Africa by Toto on Boomwhackers!
Africa by Toto on Boomwhackers

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THUD's rendition of the eternal banger "Africa" by Toto. Be sure to subscribe for more boomwhacker videos! Got a song suggestion? Comment below! We're on Patreon! Featuring (from l. to r.): Abraham Joyner-Meyers '21, Kathy Xiang '21, Ayano Mukai '22, Adam Wrobel '19, Ben Palmer '20, Yasmin Luthra '21, Dylan Ryals '20, and Dody Eid '20. Arranged for boomwhackers by Dody Eid. Filmed by Kathy Xiang.


M-hmm : -applies to Harvard for the 5th billionth time _"let me in. LET ME IIIIN!"_

James Boyer : " What did you learn at Harvard?" "Sit down... I'll show you!" *plays 1/8th of a song on their legs*

Thor Svanekjær : Hey there is a band that copied this. I think they are called Toto or something.

Efficiency : Born too early to experience flying cars Born too late to experience dinosaurs *Born at just the right time to experience this*

jake : my last 8 braincells during a test

I love you Karya : This is why Harvard is considered the best school

Goffer : So this is what harvard does. Ok, i understand why it is so expensive now

kimchi 50 : Interviewer: So why do you want to go to Harvard? Me: uhhh... THUD Interviewer: Fair Enough

Torin Friedrichs : I was going to say “Harvard would like to know your location” until I saw their channel name...

jus a litle creechure : They all have essays due tomorrow

Autumn Chomas : no one: harvardthud: wackstick do a boom

sipping tea : Hey mom I wanna go to Harvard

Asui Tsuyu : Person: Africa by Toto Me, an intellectual: *pass the aux*

OkieDoki : So this is what Harvard students do at Harvard. *IM INTERESTED*

Ben Shapiro : Me : I wonder what Harvard is up too Harvard : *Africa by Toto but it’s with thud thud sticks*

WuzNab : God: Let me make a species to rule them all. Humans:

SeeLan : So Harvard was like ”so we got some of the smartast students in america.... *LEts maKE em plaY wiTh colOReD tHuD sTIckS*

Vincent Marble : I'd clone myself 7 times just to do this

AliteZ : The perfect syncronisation doesn't exis-

alex : my last 8 brain cells during a test

s4vitar : How does one go about tuning this instrument?

Cassie Wallace : The boom whackers are giving me bad flashbacks when I was in elementary

Kylie Rose : Friend: What kind of music do you listen to? Me: It’s complicated...

Ren Amamiya : Play this at my funerial

satan on a diet : let me just fix my mental heath and grades real quick and apply to harvard

Dohatom : Me: Nothing can beat otamatones as the best instrume- These gods: Hold my boomwhacker.

Dory the Fish : me: yo pass me the aux cord friend: you better not play trash me:

cant think of a name : *_my last 8 brain cells when i see the first question on the final exam_*

Scarfeather probably : The guy with the cowboy hat is really getting into it

Squilliam ._. : I remember in 4th grade whe we had these and a kid got mad at me for looking at him the wrong way and so he chased me around the room with one.

Pina Marek : For some inexplicable reason, I SO want this as my ringtone! :D


Rising Embers Gaming : Thank you, YouTube recommendations

kremit : The most anticipated video from my favorite cult

TalenGryphon : First it was the door buzzer in a Volvo 240, now its 8 people entheusiastically bruising their knees with plastic whacky-sticks. Did... did I miss something? When did Toto's Africa become a meme?

ayiana monique : not gonna lie, never seen a vid from this channel before but like Adam W. is my favorite person (guy in white pants if u didnt read the description) he had one of my fav parts of the song

ThatReptileGuy 101 : Not as good as the guy who played it with vegetables but still love it

Aiden Brandenburg : all boomwhacker guys would be great marching bass drum they could play some godlike splits

keegan watts : what if you just walked into your schools gym and saw this

whosaidthat84 : Never thought I would see Bruce Lee and Chad Kroger performing together!

Meme boi21 : Gets in car with friend Friend: Ok you better not play anything weird Me:

kiardo the First : Definitely worth severe bruising and a risk of fracturing a femur. 11/10

Azophi : Interviewer: So what did you learn from your time at Harvard? Me:

Just A Person : Mom, I wanna be a professional boomwhacker.

Passionate Patriot : I have decided to change my air guitar abilities to boomwackers. Wish me well.

Caitlyn Le : Our school sang this for our concert and now it’s permanently stuck in my head. Halp meeee Edit: Love the stomping

Lilly Siwa : Play this at my funeral

Dank Matter : This is Harvard? *where do I apply?*

Sophia : Me: I'm definitely applying to this school. Probably not super hard to get into. Just your normal college. *Sees channel name* : Well nevermind...