1977: A girl's review of the new movie 'Star Wars'

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Jacob Ahlgren : That classic moment when R2D2 cried

Tommy Dee : 0:40 - Sounds like the people complaining about Rey being a Mary Sue. I guess things weren't so different in the past after all...

specterkev : what country boys can't shoot a shotgun? plus he said he used to shoot womp rats in his t16 did you not pay attention girl LOL

Eric Warncke : That girl did NOT write that review.

PotatoPeeler : "No sandwiches were made, no handbags were bought, and nobody was given the silent treatment." 3 out of 10

NPC 3507334 : Spoiler Alert! 0:24 to 0:36

John Smith : Princess Leia is bossy lol yup

zwooop64 : This seems like they are holding a gun to her head

ssbbisnumber1 : Luke is such a Mary Sue.

D P : "How a simple boy from the country can fly a spaceship and shoot a gun and hit right on target..." Two words; The Force

Sullyhogs : And people are saying the same thing about Rey, which is obviously unneeded.

The Grenadier : FAIRY TALE???? no no no, this is a syfi story about good verses evil with romance, sorrow, triumph, and failure and meany more themes. This is not some simple "Fairy tale"

GP Channel™ : Cringe time :P Poor girl :D

Maja Jaganjac : A girls opinion?! Really? She couldn't just talk her own thoughts? She had to read it from a paper pre written for her by someone else! It's embarrassing.


j dragoon : All the Last Jedi haters need to watch this

Kenneth kirsch : Blink twice if you need help little girl!

sexobscura : *sent to Alderaan*

Tim Brennan : Did she say her name was Auburn Fitz?

Texas Trad : No feminism

james williams : ..even in the 70's they knit picked movies eh lol