Peter Gabriel - Modern Love

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Mark Bellis : In the 70s, gentlemen all wore motocross gear and a fencing mask on dates.

Sergio de Prado : Needs more cowbell

Gary Macrie : An Incredible Underrated Song.

Krystal Lake : I totally want to do this next time I'm in an airport.

jade shepherd : Peter you extremely barmy, yet incredible man, you! <3

Karl Wells : Brian pern

Philip van scotter : This tune always gets me off my ass jumping up and down, you Rock Mr. Gabriel!

Shane Wells : Brilliant song. Stunning video.

glenesis : Thanks very much for posting this! I had somehow missed this video's existence. It's outstanding!

omarus icosium : un Maestro 

luvmjj5 : awesome song!!!  I love Peter Gabriel forever!!!

imjustsomeguy72 : Can't believe this didn't chart well as a single - I rate this over David Bowie's Modern Love, for sure (I know they're totally different songs, burt I'm going to compare them anyway!)

Jessica Meloy : I love this song and album. Peters crazy moves make the video for personally, but than I like my PG cray cray

Ken McElhaney : The structure of this song has so much of "The Who" in it, especially the guitar flourishes that I wonder if Pete Townsend ever checked his recordings to see if he actually wrote it.  I'm not trying to put "Modern Love" down as it's a classic,but it certainly does sound like a Who song.

troublesomecorsair : Finally this video is out. One of my favorites.

Rodri Monsalve : JAJAJAJ QUE GENIO PETER!!!!

hisvorpalsword : Peter sang this duct taped to a pillar in the middle of the studio.

Alex No.3 : Top 10 anime intros

Numpty Twonk : Filmed, I believe, in the West 12 shopping centre in London's Shepherd's Bush. The footage is interesting, but it definitely needed a decent editor to make better use of the clips. Still a very entertaining watch though.

Heresy Burns : Not enough double entendre.

NOOGIE 420 : Happy Anniversary, Peter Gabriel (1) (Car).

Renato Netto : O prtimeiro sucesso depois do Karma Genesis não tem como esquecer....... Peter Gabriel !!!

John Seabrook : Bad film clip. Good song though. The king of the power chord, Steve Hunter, delivers on guitar. Just like he did on Sweet Jane.

Bill OB : I love this!! Great energy. Thank you.

Karen Williams : wow wow

Belial Pelegrim : Great, great tune. Shite, shite, video.

Paulo Cesar : This video was inspiration for Jamiroquai 's virtual insanity for sure!

William Crowe : The gear he wore is either from lacrosse or some other sport... Or so I'd guess.

Robert Kallfelz : Gabriel goes MTV

Phoenix85006 : I love Peter, and this video is awesome! One of the best videos ever

J Dubbiyou : I love MODERN LOVE and most of Gabriel's solo debut but the production is overcooked with reverb and echo. Wish PG would remix it...........

phrankus2009 : Pretty limber, yet, there, Pete.

Elena Ruiz : my Angel Gabriel!  I love Peter Gabriel forever!

CarbonUnitX : Oh, boy... I'm so happy I didn't see this as a teen. I had a huge crush on him and a bad sense of humour. This would have had me incredibly confused and embarrassed :') It's hilarious now. The crazy moves are strangely cool.

jexrutin : I love his moves, original and a bit snake-like. I think it serves the song well with the continuous hecticness of Peter

giulia fausta gabriella : nutty HAD to be!!!

monstrouscarbuncle : I didn't know a video from this song existed... And after seeing it, I wish it wouldn't.

Maisie : Brian Pern

Blas Regnault : It is a low budget video clip?

smackyourfreckle : let me just say... dayummm! weird but awesome.

Gonzalo Rosas : Peter Gabriel - king of videoclips.

Valerie Marie : Does anyone know what's the significance of that ring on PG's right middle finger? Sometimes I see on his right ring finger but mainly on his middle.

Norberto Uriz : PG genio de genios !!

simon spicer : How about a coincidence, just recently heard this on the radio and love listening to it ,never heard it before or had i ? Looking through my late father s records and guess what i find ....great track 👍

Debbie Secre : Awesome video's! Come play Youngstown, Ohio! Elton John was just here!!!

Henry Stanley : Peter Gabriel - Brian Pern Genesis - Thotch Modern Love - Love is Modern Intruder - Naughty Man Biko - Chinese Meal Sledgehammer - Spirit Level

Dan Warren : AHHHHH! Genius.

OroborusFMA : I'm sure Peter wishes every copy of this video would spontaneously combust lol.  Great song though.

Porfle Popnecker : Great song, but not a very good video at all.  Too many long takes that started to look silly.  Needed some actual editing.

Brian A. : The choreography is awkward and lame. Great song.. but Gabriel would have benefited from some dance lessons..