uptown funk but every other beat is missing

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idea from: http://spudislander.tumblr.com/tagged/everysecondbeat

Comments from Youtube

Lilinoe Parker : This sounds like the feeling you get when you think there's an extra step, but there's not

Kinky [Alexino] : 0:30 "cause im gon s e l l. T h e. W e e d"

M S : 0:47 Fuck Pussum

Helpahoe : This is what I imagine english sounds like to non English speakers

BrianOstas : 1:51 *GIMME JIZZ* *GIMME JIZZ* *GIMME JIZZ* *GIMME JIZZ* (moaning)

alyssa is sad : 1:36 if u sadden if u fadden don't body *_COM SHOMON_*

Kristina Bowers : *suicide rates drop to 0%*

Psychopathanatic : 0:08 *hit* *that* *doop* *that* *shoopity* *woop*

mary balint : if sleep paralysis was a sound

Dominic Ferreira : Can we have a version with the other half of the beats please?

FBI : *anxiety has entered the chat*

Veru Kempná : 0:18 ,, gotta piss in the fountain"

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : Sounds like it’s from Parapa the Rappa at some points

starii : *images wow*

Wolfoe1238 : This sounds like an anxiety attack

deadfr0g : Yes, Officer, this is the song that attacked me.

Drawing 4 u : Bitch-a-hala-hoooo Bitch-a-hala-hoooo

me ow : This makes me want to eat pizza with a spoon.

Epic Snipe : 1967: We will have flying cars in the future 2018:

Well actually yeah that's about right : When you can't remember the lyrics to a song while it's playing on the radio

THE PEWDIEPIE MOVEMENT - KaiserNicolasI : I’m so glad this was in my recommended.

I'm Bored : I dont know why i clicked this, but i did Now i am confused

Baby Jungoo : 0:16 Bruno mars: I'm so... crowd: hhot!! lmao😂

melis dikici : The picture looks exactly like how this edit sounds like

Project Channel : Where my brain goes during a test

MemeMan ☭ : It doesn’t sound that bad actually!

MonoGiraffe : everything that gave this song life and funk just got murdered, and out of Uptown Funk's ashes rose this monstrosity this is actually, unironically amazing - it's panic-inducing in its own right. you could use this as the soundtrack to a rapidly falling apart bank robbery scene

Alexis m : 0:47 🤔🤔🤔🙊🙊🙊

Stubborn : Bruno Mars - *Anxious*

Derp : *when you try to avoid copyright*

Swagalicious Llama : The face made it even more funny

Jonathan Jackson : bruno mars has left, bru ma joined

Liam-Man 72 : 0:25 Butcher halla woo!

Robloxiscancer 3 : Why am I laughing so hard at this omg my happiness is about to have an orgasm

88Strings : Scrolled down to read the comments.... returned to an extreme closeup of his nose.

imeverywhere. : When your teacher lets you listen to music.

Lana N : 0:30 I'm done

Joshua Sequeira : When you try making up an excuse on why you were late to class.

Bryan Resendiz : This is giving me anxiety

Mats Garlock : Is this downtown funk?

Im Shook : I was so distracted on what I was listening too I didn’t even realise the video was zooming in

Dr. Phil Inc. : "I'm too" "Hot damn" "I'm too" "Hot damn" "I'm too" "Hot hot damn" that actually words really well lmao 0:55

Gerard Might_Be_Ok : _my anxiety is slowly increasing with the picture slowly zooms in_

If the cows are laying down the fish ain’t bitin : WEST VIRGINIA Oh wrong video

Dylan Sterling : When you skip the dialog in a game.

lemonsterTM : *I had to search and listen to the original song again to clear my anxiety.*

emmerson alene : up funk bru mars

Cats are evil : This actually sounds good lmao

Deckers : Put it on 1.5x playback speed