Why Lil Peep Died: THE TRUTH

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PsychedSubstance : Link to the contamination kit here: http://tinyurl.com/GetTestKit EDIT - To all the comments stating "No one would test their shit who takes drugs because it takes too long/is too expensive" -- *you all have no idea what you are talking about.* There are many different kinds of drug users out there who you would never suspect at first glance such as doctors, investors, entrepreneurs, husbands and wives etc. Want to know why you don't hear about them? Because they often consume drugs safely and they test everything meaning they rarely end up dead or on the news. The type of drug user who appears reckless and displays no concern for their well being only makes up a very small fraction of the total amount of drug users alive today. It is part of my mission to HELP those who are reckless to realize that if they are going to take drugs, they need to do so safely. I hope by making videos that may strike a nerve such as this one, the end result will be just that. People need to be made aware that drugs *can be consumed safely and in a responsible way.*

EDM Squad. : *DRUGS SELL, DRUGS KILL.. but we all know who the NUMBER ONE Drug Pushers are.. FDA!!!*

Jason Campbell : maybe we should stop this backwards thinking and allow adults to purchase what they are looking for legally.

DL L : Every time PsychedSubstance uploads a ne...... uurgh... why am I even doing this? *scratches head* *goes to bathroom* *pulls down pants and jam a finger up my asshole* ...yep, it was worms. :-I

Poon Goon : "You can test if your meth is cut with fentanyl" BiTCh WhAT tHe FuCk

Colin Lewis : Can we just take a moment to appreciate how many lives you’ve potentially saved?

Ray Graves : I'm too lazy to go buy this...i'd rather die.

SnakeStyle1986 : yeah but whos got time for all that?

Oussama Khamlichi : I thought xanax was an anxiety med!

Esketit World : pregnancy test for xanx

King Noob : Thanks m8 you motivate me to do drugs.

Haley : "And now we see if this piece of chalk is contaminated with fentanyl" I laughed

Morgan Hughes : He looks like Anthony Fantano.

Devin T : I stopped watching when he said little peep lmao

Ryan RDA : Why Lil Peep died: a drug overdose in front of his fake "friends" that allowed him to fulfill his death spiral and ignored the signs of impending doom. And a culture that promotes and encourages harmful drug taking. THAT is WHY PEEP DIED. And if you one of his "so called friends" you ain't a real friend at all

theblackphenom : If anyone's wondering about his last words, there was said that he had none at all. Not even a little peep.

kolo : yeah sure because everyone can afford 25$ everytime they use drugs... stupid!

Morgasm Dickmonalds : Well at least you being sick gave you that bass you always wanted for your videos

SCUM : It’s fucked to see people making jokes about his death and people saying it was a good thing when he wasn’t causing anyone any inconvenience at all. This could have happened to anyone, even someone you know like a close friend or even a family member, if something like this happened to somebody in your family and other family members found out you have been commenting things like this on Lil Peep related things how do you think that would make them feel? Just because his music wasn’t to your taste doesn’t mean it is okay to make fun of his death or say it was a good thing. To the people who are retaliating to the hate, you are just giving them exactly what they want. As much as it infuriates you just try your best to not give these disrespectful assholes any attention. Thank you PsychedSubstance for these informative videos, hopefully your content will help people see another day by deciding to be safe when taking drugs.

Pogg Big man : I’m so sorry youtube has stopped paying you it’s not fair 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Meet The Peeps TV : support the peeps

DD unboxings : He always seems high AF

Hell Boy : We die one day no matter what, I’ll pass 🤣🤣

Neurotic Sos : I mean $25 extra every time you wanna take some drugs. Cmon

Amy : R.I.P. Lil Peep💔 I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for promoting something so important! There’s so many people that tend to be naïve while using any sort of substance in order to alter their state of being, and aren’t aware how to safely partake in the use of drugs, or without having a sober friend or guide with them. I used to work with a group called dance-safe in the early 2000’s, and would give this same sort of guidance and help to others in the rave scene.

Mark Groenewald : instead of taking the risk hay why not take the drugs at all?

ne g : Peep still lives in my reality

DoogarHarzJr : He watched too much Unfortunate events on netflix😂

Billy Leeds : Is fentanyl the other dodger substance that can be spiked in your drugs? Like even if you find out your gear is all clear from fentanyl, couldn’t it still have some other harmful shit that you can test for?

kushfrom handsworth : 1million views woo

SamIsOG : Your testing a small piece of of a drug when fentanyl is so strong it could be anywhere in the drug, so really what your doing means nothing

YericPro y : *Take drugs savely!* You cant say “Dont take drugs“ because there will always be people taking drugs. So this people have to know how to take am savley and not put their selves into danger and harm

A Руссий, grammar commu-nazi : You have a very good mother

Jannich Bergstrøm : Pressed xans...

Meet The Peeps TV : dude that's gnarly

jaa : yes, because gustav assumed that his xanax was laced by a fan and just decided to skip this process he most likely didn’t know about.. okay. but hey, as long as your getting that coin from that referral link, right? i don’t think it was appropriate for you to use his death as an “example”.

Bradley Tristan : Testing drugs is like wearing a condom wastes to much time but some people are happy and others have kids

Mr. N : You think the geniuses slamming pills are going to test for fentanyl..... Good luck with that...

Lukas Taulbee : I feel like you used little peep to sell the test kits, that are way over priced. Then the promotion on top of all the at the end. Idk I've been with you for a long time man, it just seems very sly.

Aatimaatio Production's : What next Lil Windex , lil Xanax?

Johayn : why tf in xanax is fentanyl ?

krispez09 : I'm going to set up a lSD trip with my friends later in December so I have been watching your content to make my experience more pleasurable and makes me not feel as nervous about it

Enigma Truth : Thank you for this video. Hopefully it wakes people up to being safe with what they might do.

Yung Saxy : Why would I trust someone with a sex machine cup?

halyssa 2005 : #RIPLILPEEP

tbd97 : a bit insensitive eh? you were like smiling and goofing around ,while he just passed away and his family is hurting pretty bad.

Isaiah hare : I wish I could just have a day to trip on lsd with you, and get into some deep conversation.

frutsi : i hope this happens to lil pump

alyssa clark : I'm so glad you made this video, it may have been a little bit of click bait but in a VERY good way I'm sure a lot of people clicked on this video to either see an opinion or research into the girl who gave him the drugs but it's a very important video that all drug users need to see thank you you might've saved a life

DROPOUT : Lil Peep was a hardcore drug user, you really think he’s gonna go out and buy a fentanyl testing kit?