Why Lil Peep Died: THE TRUTH

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PsychedSubstance : Link to the contamination kit here: http://tinyurl.com/GetTestKit EDIT - To all the comments stating "No one would test their shit who takes drugs because it takes too long/is too expensive" -- *you all have no idea what you are talking about.* There are many different kinds of drug users out there who you would never suspect at first glance such as doctors, investors, entrepreneurs, husbands and wives etc. Want to know why you don't hear about them? Because they often consume drugs safely and they test everything meaning they rarely end up dead or on the news. The type of drug user who appears reckless and displays no concern for their well being only makes up a very small fraction of the total amount of drug users alive today. It is part of my mission to HELP those who are reckless to realize that if they are going to take drugs, they need to do so safely. I hope by making videos that may strike a nerve such as this one, the end result will be just that. People need to be made aware that drugs *can be consumed safely and in a responsible way.*

Lyrical Stephen : pregnancy test for xanax

Haley : "And now we see if this piece of chalk is contaminated with fentanyl" I laughed

Pogg Big man : I’m so sorry youtube has stopped paying you it’s not fair 🤬🤬🤬🤬

SCUM : It’s fucked to see people making jokes about his death and people saying it was a good thing when he wasn’t causing anyone any inconvenience at all. This could have happened to anyone, even someone you know like a close friend or even a family member, if something like this happened to somebody in your family and other family members found out you have been commenting things like this on Lil Peep related things how do you think that would make them feel? Just because his music wasn’t to your taste doesn’t mean it is okay to make fun of his death or say it was a good thing. To the people who are retaliating to the hate, you are just giving them exactly what they want. As much as it infuriates you just try your best to not give these disrespectful assholes any attention. Thank you PsychedSubstance for these informative videos, hopefully your content will help people see another day by deciding to be safe when taking drugs.

It’s Trip : I wish I could just have a day to trip on lsd with you, and get into some deep conversation.

PHUC THE SYSTEM : support the peeps

RickyTheVirgin : Drivin down the highway Looking at the street lights Geekin in a Friday I can never sleep right Rest easy peep

DD unboxings : He always seems high AF

Dog Sandwich : "You can test if your meth is cut with fentanyl" BiTCh WhAT tHe FuCk

You wish : damn I did not even know this thank you sir.

EDM Squad. : *DRUGS SELL, DRUGS KILL.. but we all know who the NUMBER ONE Drug Pushers are.. FDA!!!*

negatyve : Now that Lil Peep's toxicology report is out and it show's he had 5 other opiates and tramodol in his system as well I think it's safe to say that Lil Peep od'd on laced dope. Have never in my life heard of anyone pressing fentanyl to sell as alprazolam when you could get indistinguishable RC substitutes in high quantities legally but clearly he had a low key opiate addiction.

DoogarHarzJr : He watched too much Unfortunate events on netflix😂

kushfrom handsworth : 1million views woo

B A S E D SBG SOLDIER : THANK YOU. I'm tired of people and larger media outlets blaming it on Alprazolam.

Tom Sørensen : I wish humans could choose what to put in their bodies, instead of having to use alcohol every weekend. I wish all drugs where legal and regulated strictly. A xanie instead of alcohol is waay better for ur liver.

Yung Saxy : Why would I trust someone with a sex machine cup?

King Noob : Thanks m8 you motivate me to do drugs.


Hi people : Sniff sniff

Billy Leeds : Is fentanyl the other dodger substance that can be spiked in your drugs? Like even if you find out your gear is all clear from fentanyl, couldn’t it still have some other harmful shit that you can test for?

Neurotic Sos : I mean $25 extra every time you wanna take some drugs. Cmon

SamIsOG : Your testing a small piece of of a drug when fentanyl is so strong it could be anywhere in the drug, so really what your doing means nothing

Johayn : why tf in xanax is fentanyl ?

DROPOUT : Lil Peep was a hardcore drug user, you really think he’s gonna go out and buy a fentanyl testing kit?

Mr. N : You think the geniuses slamming pills are going to test for fentanyl..... Good luck with that...

O stein : Very respectful and educational. Thanks for doing work to save lives.

Caleb : Or you know, just don't do drugs.

Morgasm Dickmonalds : Well at least you being sick gave you that bass you always wanted for your videos

SuperIvanDS : People are actually sad about his death ?

Cass Axiom : Hey dude, What's your zodiac? Mine is Cancer.

Hell Boy : We die one day no matter what, I’ll pass 🤣🤣

Devin T : I stopped watching when he said little peep lmao

An Tv : I would’ve been dead if never seen this channel.

sound life dirt : Test your drugs for drugs and be safe.... So does that mean you can take more of the safe drug that we're tested (if safe) ,Wow ok .... I don't really care... If you wanted to be safe don't take drugs!!!! Period....

Lisa Wang : The fact that youtube demonetizes all your videos is utter bs! You are giving out incredibly useful information that has the potential to save lives. Thank you for doing what you're doing

Victor Arellano : good thing he didnt put an ad on this

Nevaeh Jones : Did the fan know that it was laced with that deadly drug???

Biscuit Barbadensis : This is the cutest / sweetest, most thoughtful video. I know it's no joke, but it's sort of humorous to think we've come to a point where we cannot run from our own crazy drugs. Also I'm guessing there will be a stronger "fentanyl" this next January, it's just crazy to me. Thanks for bein a ray of light b (Edited because I AM DYSLEXIC K)

PHUC THE SYSTEM : dude that's gnarly

Jorge Masvidal’s Hairline : How about you just don't do drugs...

Matthew Carter : all ur doing is saying "hey giys do all the drugs you want just make sure no fentanyl is in it and youre good" damn dude how about saying dont do drugs ? smh

YericPro y : *Take drugs savely!* You cant say “Dont take drugs“ because there will always be people taking drugs. So this people have to know how to take am savley and not put their selves into danger and harm

Lukas Taulbee : I feel like you used little peep to sell the test kits, that are way over priced. Then the promotion on top of all the at the end. Idk I've been with you for a long time man, it just seems very sly.

tbd97 : a bit insensitive eh? you were like smiling and goofing around ,while he just passed away and his family is hurting pretty bad.

David Blackwood : But lil peep knew it was laced with fentanyl.

Purplecup : i like how he don't say "say no to drugs" because in reality motherfuckas gonna do it anyways. this is for the ones who do it. he just schooling BE SAFE

Colin Lewis : Can we just take a moment to appreciate how many lives you’ve potentially saved?

Lachlan Smith : don't do chalk kids.