uptown funk but every other beat is missing

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The Wezsel : minecraft

Wolfoe1238 : This sounds like an anxiety attack

morges : why are u doing this?

UtopiaPlayz : 1:10 “images wow”

Mats Garlock : Is this downtown funk?

OutdoorAdventureKids : This makes me want to eat popcorn with a fork

Smiley the Smile : Half the beats, double the funk.

1K WITHOUT VIDS CHALLENGE : 1:19 *IMAGES* *IMAGES* *IMAGES* *IMAGES* Help me with my challenge please❤

CrispyDragons : 0:55 Gotta piss in the fan

mr. beanbeanbean : *Bruno Mars has left the chat*

Gary Singh : Top 10 rappers Eminem was scared to diss

M S : 0:47 Fuck Pussum

Smokingdog gaming : My teacher: less of the music Me : *presses play * Teacher : I said less of the music Me : exactly Teacher : *facepalm*

Lazersharkmasta : I love that it slowly zooms into his face

Serena C. : Put on 2x speed and this is my brain during an anxiety attack

Super Flute : *i feel drunk and sober at the same time*

Not so MLG Person : Son: What song did you like when you were a kid dad? Me: Oh, I really liked Uptown Funk. One of my favourites! Son: Oh I know that song! *Plays original Uptown Funk* Me: Oh not that one...

harry tiles : i didn't realize the picture was slowly zooming in until it was *too late*

Derppotato20 Yt : this makes me want to steal from my own home

IceyDragn : Finally got the lyrics _sike_

Tyler Heineman : Do do do Do do do Do do do Do do That old mesh for that bone Hump a them house them house strait me’s Something live in the sun got tones with some gotta keep so I’m too hot Caught a piece in the fan I’m too hot Make a join a brick van I’m too hot Singing no humming to I’m too hot Imma rot that man Makes you holy OOO (x3) Cause’ unk don’t (x3) Saddle weed up Give me just WOO Gimme just (x5) Hey HEY OH Fuk puss in it *Whistle* Get the stra the holl Ha To missisip If we show we’re gonna show Smash dry I’m too hot Caught a piece in the fan I’m too hot Make a Donna rick tan I’m too hot Bich Singing no humming to I’m too hot Gonna rot that man Makes you holy OOO (x3) Cause’ unk don’t (x3) Saddle weed up Give just WOAH Gimme just (x5) Hey, HEY OH Before we meet Yellow something Down funk you up (x2) I said Down funk you up (x2) Come on Jump up if you said them fu If you pay them Don’t body come shawmon Jump up if you said them fu Then saddle weed up Give me just COME ON Gimme just (x5) Hey HEY OH Down funk you up (x9) *D O W N*

Lovely Music : It kinda sounds like “hot chocolate” from the movie Polar Express

608 Nato : When You Listen To The Music In The Sims

FBI : *anxiety has entered the chat*

C.F : is it just me or is this a bop?

I’m Dad : *Thank you Kanye, very cool.*

The M : 0:42 IMaGes IMAGeS imaGEs

KaiserNicolas I : I’m so glad this was in my recommended.

Liam-Man 72 : 0:25 Butcher halla woo!

Natalia Smykala : 0:16 Bruno mars: I'm so... crowd: hhot!! lmao😂

LillyBillyDilly _/ _/ : My brain is expecting consisting beats and this is tripping me.

Dominic Infante : 0:54 “Smash Dat”

deadfr0g : Yes, Officer, this is the song that attacked me.

Justinn : Listen at 1.25x speed

Wendy Gacha lover : This how nervous I am for a spelling test

Bryan Resendiz : This is giving me anxiety

S4PG Official : This is the last sound that the mind produces before death. Could this be God's Voice?

Im Shook : I was so distracted on what I was listening too I didn’t even realise the video was zooming in

Adam : To The Face: when you go to school and the teacher asks you something but you don't know the answer.

Autumn Reeves : Who had all the extra time to do this.

I'm Bored : I dont know why i clicked this, but i did Now i am confused

Kristina Bowers : *suicide rates drop to 0%*

Asuna Yuuki : this photo speaks to me

Mr Neddlemouse : Sounds like it’s from Parapa the Rappa at some points

CherryonKak : I have finally *A S C E N D E D* just by listening to this

penguinz09 : My life is based around this

enrique : The question is, why is it recommended now

Robloxiscancer 3 : Why am I laughing so hard at this omg my happiness is about to have an orgasm

wintersoul : *images wow*

Lottie J : Uptown drunk, more like.