$1,977 Japanese Grapes

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Maliha Intikhab : #thiccgrapelife

J.A.M. : Thats a $1 grape juice drop, careful.

Randy Butternubs : "How is it?" "Yes."

The 1000 IQ Man : Adam's reaction was like.. yep, it's a grape.

PRTituba & YOUtube : I guess this is why peasants killed Louis XVI

Bob McCoy : *Those grapes are extra **_t h i c c_*

J. E. : for that price they better be seedless

Skor Skoert : 1. follow someone who buys it 2. watch them finish eating it 3. look for the seeds he spat out 4. take the seeds 5. grow ur own big balled grapes 6. be rich

Isobel Salvatore : At least I know I'm making better decisions in my life than paying $57 for one grape.

Jitters : Good video but those 4 seconds of Adam were worth it. ADAM!

Marissa Love : I never seen people so in love with grapes

Rebecca Whiteway : Lmao when Steven was like "SUGOOI"

Ezldor : Who the hell removes the skin of a freaking grape

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel : Try $10 hooker vs. $1000 hooker! 😂

Areej Al-Mubark : I’m i the only one who noticed that Rie has crush on Andrew?

Bond : Not going to lie, those grapes do look juicy

temka mogi : What a ripoff

Andrej Nikolov : OMG, I just realized something. These guys are like the We Bare Bears Andrew is Grizz Steven is Panda Adam is Ice bear Hahahaha

King of Games : Am I the only one who ate my Iphone X?

Necrobadger : Japan, I love you , but it is absolutely wrong to peel a grape. That isn't an opinion, that is a FACT.

Brobi : Peeled grapes feel like eyeballs

Crystal Unicorn : Ive had those size grapes before and they were £4....

Angel Hermosillo : "It's like buying an iPhone!"

MakeoutKill : Who tf peels a grape

Le Tusk : You're in china, you just got scammed

Steven Lim : What up comment section! This video is a test for a new show where we try foods that are uniquely worth it & don’t fit into the normal “Worth It” episode. Let us know what you think, and if you have any requests for future episodes! (And don’t worry, the OG Worth It isn’t going anywhere👌🏼)

HrtBroken Gaming : I know i am like super lucky but i have eaten this kind of grapes before. My father got them from a work partner and oh boy they were sweet. We got 2 boxes and the skin did not taste bitter unlike what i saw on some peoples comments. It was seedless and it was so sweet that if u ate like a candy bar in comparison to that, the bar would be the most bitter tasting thing u ever had. Not worth it for the price but you shld definitely try it at least once in your lifetime.

ban arh : I love the camera man

RivenMainz : 4:35 I love the epic build up to his “HOLY CRAP” (voice crack included)

Maximumdo : i love how they went to japan but literally choose the worst Japanese foods to do worth it episodes on

Viv Turtle : To all Australians the grapes are $2552.60 I know a lot of money right for just grapes

Nyah Taylor : Andrew is like a young Ron Swanson.

JasTGC 911 : legend says if u sell a $150 scrap metal.... buzzfeed would buy it

ss4torankusu : I pay a 2 grand, I'm eating the whole grape peel and all.

Mr Not That Famous : now i'm starving

200 Subscriber challenge : The camera man had the best reaction for sure

Pizza man Please like : Dem some THICCCC grapes ;)

Samer Hamadeh : Then just buy a plum...

Sergeant Buick : Eating starts at 4:36

Sarah W. Fox : Wow, I didn’t know grapes could be this expensive!

Vincent Lumpas : 4:35 earrape in 3...

DaGamingArea : Rip headphones users...

Faith Witham : Turn on captions when the Japanese women talks

Miriam Ramadan : Grape:drip drop Adam:WOW!

Xrod Gaming : No gold of truffle?


Aniket Kumakale : These grapes are like 3$ in India. Not kidding.

Spencer McVey : Seeing them peel the grapes makes me feel uncomfortable

Diego Infante : I’m not Japan and I peel grapes 🍇

Maliha Intikhab : For that price they should use double sided tape for the wrapping. Since they are already being so extra.