Antique Soldering Iron (Blowtorch) - Hot Restoration
Antique Soldering Iron Blowtorch Hot Restoration

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In this video i'm restoring an old german soldering iron. This item was sent to me by one of my patrons from Germany. He saw it on eBay, asked me if I'm interested and then he bought it. Thank you for that. I'll send it back to him now. I really liked the look of the handle and that's why I decided to restore it. It's a propane gas powered soldering iron made by Perkeo. I don't know how old this one is, but they built them since 1919 until today. The modern ones still look pretty much the same as the one I restored in this video, they just made some small changes over the years. I'm very happy how this project turned out, I really like the contrast of the dark wooden handle and the polished brass. I hope you like my work and the video. Huge thank you to all of my Patreon and PayPal supporters and specially to: Paulina Zamora afreeflyingsoul sunniva thingstad Micky McKay Alan Hanson Alex Roussos Gregory Joan Casanovas Joel Miller John Romero M. A. Paul Mampilly SA Graver Vince Valenti Zachary Grimes Alejandro Cavazos Allan Mckenzie audi4444player Bastian Alexander Bloatmage Brian Boots Clément BERNARD Conor Fowler Dapper Dave Ahern Dawson Mertz Drew Bell Ernest Duran Giambattista Martino Guillaume Ladouceur Harrison Hughes Jack Champion Jack Tian Jake Jeff Carr Jeff Vier joe Joel Margolis Julie Smith justin f. Jörg Thomsen Kersten Rienow Kevin Lambapalooza Llewellyn Schubert Lucy Lole Marc P marilyne stotz Mark Anderson Martin Kunz Matthew Hendrix Matthew Ruediger Merkias Mikko Repka Moeparker Pascal Bertossa Phoebe Knight Ruslan Balkin Rybread Sasan Hezarkhani Sebastian Wüst Seth Feist Sheepless Shu Stephen Lemon Thibaut Hiegel Wambaquamba XxJonathXx Yitch Timestamps: 00:00 preview 00:36 disassembling 02:18 showing all the parts 02:39 cleaning the parts with the parts washer 02:57 disassemling two more parts 03:17 removing patina and soot with vinegar, salt and flour 04:07 restoring the wooden handle 04:40 restoring the big tube 06:10 stain the wooden handle 06:38 making a new ring for the wooden handle on the lathe 07:36 restoring the nut which tightens the wooden hanlde 08:04 restoring the holder of the soldering iron 08:46 restoring the sieving head and remake the knurling 09:21 restoring the sieving head cover 09:59 restoring the knurled ring 10:22 restoring the regulation part 10:47 restoring the valve needle 11:07 restoring the nut for the regulation part 11:31 restoring the valve tube 12:16 restoring the gas connection part 12:47 restoring the nut for the valve tube 13:13 restoring the nozzle 13:41 restoring the soldering iron 14:46 making a new holder for the soldering iron on the lathe, mill and welding machine 16:26 making a special countersinked bolt for the soldering iron 16:56 restoring the bolt to clamp the soldering iron holder 17:18 making a new handle for the previous restored bolt 18:47 making the steel parts black by heating up and quench in oil 19:14 showing all the parts before reassembling 19:34 reassembling 21:23 showing the finished product 22:00 final test Time and costs of this restoration: I was working on this project over 1,5 weeks $16 tube for the gas connection $1 clamp bride for the connection tube My camera: Panasonic HC-V180 If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible. Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english. Subscribe for more of my content. I'm uploading videos about mechanical stuff, as new creations and buildings and also restorations. Thank you for watching :-) My Patreon Page: My PayPal: Follow me on Instagram:


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Alexandru Neagu : I appreciate the work but at 13:43 i believe that was how it was meant to be. You would use it to tin solder roof metal sheets (usually copper) and you would want the "iron" skewed so you have better clearance when applying the flat part to the metal... you would turn the tool to suite the position would be more advantageous to you. I guess you could make the point that this tool will not be used in that purpose anymore, but I believe this had to be said.

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