Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018

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Duke : Who thought they would see the day Broly became canon?

The Letter Q : Welcome to the replay shop 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 Payment: 1 like

hard2kill16 : Trailer is so strong that yamcha will die even by watching it!

Gaurav Rawat : Who will go to cinema to watch this dbs movie????

Anandu Manoj : Who all are here after the second trailer?

Veridian : I can't wait for the epic fight between Broly and Farmer with a shotgun

The Night : I went to theaters to watch Battle of the Gods. I went to theaters to watch Resurrection F. No way in *HELL* am I gonna miss Broly.

RuggedWalnut : "Impossible, he's learning as he fights!" You mean like your species is genetically wired to do....? Come on Vegeta.

Pirate Hunter ZeenO : Potentially the best dragon ball movie in history.

KnightFall : Movie that's gonna be 20x better than Dragon Ball Evolution

BlackScape : That glow, that shine, that animation. This is the Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer!

Xblade Views : Vegeta vs broly Frieza vs broly Goku vs broly Farmer with a shotgun vs broly

NZED Anime : Broly vs Goku Broly vs Vegeta Broly vs Frieza Broly vs Jiren Broly vs Beerus BROLY vs All of them

Edgar Merino : who came back after watching dragon ball super movie trailer 2?

TheBuzz 78 : Dragon Ball Super Is Love Dragon Ball Super Is Life

FurryEskimo : Two things the movie *Needs*: 1. A better backstory for Broly. 2. A victory that doesn’t rely on punching Broly really hard and just winning because green goo comes out and he explodes..

AFA 294 : Did anyone notice? It has been almost a month but IGN's views have increased by just 1Million.But first 10M was damn fast.

Sergio Alvarez : Farmer with a shotgun vs broly

Rose Supreme : 4.4K people are salty Broly haters who can't accept the fact that Broly is now officially canon.

Sarvesh Tanwar : Way Better than Aquaman Shazam Captain marvel Dark Phoenix

SkyBlew : *Excuse me as I proceed to watch this trailer 100 more times lol*


ShivamFB The King : Who else keeps watching this trailer like me... And waiting for the movie

Matthew Gross : What would it be like if Broly faced off against Beerus or Whis? Considering he seemed to overwhelm Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue forms, it would probably be quite the battle.

Leander Marbaniang : Goku should press the button King Zeno gave him

HailedSpace25 : *Does anyone have Jiren on Speed dial?*

Rahid Chilwan : Just wanted to tell a joke . . . . . . Yamcha 😂

Ronnie Begley : Maybe goku wishes to be a legendary Saiyan?

Kender Blain : Make Cooler canon and everything will be perfect

Fadentic : I'm only watching this if Yamcha fights Broly. it's unfair for Broly though


Yang Guo : 4.4k for all Naru and BoruTard FANS! Dragon Ball is the ancestor of all ANIME!

Ali Hamdy : The best anime ever

Ping Law : Actually for me i would like to see jiren vs broly coz they two are the real pure powerful characters that without any transformations.

Jerky921 : I bet anything frieza is gonna kill paragus and that triggers brolys ultimate form

LemonOVA : Broly Vs Vegeta Broly Vs Frieza Broly vs Goku *BROLY VS BROLY*

MC PE : Who else watches this everyday ☺👌

chad christopher : Ohhh, just imagine if things were different and instead of an episodic run, the Goku Black arc was done into a movie with this much care and visuals?

Any One : If broly was so strong I wonder why he wasn't in the tournament of power?

Kartikey Gupta : UI Goku vs Broly now that is what I want to see

RandomDetritus : I love that Frieza is just openly dicking around with the Z squad now.

SSJMuhammadYT : Jiren? Anybody got Zeno on speed dial?

Camgrow red : I can't be the only one who came back after the second trailer

Golden Gunslinger : Pause the video and look at 1:10 the saiyan on the left is confirmed as shallot by Akira toriyama and also because he's the only character we know that's in universe 7 that has similar looks to cabba but the key difference between shallot and cabba is that shallot has a tail and cabba doesn't!!!

Malek T : Movie is going to end soon as ultra instinct music hits

Rogue_K 2 : Vegeta: How how is this strong? How many push-ups did he do? How many sit-ups? What kind of juice did he drink?

Ak. Duwadi : Hope gogeta appears...

elang gaming and youtuber : That is over 2019 happy new year

Krin Uchiwa : 1:21 if you put the speed at x0.25 , you will notice that goku has a blue universe like aura.... (The same that gradually appear in his mastered ultra instinct form) *I'm getting hyped now*

HeisAngel : Goku's face looks weird af lmao