Why Lil Peep Died: THE TRUTH

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PsychedSubstance : Link to the contamination kit here: http://tinyurl.com/GetTestKit EDIT - To all the comments stating "No one would test their shit who takes drugs because it takes too long/is too expensive" -- *you all have no idea what you are talking about.* There are many different kinds of drug users out there who you would never suspect at first glance such as doctors, investors, entrepreneurs, husbands and wives etc. Want to know why you don't hear about them? Because they often consume drugs safely and they test everything meaning they rarely end up dead or on the news. The type of drug user who appears reckless and displays no concern for their well being only makes up a very small fraction of the total amount of drug users alive today. It is part of my mission to HELP those who are reckless to realize that if they are going to take drugs, they need to do so safely. I hope by making videos that may strike a nerve such as this one, the end result will be just that. People need to be made aware that drugs *can be consumed safely and in a responsible way.*

You wish : rip lil peep I was such big fan.

Lisa Wang : The fact that youtube demonetizes all your videos is utter bs! You are giving out incredibly useful information that has the potential to save lives. Thank you for doing what you're doing

Lachlan Smith : don't do chalk kids.

Redant23 : People with face tattoos don't test their drugs, sorry

O stein : Very respectful and educational. Thanks for doing work to save lives.

Lyrical Stephen : pregnancy test for xanax

John Di Francisco : I don't get this whole spiking the drugs thing. I would think drug dealers would want to keep their customers, not kill them. Shit, back in the day they would've charged extra for that but you would know what was coming. The worst we got was beat with fake shit VERY RARELY. Damn, kinds makes me glad I'm old and do not care to do this stuff anymore. I feel badly for the young people today. Shit..... I even SOUND old, ugh. R.I.P Peep.

Ryan Clarke : So much effort , I'll just die thanks

DROPOUT : Lil Peep was a hardcore drug user, you really think he’s gonna go out and buy a fentanyl testing kit?

Daniela Gomez : thanks G, I'm gonna look fabulous testing my snow in the club bathroom.

Sara N. : I love how you don’t tell people what to do, you just want everyone to be safe x

Durruti : Now that Lil Peep's toxicology report is out and it show's he had 5 other opiates and tramodol in his system as well I think it's safe to say that Lil Peep od'd on laced dope. Have never in my life heard of anyone pressing fentanyl to sell as alprazolam when you could get indistinguishable RC substitutes in high quantities legally but clearly he had a low key opiate addiction.

YourTechflix : People commenting stuff like "you motivate me to do drugs" or anything to do with him promoting taking drugs, then they are the biggest problem to this channel. I, along with the majority of people watching this content, use these video for education on the drugs and how to be safe with them. Can people stop being so immature as videos like this have probably saved a few lives. Keep up the amazing videos

Kendrick Lamar : I don't want to waste a piece of my drug tho....

Binta DaBrat : Murdered. His friends laced his xanax with fentanyl and didn’t tell him.

Isaiah Hare : I wish I could just have a day to trip on lsd with you, and get into some deep conversation.

Joe Scott : yea homie im down for a high just let me get my kit *unwraps kit*

Tom Sørensen : I wish humans could choose what to put in their bodies, instead of having to use alcohol every weekend. I wish all drugs where legal and regulated strictly. A xanie instead of alcohol is waay better for ur liver.

Toxxic Mew : Drugs messed up my life. I do not take drugs never have never will but my parents and aunts and uncles did drugs and now I live with my grandparents.

Caleb : Or you know, just don't do drugs.

Colin Lewis : Can we just take a moment to appreciate how many lives you’ve potentially saved?

Aaron Olson : You think a guy who has face tattoo's will test his drugs?

Blacker Panther : They killed him like all the others they use or just dont need pretty much yall better wake up

StonedZebra 666 : This is how drug education should be taught in schools

kushfrom handsworth : 1million views woo

You wish : damn I did not even know this thank you sir.


Biscuit Barbadensis : This is the cutest / sweetest, most thoughtful video. I know it's no joke, but it's sort of humorous to think we've come to a point where we cannot run from our own crazy drugs. Also I'm guessing there will be a stronger "fentanyl" this next January, it's just crazy to me. Thanks for bein a ray of light b (Edited because I AM DYSLEXIC K)


bruno : but how "LIT" is it to test youre drugs before you take em?

chicagoking95 : I’m gonna start testing the drugs I sell to people I don’t want my loyal custy to die :(

Nell Bonnie Campbell : Drugs is still not good for you. Period point blank Bella throne she's doing safe drugs right and she doesn't even look as pretty as she used to do it really is bad it might not kill you it's still ruins your body tho,like your teeth face and all sorts of stuff like any kid who watches this is going to thank drugs can be ok cause now they thank it's still safe so I can do it

snow ghost247 : I didn't know he died that way so sad I thought the doctors messed up on his pills

Diego Gonzales : The Clinton Foundation got her

Backwoods Alec : This can be very useful to many users,thank you for making this video.

EDM Squad. : *DRUGS SELL, DRUGS KILL.. but we all know who the NUMBER ONE Drug Pushers are.. FDA!!!*

Julius De Groot : You could also move to the Netherlands where you can let you drugs get tested legally


bryan Brown : If only xxxtentacion had tested that bullet that went in him... oh wait...


Steezy but Sleezy : I honestly never heard of Lil Peep till the day he died honestly

SlasherSeven : I didn't know there was a specific test available for fentanyl like that. I knew of other tests, but not that one. Pretty dope. I'll get one next time I do some heroin (which is like a once per year sort of thing).

Nevaeh Jones : Did the fan know that it was laced with that deadly drug???

GNZ SquiD PeRsOn : He died by taking 5 hulks... 😔☠️

HOODINI WEENY 1 : How it's best not to do any drugs like what's the point the only bad drug is safe is weed

The Philosoraptor : This is why people should just smoke bud lol

Monkey D. Ivan : People are actually sad about his death ?

Electric City : Is that coke on the table?

грустный друг : The mistake was doing drugs...