Fallout 76 Is Officially The Worst Game of 2018

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Iced_Up : when minecraft 76 looks more enjoyable than the real game

TitanToons : Lol that was an epic intro

game player : I'm so glad I got red dead 2 and not fallout 76

WolfThorn : Congrats Bethesda you deserve it, also upgrade that old ass engine.

Iaresnoutube : All Bethesda games are buggy yeah? The modders fix them Fallot76 is online, modders can’t fix it :) Bethesda didn’t realize that their games are kept up by the free work they get from modders, nor that the modders wouldn’t be able to save them

Hurbii : As much as I feel bad for Bethesda devs getting so much hate, it’s deserved.

mynameisnotdave23 : Red Dead Redemption 2 online: free Fallout 4 online: 60$

Tyler's world : The fact todd or Bethesda haven't addressed the fans at all speaks volumes.

BigdaddyFatSak : "I am now singing" Take mee hoomme reffunndd roaadd to the bank where it belonnnggsss throttled downloads delelet the data take mee homee refund road :)

Satevo : God i've always wanted to do that at gamestop.

Artemis Kitty : But wait... SURPRISE! There WAS no physical version! When you paid extra and waited for it to arrive, then opened the box... you got an empty game sleeve with a PAPER CIRCLE that has a key on it for... downloading a digital copy! Yay!

CHARLIE NO7 : Don’t let these companies boss you around. everyone in the gaming industry needs to stand up and not buy these half cooked games. Make them give us more games like RDR2 not like fallout 76

DrWubWub : And my friends call me wrong for saying Fallout 76 is bad. Their argument was that its a "sequel" and that it will have similar graphics, they compared Fallout 4 and 76 to Dark souls 1 and 2, I don't want to be that dark souls fanboy but, I'm not going to write lengthy comment about why this game could be so much better, I'm just going to say. Fallout 76 is a terrible game only staying afloat because Fallout fanboys want to believe it's good. And to whoever disagrees, tell me an honest good thing about 76 other than the fact that it's online.

Gene Parmesan : *fallout 76 : it's not a glitch, it's a feature!*

subscribe for literally nothing : I hate that I almost pre orderd the £200 version because of the hype Same happened with mass Effect andromida I'm just NEVER going to pre order

Lee Croft : Anyway, I'm too busy playing Red Dead Redemption 2 to even bother with Fallout 76.

sungleong : where is Tod Howard hiding these days?

Michael Thorage : The funniest thing is that they will still make profit from this game because of the title...Modern kids-gamers will buy anything with famous title regardless quality.... Mindset like this motivate game developers to keep releasing rubbish like that with a price like for a AAA game....

tonifero31 : Farming Simulator is rating better than fallout 76, but im not surprise

Sean Guinn : Bethesda succeeded in creating a actual wasteland

johnnyandthepnuemoni : This game reaffirms what I've been saying since New Vegas, a multiplayer fallout game will not work. It goes against every tenant of the franchise. Less engaging stories, you're no longer alone in the wasteland, VATS is impossible to apply in multiplayer and the atmosphere can't be nearly as convincing in multiplayer as it is in single player. The biggest problem for this game is Bethesda changed a lot of how Fallout is played making a game that's visually recognizable but mechanically different from the games before it.

quadpictures : Imagine defending this game. Some people still do it. Omegalul

Ward Welch : They need to change the god dam engine

Unbreakable Patches : Betheasda should do their best to improve this mess and then focus on Starfield, TES VI and hire Obsidian to do the next Fallout.

Busy Bee : "Atleast it's fun with friends" Yea well so is prison.

JJ C : When you buy a Fallout or Elder Scrolls game, you can’t turn around and start bitching about bugs like you’re surprised they’re there. The kind of bugs that are in these games have been unacceptable for years, I still have a Skyrim save on the PS4 that can’t be progressed even though I put 30 or so hours into it because a dude I have to talk to for the main quest is missing, but you know what you’re paying for. The drop in sales have absolutely nothing to do with how buggy the game is. It’s just backlash for how bad it is. Even the people that wanted a multiplayer Fallout didn’t ask for this shit. This game is an outright cashgrab and people ain’t payin.

