$1,977 Japanese Grapes

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UnPhayzable : Those grapes must've gone through No Nut November

johnnyboy3217 : $1,977 Grapes wow COOL....

Always Clean : Thought the grapes are stuffed with caviar

Jaydia Simmons : For $1977, I'm eating the whole grape, skin and all.

Tigerman GAMING : Gucci fruit shop

_Bob McCoy : *Those grapes are extra **_t h i c c_*

themonkeyhand : Japanese grapes are so damn good. Just squeeze them a bit and all the meat pops out of the skin (which is a lot thicker than what US grapes have). Usually have seeds but so much tastier. Honestly Japan is a great place for fruitophiles.

afreh marreh : Dem some THICCCC grapes ;)

Burrito Doge : You could've planted the seeds

DANDAN THE DANDAN : When I'm married people better be giving me grapes cause flowers are inedible

Bond : Not going to lie, those grapes do look juicy

Jack G : When they eat the grape at 4:40, the footage became an acid trip.

Michael Zeng : 4:37 Ear "grape"

Angel Ribera : 4:21 genuine rich-man laugh

Janelle Souvane : I laugh everytime i see Adam eat anything

UnPhayzable : *You gotta eat the Budo like groceries*

samljer : It kinda feels like they have every excuse to over charge over there.... a comittee to examine the grapes.... that doesnt suddenly make them worth 2k.. cmon lol.

Dein Verehrer : Why would you peel a grape wtf..... lul

Aniket Kumakale : These grapes are like 3$ in India. Not kidding.

Ulimate : How do they not have gold around them at their price?

Maliha Intikhab : For that price they should use double sided tape for the wrapping. Since they are already being so extra.

Darknight : I better see God when I eat those

august lite : I'm late on rent.....i have to return these grapes.....again......

Drawing with Kurt : The camera man should should switch with the two guys and he gets to eat the delicious foods and try the amazing thing and the two guys should record it. Like if you agree

shepseth25 : 4:31 I have never seen Andrew smile like that. i though i was going to be murdered

Marissa Love : I never seen people so in love with grapes

Bo Peng : I eat grapes like the Japanese 😂 I don't mean to offend anyone... I peel the skin off.

Mohammed _khader : It's like buying a new iphone. That's what andrew has to do

Abdelrahman Ezz Eldin : Pretty cool. Not worth it tho. Unless you're crazy rich and want to gift a grape maniac lover.

Mihai M : The music is obsessive :))

Mina in Japan : I've been given a $100 mango in Japan and I thought that was crazy!

aya yay : Committee of grapes. Word.

Esther Vianna : Aww...Adam only got one chicken at the end.😢

MrJreed1000 : I need 34 other people to chip in $57 a pop so we can get these grapes…

pdragon619 : Funny enough in part 8 of JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure the main family owns a fruit parlor where they sell "luxury fruits" for absurd prices, and I always assumed that was just a typical JoJo thing of making something mundane seem over the top. But apparently super expensive luxury fruits is actually just a thing in Japan, so fair enough I guess.

J.A.M. : Thats a $1 grape juice drop, careful.

ThePaintingThatJinWasLookingAtInTheBS&TMV : This reminds me of the perfect fruit from animal crossing

Aiden van der Nist : :))))))))))))))))))) my fav part of this video adam just standin there at 4:09 :D

Nour Amdouni : Who else feels like Andrew and Steven are actually exaggerating and Adam's evaluation is the real one XDD

JJustin WWorldz : You should try a King Strawberry

Steven Lim : What up comment section! This video is a test for a new show where we try foods that are uniquely worth it & don’t fit into the normal “Worth It” episode. Let us know what you think, and if you have any requests for future episodes! (And don’t worry, the OG Worth It isn’t going anywhere👌🏼)

THE DEADMAN : ok that cantaloupe is a devil fruit straight up

엄마 : Japanese Fruits for Bribe. lol


Miriam Ramadan : Grape:drip drop Adam:WOW!

Sarah W. Fox : Wow, I didn’t know grapes could be this expensive!

Ryan Jarvis : You just got ripped off badly.

Epic Tien : How do you pronounced Andrew’s last name

MisterMan : How much would 100 year old wine made from those grapes cost?

Thomas MELCHER : Those are some BIG BOI grapes.