Phone Water Cooling is REAL! But does it work?
Phone water cooling is real But does it work

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Seraphim Valkyrin : I live in Alaska so if I want to cool my phone I just go outside ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

niqizzhere : Linus:Make a liquid cooled S10+ S10+ waterproofing:Am i a joke to you ?

Nithin C : I guess the s10+ is waterproof So put it in water , more effective cooling

Jack LaBue : Next video *Water cooling my AIRPODS*

Barthez Muzyka : Motorola could easily design a watercooling Moto mod for their phones... but they left the flasgship ideology RIP

Elon Musk : Me: Does it work Linus sweating: One sec gotta liquid cool myself

JBL BASS : Next Episode Of Water Cooling...

arbington : 8:05 as soon as that beat dropped I expected Linus to start freestyling about his mad watercooling skillz yo.

sidi SAVAGE : Linus son: dad tell me a bed time story! Linus: right after this segway to our sponsor square space !

Nelson Pena : Delidded Galaxy s10 on LN2 when?

GHOST々 lilzane : Just play in the fridge, perfect solution.

Christian McBrearty : Whenever my Galaxy S8 gets hot, I just run it under a cold tap for a few seconds until it is cold again

God of Comments : *Pro Tip:* _Put a big zip on your phone and it will increase the performance,thus it will run better._

Creativinyx : 1. Get a waterproof smartphone 2. Dip it in water 3. ??? 4. Profit

DashingChannel : Looks like you are cooking something

Himanshu Bhushan : Next: Liquid cooling brain is real during exams Like so he can see

David : Test the Red Magic 3's internal fan and cooling system vs a phone with same specs and no fan.

Luis Cavazos : This would be perfect for the MacBook Pro

Azenturi : "We're gonna go slightly less jank—" Who are you and what have you done with Linus

Michael Wattierrez : Who did the editing on this video? It was sick. Worked well with the style of "Fearless leader" but also went different. I Approve.

Salted fish : I just stuff my phone into the freezer after every game it’s good enough

David Rak : *Samsung* putting an water cooler into *Samsung Galaxy S11+*


Jack : *Linus:* _ACTUALLY Reads the Manual!_ *Also Linus:* nope not doing that...

Mystixor : Wow that water cooling worked worse than me putting my phone on the floortiles. I always do it while benchmarking and my temps are lower ^^

Sudhanshu Choudhary : Simply putting a wet hanky in your back cover ,results the same. Thanks me later 😉

digitalclock : Linus: *makes cooling solution* Red magic 3: am I a joke to you

Duane Putnam : Try overclocking the GPU and CPU in the creator menu.

Michal Bachratý : I have never seen anyone so happy because his phone lost 10% of performance

Scrap Rocket : 6:05 is this a BANANA STAND in the background ? XD

bison_tv : now i can watercool my nokia brick knowing that my sudoku framerate won't drop. Thanks LTT!


Naeem Akram : Maybe it could be used for smartphone bitcoin mining :D

Pranav Joshi : Need small tubing LINUS HAS SOME!!!

Jacob Sandore : Makes a mobile phone not mobile anymore

Dav Turner : Great.....Now someone make a bigger one for the MacBook Pro (i9)!!!!!!

theRedCat : The place I live I have to warm my phone so batter won't drain quickly

Noscoped : Linus: “Were going to go less jank” Also Linus: Secures the cooler with a zip tie

Toyota AE86 : Tip: Just turn on a fan at max speed, and point it toward the back of your phone and wala

Change Agent : My phone already has liquid cooling. The liquid is red, around 37c and has a keratin, collagen and saline thermal interface. 😆

Aiden Bush : honestly that was one of the best segways at the end that i have ever seen in my life 10/10

kelvin cheung : now, this gave me a good idea to cool my laptop. thanks linus!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : Who needs cooling? Just buy second phone and use it while first cools down.

Choice Gaming : me: Linus you can't make a water cooled phone linus: hold my keyboard

distrohopping junkymonkey : I actually thought that the thumbnail was just clever editing. I did not expect it to actually look like that.

NoBody : Try it on exynos version and see the difference

برامج تلفزيونية من جميع الأوقات تقدمة فراس الزّيبق : Thanks for The Video... I Had Microsoft Cellphone 950 XL with Liquid Cooling insiade it Was Great... Liquid Cooling System is a Great Solution... Thanks again

shadoweG : Now we need test with overclocked s10+ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Lee Graham : remove the back cover and the plastic frames that hold the board to the screen, root with custom kernel, and OVERCLOCK!