Vernon Delap : Hahaha, I personally think this is sweet irony/justice/kama whatever you care to call it. Been playing fallout new vagas and it is so much of a better game, holy shit, actual npcs and a well developed story, great conversation dialog options, you name it, all be it the graphics are a little outdated but still amazing. Hell even the fallout new California mod is even better written then fallout 76. All that aside, Obsidian's game got a meta critic score of 85, being only one point off of 86 on the release of the game to receive full pay under contract with Bethesda for the development of the FO:NV game. So basically Bethesda/Zenimax had Obsidian make the game in only a year and only paid them less then half of what they were supposed get based solely on the Meta credit score alone. And now hear 9 years later Bethesda is looking at the worse meta credit scores ever in gaming history at. Hahaha, serves them absolutely right, fallout new vegas will always be the best fallout of all time.

blueguy15 : That intro alone gets you an instant subscribe!

Twix The Dragon : This is why I buy games a month or 2 after they come out to see if there actually good

Rick Grimes : Call of duty is better than Fallout this year Let that sink in

Team 10 has 10 chromosomes : I got horizon zero dawn instead on Black Friday. 100 times better.

Max Moore : Even if the game was finished, it would have still been dead on arrival. Nobody asked for a online only Fallout game that is essentially a rust clone

The Great Lemon : See kids. Never pre order. See now you lost your money and you got crap. This is why we need to stop preorders #stoppreorders

tarael86 : The reason why critic reviews are coming out so slowly is because nowadays game journos need a LOT of reasons to give a triple A game a bad score. They are just trying to assimilate the idea that there's no way they are going to be able to give FO76 a good review. Also, pretty sure the reason behind Knack 2's decent score is VideogameDunkey.

first Last : Laymen thinks that the shill media plays 40 hours on average before reviewing the game? LOL

Sam Hadden : If you don't like being copyright striked maybe don't use other people's content without their permission.

Seth Skullsberg : Everything is going to suck after RDR2 set the new standard.

Liam Middleton : I wont touch fallout 4 any more let alone fallout 76

Keith Foester : i feel blessed for not pre-ordering games. this is one reason why i don't pre-order. mass effect adromeda is my first and final lesson for pre-ordering. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT, i will always remember. NEVER pre-order. now that i know that even the best franchise can be destroyed. i will wait for a discount.

Celestial Lord : that matrix meme is top level over 9000; and that ending LMAO

Todd Howard : I think you had a typo in the title when you wrote worst it should be best

Josh Rowell : I love Bethesda they have done such fantastic work. I can only hope they learn from this.... Fallout

D Ton : The graphics look like Xbox 360!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Abdullah Marwan : What are you doing reviewing stupid games, Another settlement needs your help. Here i’ll mark it on your map

Indeimaus : user reviews in 2018 lmao

Wonder World : OMFG!!!! SO HILARIOUS!!!!

*Cory in the closet* : I like how all the click bait videos on this use the user score on metacritic which is full of reviews made by alternate accounts, and people who never even played the game, instead of the critic score. And even when going off user score, it isn’t even the lowest rated game of November, so calling it the worst game of 2018 is just a click bait title to appeal to all the kiddies who can’t comprehend the idea of Bethesda trying anything new!

Patrick Gent : Tbh, I actually really enjoy the game, sure there are bugs here and there, but it’s one heck of an enjoyable ride. Now I’m not saying the game is perfect (far from it) but I think it has a lot of potential. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so if you dislike the game, that’s ok, but if you enjoy the game, well I’ll see you in Appalachia.

GabisonStudios : So since Bethesda denied Obsidian's bonus because F:NW missed its desired score for a 0,1 point, I wonder what Fallout 76 will get in terms of bonus?