Comedian Adam Rowe makes massive mistake with crowd work. What happens next is HILARIOUS!!!

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Sean Tomlinson : Can't believe how well he held it together and turned it into a funny set! Brilliant

Karl Hollywood : 16 year old slag shouldn't of been there as its over 18`s only , her mum's a Shiite too the gobby splitarse

Bradley Channing : Played it like a pro 👌🏼

Pheonix2022 : I'm assuming he's blind in one eye?

G. Billo : Wow he's bold! Quick thinker! Somone to watch

benCANNIBAL : Ahahaha this is brilliant

PCB Promotions : this is amazing! defiantly need to come to a show!!

James Conlin : How funny was that!'Ye mums an arsehole'!! 😂😂

Icky Sludge : Haha he could of got lynched there! Class recovery

be frank : I would not pay to watch this maggot!!!!!

big _ oof : 4:39 is that Paul on the left?

Kris Nicholson : Quality!.

Dale Byrne : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Barry Jones : Shes got a school uniform on u fat blind nonce