Blake Freeman - Comedy Up Late 2018 (S6, E9)
One of the greatest stories about a mechanic Ive ever seen a comedian tell

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Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Comedy Up Late. Recorded at the home of the Festival Club, Max Watt’s for ABCTV.


Lydia E : So genuinely hilarious and entertaining - can't wait to see more from this guy

confusedwhale : Yes Blake, this is being filmed.

X-filesfan Truthseeker : Wow. 22yrs old. Young but funny. At least he gave it a go.

Aidan McBeath : Love it

Gaby Grad : I liked

sah bear : Haha fried eggplant

anynextdon : He's gorgeous too!

zakkyummms : Pretty good.

Brian Nicholls : Not entirely his content...

ÆONSONE : This kid has a future in comedy that’s for sure...dude was effin’ hilarious 😆

Chris Tonga : What a great story teller

Zay Dawood : WTH This dude is sick Lol

Amanda Belony : Is he single?