Cucumba song

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Cam Bush : His flow is actually 🔥

ryandontlikeyou : this dude flow better then tentacions

Jammer Lammer : Straight up FIRE fam

Shaggy Mason : Next time I go back to Jamaica i'm going to find this guy

Pinkie Spy : 🔥🔥🔥

Funkyjunkmail : Why hasn't this gone viral ?

PickleMuncher69 : cacumba

beep beep lettuce : It's Ski mask the slump God's dad!!! (Get it, cuz...cuz ski keeps talking about how his dad's Jamaican....and, and he can, okay)

purple flavord lantuch codes : he should be a health instructor I'm serious

Zachary Antonio : Major Lazer?

and she snsksosn : i’m eating on right now😂

Taliyah Chavon : Hahahahaha very funny

Sedna : Awesome!!!

DogKeeperTube : This is cool!

Daisy bostock : I swear to god I was singing this in my Jamaica accent and I looked over MY GRANDMA WAS THERE AND SHE WAS LIKE"WHAT NATIONALITY IS THIS?"

Hayden Fuchino : 200 subscriber

Simon Gylling : Dis nigga

Elizabeth_04 : Cucumbasssss

Chaz Cameron : Fucking iconic

Valerie White : Pokerap? CUCUMBARAP!

GamingSheer 2.0 : XD

GamingSheer 2.0 : Cu-Cumbah in ranch Cu-Cumbah With Vinegar~

The Critic : Not only was this lit, this actually made me think of trying to eat/drink cucumbas

war lord : When you're in trouble and there is nothing to say just say #CUCUMBAH

Kelsey Curles : Now somebody needs to make a remix of this with I like to move it move it.

paola23yr : WHERE'S THE BEAT? parents should hire a Jamaican to make a rap about eating vegetables and how their good for you, like how this guy just did in this vid

Quantum Leap : This makes me want to marry a cucumber. 😗🥒

Ash B : He should have been the official pokerapper

Camille Scheel : This is so good

Marvin Purcell : What a beast.

Rare Wave : Bar Mitzvah

Queen Lyrical : Me: cucumba Mom: Lyric Me: cucumba Mom: Lyric. Me: cucu— Mom: sayitonemogotdamntime

Jerry .J : I ate a cu cumber while listening to this

Adrianne Shaw : I love this video

Jose Corona : 95 percent water. Mmmn

JohnnyBoy 420 : Q COME BER

zachinmilk games : Girl: i like cucumbers. Me:

Taylor Murdock : This guy is lit!!! But how high do u think he was male oh this rap! 🤣🤣

Tó Púre : I know this song by heart 🤪

dikshit kashyap : Raw inna salad is another USSA

Davion Hernandez : When your bae says she likes cucumbers

Pineapple MSP : Cucumba

The Stick Guy : eating a cucumber right now 😂😂 What a coincidence 😂

The Stick Guy : I need to hear more from this man

Metrallata : this yo home! fight hard!

JaymzIsUS : Back when Hip-Hop was real

Boii U Betta Shush : This guy is a better rapper than my future is bright 😂

SirChristopher : Cucumba

The holy morx : XD