Duplicating a Key from a Photo

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TopherFM : "We're not showing you how to do this"... This is how to do this.

balderoine : People on social media be like. “Keys to the new apartment! 📸” And I’ve always thought of this lololol

MrCombatgiraffe : that's a real cool keychain you got there, mind if i snap a photo real quick?

CLINTtheFLINT : Y’all are just teaching me how to break into my cheating ex’s house

Hank Hill : 3d printing car keys and trying to drive ????

ECHO༄ : yeah and people are afraid others can 3d print a gun *lol*

Tefen Ca : Between the Lock Picking Tutorials and 3D Printing Keys, this is a scary reality of how unsafe people and their belongings are!

Gametimeplanet : Shouldve printed the skeleton key.

Dylan porter : the most borderline illegal channel on youtube and I love it

Plebs Plebis : would have been hilarious if you used your home key to do the demonstration

Zabir Hossain : 10:51 how does no one notice!?

Martin Hofmann : What about 3D printing a key as a template to file down a key blank made out of metal

itecnus : For some reason I thought the title said "Duplicating a Key form a Potato" so I clicked it.

Jon : *Thanks, I'll be sure to use this technique in the future.*

Taikamuna : Now I can break in ur apartment

Gaming Gazebo : Quick fact 1/1000th of a millimeter is actually called a micrometer which is what we use to measure the length of cells in specimens for example an average cell length from a human cheek is 34 micro meters long

Mr.Scruffy the great : Try to duplicate a key from a photo for a Medeco, or attempt to do this to an assa abloy disc detainer.

Lukas B. : This is terrifying

foop : *THEORETICALLY* where would you hide a body...?

MattMakesShittyMemes : I’m gonna 3D print a lambourghini car key

LapisSheepz : Wait, those are the two guys from Hacking the System!

KacperParkour : Title: Duplicating a Key from a Potato There is no potato here! *DISLIKE!*

Bart Simpson : I watched this guy from natgeo. Please come back, I miss your show

Punished Props Academy : That was the MOST FUN! Thanks for having me on the show guys. =D

mdimarov : you could use blender its free for 3d modeling

jurandfantom : If you lucky you can pick 5 pin lock with rake pick under 5 second.

Make Something : I somehow missed this video! Hey Bill!!

Eli DIY : Make a thumb print and try to use thumb id

Conrad Jupiter : actually jason the crane kick is karate

Elven Mage Jr : Pizzagate is real

Mr. Kaspito : What is this 3d Printer is called because im searching for a good one cheap one big and cheap material

iiomqSavage_Ghosts : Print your car key and see if it works :O

SyGo : i once walked in on a group of 4 guys beating up a guy in an alley, i decided to step in and help. He didnt stand a chance against the 5 of us

Green Dragon : or once you get the numbers you can get it keyed at home depot

Sebatron : XYZ Printing has xyz photo now and you take 3 pictures of the item and press print then 20 minutes later you have a key lol

Conrad Jupiter : Actually jason is wrong because the crane kick is an actual move

abdusb : The shirts?

SkuzzyJ : _The Modern Rogue gets me put on another list_

Hamza Ali : Hint lambo car key

high quality content : Lockpickicking 100

Micah Philson : Jason, that move in the Karate Kid is actually Karate, just a slightly different form. The second Karate Kid movie, though, is blatantly Kung Fu.

Lt WetFlipFlops : Could you (in theory) take the picture, print it out to roughly the size of a key and just simply handsaw it to the dimensions? -Flippy Highgrove

Cal Oster : Oh god who gave them access to a 3d printer?

VGM_ : Is it builder Ann or bill d Ann?

Sandy Waffle Bandit : I didn't expect Bill to be in this!

Too Lazy To Change : Now the real challenge is, what the key opens!

xBris : Hmpf. That high-res close-up photo he took of the key completely ruined this for me. Yeah sure, through a windows. Blabla.

Zachary Morris : Change your locks thrice a month.

VileStorms : My idea is how much abuse can a record take before it skips over spots or doesn't play at all