Peter Gabriel - Modern Love

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Mark Bellis : In the 70s, gentlemen all wore motocross gear and a fencing mask on dates.

Sergio de Prado : Needs more cowbell

imjustsomeguy72 : Can't believe this didn't chart well as a single - I rate this over David Bowie's Modern Love, for sure (I know they're totally different songs, burt I'm going to compare them anyway!)

Gary Macrie : An Incredible Underrated Song.

Krystal Lake : I totally want to do this next time I'm in an airport.

jade shepherd : Peter you extremely barmy, yet incredible man, you! <3

Shane Wells : Brilliant song. Stunning video.

Karl Wells : Brian pern

Philip van scotter : This tune always gets me off my ass jumping up and down, you Rock Mr. Gabriel!

glenesis : Thanks very much for posting this! I had somehow missed this video's existence. It's outstanding!

omarus icosium : un Maestro 

luvmjj5 : awesome song!!!  I love Peter Gabriel forever!!!

Jessica Meloy : I love this song and album. Peters crazy moves make the video for personally, but than I like my PG cray cray

Ken McElhaney : The structure of this song has so much of "The Who" in it, especially the guitar flourishes that I wonder if Pete Townsend ever checked his recordings to see if he actually wrote it.  I'm not trying to put "Modern Love" down as it's a classic,but it certainly does sound like a Who song.

Belial Pelegrim : Great, great tune. Shite, shite, video.

hisvorpalsword : Peter sang this duct taped to a pillar in the middle of the studio.

troublesomecorsair : Finally this video is out. One of my favorites.

Rodri Monsalve : JAJAJAJ QUE GENIO PETER!!!!

Robert Kallfelz : Gabriel goes MTV

Numpty Twonk : Filmed, I believe, in the West 12 shopping centre in London's Shepherd's Bush. The footage is interesting, but it definitely needed a decent editor to make better use of the clips. Still a very entertaining watch though.

Heresy Burns : Not enough double entendre.

Alex No.3 : Top 10 anime intros

NOOGIE 420 : Happy Anniversary, Peter Gabriel (1) (Car).

Paulo Cesar : This video was inspiration for Jamiroquai 's virtual insanity for sure!

John Seabrook : Bad film clip. Good song though. The king of the power chord, Steve Hunter, delivers on guitar. Just like he did on Sweet Jane.

Bill OB : I love this!! Great energy. Thank you.

Karen Williams : wow wow

monstrouscarbuncle : I didn't know a video from this song existed... And after seeing it, I wish it wouldn't.

Renato Netto : O prtimeiro sucesso depois do Karma Genesis não tem como esquecer....... Peter Gabriel !!!

William Crowe : The gear he wore is either from lacrosse or some other sport... Or so I'd guess.

Phoenix85006 : I love Peter, and this video is awesome! One of the best videos ever

J Dubbiyou : I love MODERN LOVE and most of Gabriel's solo debut but the production is overcooked with reverb and echo. Wish PG would remix it...........

phrankus2009 : Pretty limber, yet, there, Pete.

BubbaZen10 : Love the David Bowie 'do Pete!

Elena Ruiz : my Angel Gabriel!  I love Peter Gabriel forever!

CarbonUnitX : Oh, boy... I'm so happy I didn't see this as a teen. I had a huge crush on him and a bad sense of humour. This would have had me incredibly confused and embarrassed :') It's hilarious now. The crazy moves are strangely cool.

jexrutin : I love his moves, original and a bit snake-like. I think it serves the song well with the continuous hecticness of Peter

giulia fausta gabriella : nutty HAD to be!!!

Maisie : Brian Pern

John Brocado : we either make fun of it or enjoy the dance moves is there a middle ground?

J F K : This is the first time I have seen this, quite embarrassing actually, does he know the words of the song? The models are beautiful maybe there should have been more of them featured. At least he still had some humour back then and wasn't ruined by politics zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

smackyourfreckle : let me just say... dayummm! weird but awesome.

Gonzalo Rosas : Peter Gabriel - king of videoclips.

Valerie Marie : Does anyone know what's the significance of that ring on PG's right middle finger? Sometimes I see on his right ring finger but mainly on his middle.

Norberto Uriz : PG genio de genios !!

simon spicer : How about a coincidence, just recently heard this on the radio and love listening to it ,never heard it before or had i ? Looking through my late father s records and guess what i find ....great track 👍

Debbie Secre : Awesome video's! Come play Youngstown, Ohio! Elton John was just here!!!

Henry Stanley : Peter Gabriel - Brian Pern Genesis - Thotch Modern Love - Love is Modern Intruder - Naughty Man Biko - Chinese Meal Sledgehammer - Spirit Level

Dan Warren : AHHHHH! Genius.

OroborusFMA : I'm sure Peter wishes every copy of this video would spontaneously combust lol.  Great song though.