Duplicating a Key from a Photo

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Dylan porter : the most borderline illegal channel on youtube and I love it

balderoine : People on social media be like. “Keys to the new apartment! 📸” And I’ve always thought of this lololol

TopherFM : "We're not showing you how to do this"... This is how to do this.

MrCombatgiraffe : that's a real cool keychain you got there, mind if i snap a photo real quick?

Hank Hill : 3d printing car keys and trying to drive ????

Jon : *Thanks, I'll be sure to use this technique in the future.*

marc methot : Why not print it without support material? Worked better for me.

Tefen Ca : Between the Lock Picking Tutorials and 3D Printing Keys, this is a scary reality of how unsafe people and their belongings are!

Gametimeplanet : Shouldve printed the skeleton key.

Plebs Plebis : would have been hilarious if you used your home key to do the demonstration

Zabir Hossain : 10:51 how does no one notice!?

KacperParkour : Title: Duplicating a Key from a Potato There is no potato here! *DISLIKE!*

Martin Hofmann : What about 3D printing a key as a template to file down a key blank made out of metal

Lieutenant Lag : Isn't that the dude from scam school?

CLINTtheFLINT : Y’all are just teaching me how to break into my cheating ex’s house

Mr.Scruffy the great : Try to duplicate a key from a photo for a Medeco, or attempt to do this to an assa abloy disc detainer.

Lukas B. : This is terrifying

Eli DIY : Make a thumb print and try to use thumb id

foop : *THEORETICALLY* where would you hide a body...?

Elven Mage Jr : Pizzagate is real

Gaming Gazebo : Quick fact 1/1000th of a millimeter is actually called a micrometer which is what we use to measure the length of cells in specimens for example an average cell length from a human cheek is 34 micro meters long

jurandfantom : If you lucky you can pick 5 pin lock with rake pick under 5 second.

LapisSheepz : Wait, those are the two guys from Hacking the System!

Cal Oster : Oh god who gave them access to a 3d printer?

Bart Simpson : I watched this guy from natgeo. Please come back, I miss your show

Make Something : I somehow missed this video! Hey Bill!!

high quality content : Lockpickicking 100

abdusb : The shirts?

ECHO༄ : yeah and people are afraid others can 3d print a gun *lol*

Dimarov : you could use blender its free for 3d modeling

MattDoesStuff : I’m gonna 3D print a lambourghini car key

Sebatron : XYZ Printing has xyz photo now and you take 3 pictures of the item and press print then 20 minutes later you have a key lol

SyGo : i once walked in on a group of 4 guys beating up a guy in an alley, i decided to step in and help. He didnt stand a chance against the 5 of us

Conrad Jupiter : Actually jason is wrong because the crane kick is an actual move

Mr. Kaspito : What is this 3d Printer is called because im searching for a good one cheap one big and cheap material

Micah Philson : Jason, that move in the Karate Kid is actually Karate, just a slightly different form. The second Karate Kid movie, though, is blatantly Kung Fu.

Green Dragon : or once you get the numbers you can get it keyed at home depot

SkuzzyJ : _The Modern Rogue gets me put on another list_

iiomqSavage_Ghosts : Print your car key and see if it works :O


orc13a : 20:30 - I'm an HTML, CSS and JavaScript developer and I think that you shoud code it your self. Yeah, it's pretty and stuff, but if you are coding it your self the JavaScript part can do so much more the Squarespace. Plus you have more freedom if you code it your self.

Sandy Waffle Bandit : I didn't expect Bill to be in this!

Dog Sandwich : "Only into government installations" Is Jason the perfect anarchist comrade?

xBris : Hmpf. That high-res close-up photo he took of the key completely ruined this for me. Yeah sure, through a windows. Blabla.

Hamza Ali : Hint lambo car key

FuryDahLizard : Could you (in theory) take the picture, print it out to roughly the size of a key and just simply handsaw it to the dimensions? -Flippy Highgrove

Caged Egg : How long until public print files of vloggers' keys.

Punished Props Academy : That was the MOST FUN! Thanks for having me on the show guys. =D

VGM_ : Is it builder Ann or bill d Ann?

VileStorms : My idea is how much abuse can a record take before it skips over spots or doesn't play at all