Why your worst fear might be your greatest asset | Joze Piranian | TEDxQueensU

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Sammantha Luis : You are really brave to do this. Speaking on TEDx!!!

david Dossett : Great job Joze! :)

Speaker Slam: Inspirational Speaking Competition : Champion of champions!

Abhimanyu tiwari : Man you are awesome!

Aman Bakshi : Keep it up, man! This was amazing and hugely inspirational!

Murtaza Hashmi : highly motivating! Great Job!

Givicity : You rock Joze, and continue to inspire me. So glad you choose our Toastmasters Club!

Ashley Ann : Joze you always inspire me!!!!!

Heinsuniverse : Well done!!

miriam_mf : Speaking is often taken for granted, thank you so much for sharing your story and inspiring me! Well done Joze :)

Alexander N : One of the most genuine TED talks I've seen in a long time!

Jonathan Andrews : What a boss. Seriously well done my friend. You're an inspiration to all of us.

Sebastian Debbarma : You are an inspiration 😇

Wil McDowell : Inspiring, phenomenal, courageous, intelligent, rational. <---The buzz words for Mr. Piranian.

Kyle Huber : Great job Joze. You were awesome in the Program, and you're awesome now!

Pierre Dubus : I don't think I would've been able to turn this fear into an asset... just incredible!

Within Within : Looks like an act.