Duplicating a Key from a Photo

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Punished Props Academy : That was the MOST FUN! Thanks for having me on the show guys. =D

Dreadxs : thank you,i can now rob houses very easily

Tomáš Rajchman : this is masterlock, you dont need a key :D

MrCombatgiraffe : that's a real cool keychain you got there, mind if i snap a photo real quick?

marc methot : Why not print it without support material? Worked better for me.

Jason Murphy : First.

Benjamin Winkle : 3d printing car keys and trying to drive ????

JTW.iFunny : What happened to yesterdays video???

liberty of design : “Were not breaking into houses!” “Right, just governments instillations”

ChadTheRock : If you think about it that guy is a twentieth century blacksmith

SkuzzyJ : _The Modern Rogue gets me put on another list_

Plebs Plebis : would have been hilarious if you used your home key to do the demonstration

Lieutenant Lag : Isn't that the dude from scam school?

Gummy Bear : What if you 3D printed a bump key?

Ali Qeroof : If only the videos were a bit shorter.

Josh Sodano : You can't copy the key to my heart

Gametimeplanet : Shouldve printed the skeleton key.

Abel XOXOXO : I watched this guy from natgeo. Please come back, I miss your show

Martin Hofmann : What about 3D printing a key as a template to file down a key blank made out of metal

deth502 : another "problem" imo, of the kwikset (and to a lesser degree, the schlage) is that theres also the random chance that someone will have the same key by dumb luck. the kw1 has 6 depth steps (some of the newer "high security" have a 7th) and 5 pins, which is 6 to the 5th power, or 46, 656 possible combinations, however there is also a maximum adjacent step parameter. meaning a #6 next to a #1 would not work, as the pin would not be able to bump up the step and would jam the key in the lock (or out of the lock) without my manual in front of me, i think it is a max of 3, witch also considerably cuts down on the possible combinations (im not doing that math on that one) but even at 46k combinations, when you consider that there are MILLIONS of them out in the wild, thats a lot of locks with the exact same key. i custom pin and key my own locks to non-standard steps, so NO ONE has that same key by accident.

Zachary Morris : Change your locks thrice a month.

Awang Budiman : 14:56 Best part of the video.

Tefen Ca : Between the Lock Picking Tutorials and 3D Printing Keys, this is a scary reality of how unsafe people and their belongings are!

Lukas B. : This is terrifying

jurandfantom : If you lucky you can pick 5 pin lock with rake pick under 5 second.

crazy tortuga : Yes the standard procedure is to go "Bleep-Bop-Bloop-Bop"

Hamza Ali : Hint lambo car key

abdusb : The shirts?


Darth Vader : Its nice that he uses the Kershaw Filter Knife ...

VileStorms : My idea is how much abuse can a record take before it skips over spots or doesn't play at all

Try Hard : 😭😭😭😭😭 he called me a big dumb dummy

James W : Lock pick training kit, auto cad, and a 3d printer; got it, thanks...

TheMineCat : I love your shirts I actually have that shirt the cat taco pizza thing :P

Zabir Hossain : 10:51 how does no one notice!?

KacperParkour : Title: Duplicating a Key from a Potato There is no potato here! *DISLIKE!*

PieRaGa : They printed with a raft. Not only that a raft made of the same material. this ALWAYS makes the bottom layer come put like ass. If they printed it with a brim and scaled down by like 5% this would probably work a bit better...

Shiny Rayquazza : Hey, isn't that that one guy from Scam School?

Robert Bautista : sigh. *unzips*

Isabelle Barbagallo : You guys are acting like a kid on Christmas day

SVENSWEVEN : Well.. thats f8cked up 🤔

Mr.Scruffy the great : Try to duplicate a key from a photo for a Medeco, or attempt to do this to an assa abloy disc detainer.

Harambe Lives Matter 420 : Lockpickicking 100

Dylan porter : the most borderline illegal channel on youtube and I love it

Lilia Clayton : I love how excited these guys got! Jumping being like "oh my god! Thats the key!" And "ya! Lets go lets go lets go!"

Tom Boerboom : 9gag anyone?

Micah Philson : Jason, that move in the Karate Kid is actually Karate, just a slightly different form. The second Karate Kid movie, though, is blatantly Kung Fu.

LapisSheepz : Wait, those are the two guys from Hacking the System!

Cal Oster : Oh god who gave them access to a 3d printer?

Nedhudir Falasren : Use Wix.com, not Squarespace.