is just beautiful. Broly will be redeemed with some sort of meaningful backstory after all these years. My life is complete..😭

Doglas Dos Santos Muniz : Foda

BlackScape : That glow, that shine, that animation. This is the Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer!

putri fitria : Goku favorite hero

BURN IT DOWN : Glad broly getting the spot u deserves

Rjogos : Broly: no one can defeat me Goku: oh yeah?... *calls zeno*

Anonymous Indonesia : Thats it im callin majin buu..


Papa Cocktail : Im loving the movie its even got that old look to it juts take my money

Dhruvil Modi : this movie is going to break all previous dbz records.....

BerryAllen : Am I the only person who shitted when Paragus said “Do it Broly!” ?

Shyam Verma : This is the too awesome video

Akshay Ravi Kumar : "My power... is *MAXIMUMER!!!"*

gedeon lyombo : Im killing the people who disliked this

Perfect Cell : A dragon ball video with millions of views? Look how far we have come

Terrik Hampton : Even tho this is like my 10th time watching I love the Broly scream it sounds like he has another scream behind his first scream like UI goku AND I LOVE IT

Jake The Drummer : Imagine an mui broly that would be the most unstoppable force of all time

Um Freeza : *Wow freeza vs brolly hohoho*

Eric Gloria : 0:35 anyone else notice goku and vegeta are in their classic fighting stances?

Michele Ann : 💿🔴 *Dragon Ball Super Broly* film #now #limited available here [ t.co/VcpDSnaxcw ] Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

Billy : When it asks "the sayian warrior race, what do you see beyond that strength". I think it's referring to broly's strength being beyond that of any sayians or his power is that which is at the top of any transformation.

Shivansh Kapoor : why this isn't at trending

Purgatory Ban the Undead : IT’S ALREADY TRENDING!!!!!!😂✌️Bet a bunch of people will wonder wtf this is and others wanting to know where they can find it. Also saw this when it came out but didn’t see when they released it officially on YouTube.

pranav muniya : I always wanted the legendary supersaiyan to be canon now here he is even more badass even more stronger then ever This movie will break records

markie5287 : We need all of us fans to unite and go see this. Lend Toriyama-sama are energy!

querty 98 : broly will be stronger than jiren cuz goku wanted to fight jiren He was excited but when he met broly he was scared

张楠 : 英语声优真棒👍

lezbeepic : This looks insane. I CAN'T WAIT.

Amal nair : Would have been great if it had princess Trunks .

NeonGenesisX : Freeza *What The ........F*

WayneFord : I need to watch this trailer every 5 minutes its lit 💪📛

WayneFord : But can he defeat the master of *perv* ??