Africa by Toto on Boomwhackers!

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HarvardTHUD : p.s. watch to the end... ;)

Mlg pro player 291 : _Rain dance ritual, 1890._ _Colorized._

Eliza Pii : *”i would never join a cul-“*

Linkmon99 : *Harvard College Interviewer:* did you get a 1600 on the SAT and a 5.1 GPA? *Kid holding Boomwhacker:* no but I can play Toto on dis baby *Interviewer:* Say no more, U R IN!!! 🤯

Dank Matter : This is Harvard? *where do I apply?*

JoshuaWashua : "In 2018 we will have flying cars." 2018: "Africa by Toto on Boomwhackers"

Johannes : Now the rains are blessed

Snoop : Damn their thighs must be sore as hell.

SPØØKYJIM : Lyrics: thwack bOnk ×50 shake sHake *sTOMP* that's it

Shrek Baby : *puts wanted ad on Craigslist* yeah so I need a few guys for a intricate musical performance

benjamin m : me: how could you make a meme into a bigger meme? HarvardThud: *hold my beer*

Happy Person : I need to get into Harvard just to learn how to play this. I bless the rains down in Harvard!

Creepig169 ___ : 1.5 speed sounds like some tribe doing a rain dance

JustIsaac -_- : Someone need to mix this with the Gabe the dog Africa. Then the rains will REALLY be blessed

HannahIsALoser : My parents wanted me to be a lawyer but I think I have a new career path to set my mind on

karington : Parents: You should really apply for Harvard. Me: no I really don't thin- *sees this video* Me: You know what, maybe I should.

Saad Salman : Alright I guess it's time to start my Harvard application then.

Sam Kinzler : “Mom, I got into Harvard!” “That’s wonderful honey! What are you gonna study?” “...”

Ian Miscenich : We are in the presence of gods.

KaiTheDestroyer : Thank you youtube for suggesting this

Mark Difort : Me: Plays boomwackers God: For thy rains have been blessed

Nookrium : I accidentally had it set to play at 1.5x speed. It was incredible...

Actual Corgi : The guy in the white pants really enjoys what he's doing

DiverGaming : Man discovering fire, 20000 bc colorized:

SteveDog : Fake - they stomped, they said only boomwhackers

Yesn’t The dude. : Y'all are on a whole new level.

Happy Person : Wow all of my answers have been answered

SpeedyJoel : the guy in the hat was just jamming 2:26

Cockatiel : Africa by Toto on Boomwhackers? More like my 5th grade class’ assembly on crack

Pieswagisnom Pig : I never thought I needed this but oh I do

FoxDrawing : C'est très réussi !

Eli Godfrey : If you're up for a challenge how about Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce

Lyx Wolf : Why is that one guy barefoot?

THE DOPE DUDE : *God has left the chat*

lolipoppizza : one of the whitest things ive ever seen

Jacob Kim : The Moron inside of me thought this was Down Under by Men at Work.

JaLele : I remember playing those in elementary lol

Barrab Obabo : Wii Music bell game but on steroids

Lapis Blaze : It sounds like a techno remix...

1000 subs with 1 video? : Here before 1mil views

Katherine Wen : I have to show this to my 4th-grade music teacher.

queening : American people are so bored.

Dmitri Piasecki : Who’s here before 1 million views!?!?!

Rajesh Patel : Well despacito 3 was even better than expected

The Orange : I want to go to Harvard just to play boomwhackers. And then, when people ask how Harvard's going, I'll be able to say that I learned how to play Africa by Toto with boomwhackers.

ThreeFreeTrees : If all I heard was the music, I would have never thought it be Harvard students

Ardelta : 1:10 when your about to cross the finish line.

Sara C : Idk how I got here.. But I have to say... 10/10

RidonkulousMG : I have officially heard Africa played on every instrument. My life is complete. *pulls out gun*

kremit the frog : The most anticipated video from my favorite cult