uptown funk but every other beat is missing

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The Wezsel : minecraft

fUZzie64 : So this is what its like to eat water

PowahSlap Entertainmint : This is still a club banger.

Dammitimmad : Thanks YouTube for this perfect recommendation

Wakame Deku : Surprisingly, this doesn’t sound that bad.

Cory Mck : Now he can get sued twice

KhalidSMShahin : 00:01 The system is down.

Mindroamer Theta : uptown funk after thanos snapped

Fodimin Layton : Half of this sounds like One Winged Angel or some shit

mata schmata : 0:13 soup soup lickin the soup

Sonic Master Logan : "Cause im dumb" 0:29

cs188 : My god it works so well.

Sean Barry : This is so unsatisfying to listen to

Ocean Man : it's like staring at the sun with your ears

HighScore : 1:19 - Hey bitches!

CappinKiwi : 0:55 gotta piss in the fan

A Good Username. : 1:19 *IMAGES* *IMAGES* *IMAGES* *IMAGES*

Templarkiller : Ok, but now I want to hear the other half instead to compare

Sky Koudo SOA : Surprisingly good for being a meme music video

The Restoration of Dr Who : 0:41 images! Images! Images! Images!

iLikeTheUDK : 0:46

Herobryce1075 Gaming : This isn't a meme, it's a remix

mcmillion : *I got YouTube Red for this.*

theyellowgreninja W : but like this sounds really good wtf

PollyGlodd : Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

Aurora Koubeserian : when you want to listen to a song but you dont' have enough time

Janusz Kowalski : Better than orginal

spicy pepper : everyday i lose faith in humanity. but this made me regain my faith in humanity. keep this shit up 👌👌

mickeynotmouse : WHO WOULD WIN?

Frednasty : What do you know it’s a James brown song!

Elzeta : This is hurting my mind

StreetFighterFan777 : IMAGES IMAGES IMAGES

Dawson Hobbs : Sounds like the sims

Grayson G : Subbed, keep up gods work

Yolooncey : that nostril though

Adolfin Himler : 0:47 "fuk pusm"

CaptainWafflez : 1:03 Itcha hallelu Itcha hallelu Itcha hallelu Cause unk dont Cause unk dont Cause unk dont Saturday ight imme watch

deltaalpha 05 : You know your a game developer when yoy think this thumbnail looks like a character UV

HighScore : Wow this is still really good

Aurora Koubeserian : You could make entirely new video of the beats you left out

Adrian X : Uptownfunk.exe stopped working

I like potatoes : This sounds better then the real song

Caleb Sordelet : Youtubes recommendation system finally got it right

Garret Lynn : I'm too.. Hot Got a piece in my foot I'm too.. Hot Make it to a retailer I'm too.. Hot Say ya don't wanna it I'm too.. Hot I'm about that now

Liam Hunter. : Sounds like a Kanye song for real

red lobster cheese biscuits : 0:47 fuck pussum

Afro Panda : Ooh! So this is how k-pop songs are made!?

joster : So... What kind of music do you like?

Evan Huber : This is such an improvement. IMAGES

Liam Hunter. : Scoop de poop 2