What Made Stan Lee a Legend (Tribute)

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Unofficial Meme : *Rest in Peace, Stan Lee.*

GenerationWest : The Marvel Trinity are now all together again. Excelsior.

Medium D Speaks : May his memory be a blessing (The Jewish version of Rest In Peace)

Angel the Cinephile : Everybody loves a hero. People line up for them…cheer them…scream their names. And years later, they’ll tell how they stood in the rain for hours just to get a glimpse of the one who taught them to hold on a second longer. I believe there’s a hero in all of us…that keeps us honest…gives us strength…makes us noble…and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady and give up the thing we want the most – even our dreams. RIP Stan Lee, our hero.

Aman Ahmed : I didn't even knew that how much I needed stan lee cameos I realised it only after he was gone... RIP STAN LEE EXCELSIOR

Izzy Nobre : Incredible video.

AgilityDZN : Lee: "Say a few words to the radio." Kirby: *_"A F E W W O R D S"_*

RINATO REN : Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko are the Trinity of Marvel's Golden Age, RIP.

Krusty Sponge Films : "Ya know, I guess one person can make a difference, Nuff Said" - Stan Lee, RIP

5hane9ro : I miss this man already. Spider-Man and Captain America we're my childhood heroes, my dad looked up to Daredevil and Thor when he was a kid also. My older sister looked up to storm from the X-Men, my younger sister is a major Iron Man fan, my brother loved hulk. Marvel has always been a major part of of both my life and my family's lives. He will be missed forever

Clue West : It's good to see someone emphasising how human he was seeing as human nature was so important to him.

ShadeZ 4 Lyfe : I hate all the rumors about Stan Lee bein a racist and etc. He said that you can be Black, Asian, Indian, yet STILL be Spider-Man. Stan Lee, we thank you for yo work, you helped shaped the world and even saw it come to fruition. We will miss you, but we’re sure you’ll be tellin yo stories forever up there, your in a better place now. *Excelsior!*

joan yambao : Youtube is riddled with heaps and heaps of triute about Stan Lee, and yours is something I actually waited for. Thank you.

Casey Fischer : Nailed it again! RIP Stan Lee

BlackScape : Lets gather the Dragon Balls and wish him back. RIP Stan Lee...

AgilityDZN : Moments of silence for him? Nah. Let's all cheer "EXCELSIOR" for his amazing legacy.

Earth Fire Water : I honestly hate when people say "Stan Lee took all the credit" or something like that, is not true, well for the most part, but Stan was always a media man, he's the equivalent of that indie group you like going mainstream, that may have took away some of the spotlight for Jack and Steve and others but it showed us one of the men behind the paper, someone we could relate to and that brought fans from all over the world also. If Marvel were to be a superhero, Stan would be the secret identity. He really was The Man. RIP Stan

Matthew Mazzetti : A perfect tribute

Caleb Witts : Damn man, you had me crying at the end

Big M : Stan lee aka proof superheroes are real

Acosi Pardo : It truly is the end of an era. Farewell Stan Lee. You've brought so much joy to so many people.

Happy Lightning : i miss him so much, he will never get to watch avengers 4 ):

Kawaki : You know what made him a legend? The fact that he was able to build entire universe *IN A CAVE!!! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!!!*

Garfield : It’s so sad too see him pass. He was a true hero. May he Rest In Peace

Lewys Tapscott-Nott : Captain, this video essay is beautiful, I think its proper to say that even when I'm typing this right now I am close to tears. Thank You.

SuperheroBuzz : Excelsior!

MD M16 : An amazing man. He helped shape and contribute to many people's childhoods.

Chris Donnelly : First Adam West and now Stan Lee

Yaboijjonah ._. : I keep trying to think happy thoughts instead of crying about Stan ,but I see Stan everywhere and it makes me sadder.

Earth Fire Water : I'm sad that he's gone but I find peace knowing that now he's with Jack, Steve and Joan, arguing in the best way possible and plotting an entire new universe

Geri Anne : This is amazing! This is the best tribute I've seen so far.

neeson 42 : I have seen a couple of these tribute videos but I think your is the Only one to really get the essence of Stan lee rip

Vicent Serrano : R.I.P Stan "THE LEGENDARY" Lee. You in the better place in heaven.

Dat1 Eddie : A true legend, he was the biggest fan of the biggest fans

Natalie Rogers : Wonderful video <3 One of my favorite things about Stan Lee is that he loved ALL people, and was an advocate for minorities at a time when that was still very taboo, especially in entertainment. Stan's characters weren't just heroes because they had powers, but because they reflected Stan's real life heroic values of justice, acceptance, and love. Who knew that when Marvel comics first put Black Panther on the cover of a comic book that decades later, the film based on that character would become the highest grossing superhero movie in the US, and one of the highest grossing movies in the world. Stan couldn't fly or read minds or do magic, but he will live on in our collective memories as a hero to the oppressed and downtrodden. His characters protected AND reflected everyone, just like he did in life, and that's what I love the most about them. And as his characters live on in pop culture, they will continue to spread that message of justice and love for generations to come. Thank you Stan <3

Roderick Hare : Rest In Peace Stan the Man Lee, we will all miss you dearly 😥😭😭 💔💔💔

Didier Pérez : Thank you for this video, the man is a legend

That one Horror guy : We will all miss you Stan

Karl L. Kruger : He was my dad. He taught me right from wrong. He introduced me to the very concept of a moral compass. I am unbelievably saddened yet encouraged to one day see him again and thank him for everything that I am unable to put into words.

Earth Fire Water : Let's admit, it would be impossible to find a single person alive now whose live wasn't affected by one of Stan's co creations. He really showed us that no matter who you are, you can be a superhero

SPAIN SKULL : Excelsior!

Rift_ Burn : I saw captain America at a drive through movie theater in Massachusetts and originally I thought well this is gonna suck it’s an old World War Two era movie that has some hero I’ve never heard of and I’m pretty sure depending on the movie that’s how most kids felt about Super Hero Movies but my life has not been the same since I’ve watched all of the MCU movies at least 3 times and I owe my love of these comics and these characters to lee, ditko and Kirby Thank you all

Noah Olson : Hopefully he’s up there Ditko Kirby bill finger shuster and Siegel RIP Stan lee

Kyle Patterson : What an awesome and fitting tribute! So refreshing to see a take that delves into some of the lesser explored aspects of his life and influence

Mr. Passionate : RIP Stan the Man Lee. EXCELSIOR! As always Captain Midnight, you sure did good with this video.

Zedfinite : Stan Lee was prescient in that he sees teenagers and young people having greater spending power during his time so why not exploit that? Spider-man and other teen heroes are created for that purpose, along with other reasons. Had it not been for Stan Lee, we wouldn't have the Young Adult genre, including Harry Potter.

tehcerialgamer : there isn't anyone worthier of filling the shoes of these three giants than Kevin Feige, so glad we have him to carry on their legacy <3

5000 subscriber with 1 stupid video : *I hope Stan Lee gets brought back to life by the soul stone* 💗

Ian Botello : Rip Stan Lee you were the best man in the marvel universe in the MCU and we'll Miss you rest in peace

Kell Kell Art : Hes a legend not was may he rest in peace.