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Alef : FULL:

MineTronic : We have reached the peak of quality.

StickMaster500 : Cat breed name?

Kadz : Top 10 Anime Remixes

Nathorix : Good shit dude, keep 'em coming.

cluc : 1968: we'll have flying cars in 2018 2018: bongo cat plays darude- sandstorm

Kotte Animation : It's not epic at all *IT'S LEGENDARY*

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Memes can only go down hill from here.

Mr. Nice guy : Several events of my life has brought me to this very conclusion.

Ga S : Explain this atheists

CG360 : I don’t think memes could ever be upgraded past this point

Bean bon : Needs a full version my manz. My life Wil not be completed without it.

Black hole : We have hit the point of no return, this is the pinnacle of memes right here folks.

akiyammio : Darude - Bongstorm

ChaosAura452 : Duuuuuuude!!!!!! Your version of sandstorm is the best I've ever heard!!! I love how it's just the right amount of midi minimalism and epic synth rave! I especially like the synth arpeggios you through in. That was a nice touch! :D Is a full length version available? I would buy and download that in a heartbeat!

ThaBomb : Please post full length of ur sandstorm remix :D ur really good with remixes

Cat Girl Gamer : I declare this the winner of the internet for 2018!!!

DJ Flareon : Despacito. Play Alexa Nice work btw :)

Hendrik Frans : Now, human life evolution reached it's maximum potential

PixelizedGaming : anyone else here before justin y?

TwinTime Productions : This is literally the best video I've ever seen.

W.D. Gaster : damn this is one of the smoother ones i've seen of this meme

Zero the Wanderer : That's a dope remix of Sandstorm, needs to become a full version though.

righteouscunt : petition to get an extended version


weka : *This is the video that we didn't expect but needed*

i have literally never been more okay : this is why i don't end myself

Gangstaar : That has to be the softest mosh pit ever. I want in

Beefalo : What is the name of this music?

Derptjogger : So this is what my cats do when I’m asleep

lennyisNaN : 5 bongo cats / 5

Jason Macaraig : Anyone here because 9gag recently posted it on Facebook and Instagram??? 🤗

Ococari : Our study counselor showed this in our class LOL

Channel9Productions : This is the best version of this meme. You win.

ccaas : this cured my depression


Jäger The Fäger : did this just came from my recommendation ??? i love it.

Mockingbird Inc. : I'm pretty sure this is the best Bongo Cat I've seen so far.

YAMAL GANG : ебать, да то же алеф! до сих пор пускаю слезу от ремикса зеленого слоника под метал гир успехов и всего наилучшего тебе!

Valentin Umann : Omg i need this Sound!! Now!!!!!

Napoleon Benicio : When’s Bongo Cat on tour!!?

Arimbi Anastasia : better than justin bieber

Ricky20 : taking bongo cat to a whole new level, the best one so far. thanks for saving my life.

rahul raj : *Humanity is in the right directi....*

Phat Sandvich : Song Please?

Mlg pro player 291 : Wow, that is a lot better than I expect!

Legko. : This is the best one yet.

Cole Lambson : The only problem I have is that I'll never be satisfied by anything else

sunfløwer : What song is this

Global Glob : Name of music?