Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018

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LemonOVA : Broly Vs Vegeta Broly Vs Frieza Broly vs Goku *BROLY VS BROLY*

Dark Slayer 555 : Who's here after the 3rd trailer dropped

DL Gaming : 01:18 The scream is totally insane..

Kallypso : Just left the theatre after seeing this movie. This is literally the best Dragon Ball movie ever. Not going to spoil anything. Go see this in theatres because there hasn't been a movie like this ever.. The wife and I are in the living room right now just staring in the distance and thinking about the movie. It's very heavy. I had to find myself and come to YouTube to tell people what they're in for once they watch it. It's amazing.

godofboi : Broly's Dub roar is SO much better than sub.

Duke : Who thought they would see the day Broly became canon?

Raiyan Fardeen : Broly’s scream at the end is so satisfying

Priyam Nandi : The stabbed me when I was a baby, I was left to die just because I was born powerful. I never saw my mom, my dad betrayed me, I was alone with a monster inside me. I needed love, I needed care, But all I got was hate and despair. That's why I refuse to be ordinary, I'll be nothing less than... . . . . . . *LEGENDARY*

ULTRA VEGITO BLUE ْ : Finally, tomorrow is the day for the most exciting day of my life

Mike Matthews : Who else just saw this on January 16th in theaters??

Veridian : I can't wait for the epic fight between Broly and Farmer with a shotgun

Aditya Waghmare : It's my 223rd time watching this Trailer since it dropped *DBS:BROLY HYPE* IS OVER 9000

H3LLBOY : Broly sounds better here than in the movie

Bapecrazy : I was disappointed when the “he’s getting stronger” scene wasn’t in the movie 😞

Cheeva Hansuthivetchakul : Broly vs Goku Broly vs Vegeta Broly vs Frieza Broly vs Whiz Broly vs Daishinkan Broly vs Zeno Broly vs Toriyama

FurryEskimo : Two things the movie *Needs*: 1. A better backstory for Broly. 2. A victory that doesn’t rely on punching Broly really hard and just winning because green goo comes out and he explodes..

Katakushi : Still,Waiting for the English dub of Trailer 3

Patrik Broz : Dislikes are from Saitama and narruto fans

Ger Xiong : The only thing I dissapointed with this movie is that Frieza didn't get to be 5 cm talller.

Kartikey Mishra : We need the cell saga Gohan. How many of you guys agree?

HailedSpace25 : *Does anyone have Jiren on Speed dial?*

Connor Kent : Why did they take off “ do it broly “ :(((

Thuder478 : Todays the day in the US, im ready

gotenks 31 : 0:57 my too XD

Nikitesh Lad : English Dub sounds more interesting than English sub

BlackScape : That glow, that shine, that animation. This is the Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer!

incog ninja : They should have picked better music like from the original movie

brahim Bouyachfar : Bye marvel


Pravin zavare : Broly fans will go crazy after watching this......

Chuck Sharts : *as Goku lays on the ground defeated Broly walks up to him* Goku: wow Broly you're really strong I didn't stand a chance *Broly removes his facemask to reveal who he really is. Yamcha*

Elaney Williams : This trailer has more views than the subs on this channel

Liliana Medeiros : when i hear "im all fired up" all i can think about it natsu

zozone ! : Who' s here after 4rd Trailer dropped

thechosenone : I've watched dbs broly here *dbsmovie. website* best db movie ever made imo

Shybaka289 : "Your hair looks like lavender, but smells like strawberries." 👸

Ritik Tandon : Who is here after gogeta trailer dropped?

ULTRAINSTINCT7 : I guess I have myself given this a million views


Play GT : Who will keep watching this after the movie? (In 2020-2030)

Original Mac : Take all my money

PapiDarko : That shot at 1:12 to 1:20 is awesome. Love the animation

Son Goku : Who's here after the 4th trailer dropped

piyush garg : Who is here after trailer 4

IamKhronos : Broly meets Broly Broly: Who are you? Super Broly: I am you but better! Broly: That a fact? Super Broly: Yes, i am canon! Broly: ..... Super Broly: :Omae wa Mou Shindeiru Broly: Nani?

lezbeepic : This looks insane. I CAN'T WAIT.

Kou Music : 0:33 and 1:18 had some epic broly screams, why did the movie cut those out. I prefer these screams more with an echo effect on Broly since the raw scream from Vic sounded off in some scenes especially when Broly went to full power in his iconic stance. In my opinion, I was a bit dissapointed on Vic’s screams but overall 10/10 movie though. Epic!

The Real Black Saiyan : The Devil is coming to America January 16th. Let’s get it‼️

Idiris Abdi : Mha the two hero’s best animated movie ever Dbs broly movie hold my beer

SiiCkBOyy83 : Ultra instinct at 1:09? 🤔