$1,977 Japanese Grapes

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Mr Not That Famous : now i'm starving

J.A.M. : Thats a $1 grape juice drop, careful.

LessSugarCandy : do they get the blowjob before or after eating the grape?, because for $ 1997 there's better be a blowjob somewhere in the goddamn equation

rollership : what if they made wine out of these

Rey B : If I would spend 2k on grapes I will eat the very last part of the stem, hell even lick the packaging just to get all those juices, bacteria into my system

Brobi : Peeled grapes feel like eyeballs

Blabla lalala : Japanese are so extra when it comes to perfection look how gorgeous is the fruits, they are meant to be cut and destroyed , i can't take a bite on the 2k grapes , it hurts

PRTituba & YOUtube : I guess this is why peasants killed the Louis VI

I Ramirez : they are peeling off like 10 bucks of money away...

Iqral Khusani : Eat a durian.

Malia Intikhab : #thiccgrapelife

Areej Al-Mubark : I’m i the only one who noticed that Rie has crush on Andrew?

Rahul Acharya : They got scammed

Skor Skoert : 1. follow someone who buys it 2. watch them finish eating it 3. look for the seeds he spat out 4. take the seeds 5. grow ur own big balled grapes 6. be rich

Randy Butternubs : "How is it?" "Yes."

Xrod Gaming : No gold of truffle?

Hello Life : so is it worth it? I mean worth it to watch this worth it?

Ezldor : Who the hell removes the skin of a freaking grape

AdamSR : How these videos still popular HOW ARE THEY ON THE TRENDING PAGE!???

ren shan : you gays are too extravagant, peoples of north Korea are eating soil

expreshayne : those grapes are thicc af

Juicy Diaper : The cringe at 4:32

Don Pablo : “Nature’s beauty” yeah right.

RikleMy Nibble : *S U C C*

Crystal Tiger : Ive had those size grapes before and they were £4....

Aeryn Rayne : Damn those are some big grapes 🍇

Edmond Zou : I'm eating 8 dollar grapes while watching this 😭😭😭

Jitters : Good video but those 4 seconds of Adam were worth it. ADAM!

Rebecca Whiteway : Lmao when Steven was like "SUGOOI"

Viv Turtle : To all Australians the grapes are $2552.60 I know a lot of money right for just grapes

c 8 : “Just me and my grapes.” Now that’s art

MakeoutKill : Who tf peels a grape

King of Games : Am I the only one who ate my Iphone X?

Dezwager : did KSI buy the fruits

Le Tusk : You're in china, you just got scammed

Necrobadger : Japan, I love you , but it is absolutely wrong to peel a grape. That isn't an opinion, that is a FACT.

temka mogi : What a ripoff

adeeb : or buy Intel Core i9-7980XE Processor!

thriftin n bitchin : daw adams lil head nod

Jeet Sharma : The grapes Cleopatra used to eat....

Angel Hermosillo : "It's like buying an iPhone!"

Doug Barger : Anyone else really miss Keith on "Worth it"


Woo : whats the song...

Mikey Crunk : _"Those look like butts"_ 🍑🍑🍑

Barış Gündoğdu : it is 1.977 not coma! its dot .....

Diego Infante : I’m not Japan and I peel grapes 🍇

The cheese : 4:36 the music matching the scene so well XD

Isobel Salvatore : At least I know I'm making better decisions in my life than paying $57 for one grape.

Siddhant. : Best tasty video.