Fugu | how to prepare the deadly pufferfish shown by "Uosei" chef Rikizo Okamoto | Tokyo

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Alister Dante : I wonder how many people died trying to figure out how to eat this thing

rockerseven : I would never eat anything that may be harmful to my health **takes another bite of my Big Mac**

SgtDeepshit Gaming : "I have no fear at all. I ate fugu as a child, and it tasted good to me". The dead inside voice actor made this quote extra spicy.

Sebastian2207 : poison - poison - poison - tasty fish

Chris Falconer : I'm here because of simpsons

Transformation : I don't understand eating anything poisonous. ROFL

Joe Blevins : "Known to hardly anyone in the West." Uh, speak for yourself, lady. Anyone who's seen The Simpsons knows about fugu. They did a whole frickin' episode about it. Prime time American TV. Rerun countless times for decades.

Syn_70 : Hey that is a poisonous animal. Let's eat it!!!

粘黏年糕 : The pufferfish's belly looks so soft.. I wish I can touch it~

Blaž Bohinc : Tell me, how tsunamis and nuclear disasters have any connection with these restaurants? It's like you have to force that into a video every damn time you talk about Japan

DMS Inc. : Poor Mrs.Puff :(

Matthew Rider : Master, we need your skilled hands.

hvf26 : reminds me of hitman 2 haha and think about how many people died in order to figure out which part of the fish is edible, ahaha

Rlack Babbit : They're so fat and cute

Johan Dale : Japanese never fail to impress me. But 150 euro per person ? WOW !

Poopy Doopy : Now I'm a master at this... Brb going to make this.


JohnnyMidnight1 : If I ever travel to Japan and go to this restaurant, I'll be like "Ok Mr. Sushi-san, give me fugu fish, fugu liver, fugu heart, fugu lungs and entrails, fugu burger, fugu milkshake, side of large fries, fugu pie. . . and a Diet Cola."

Ромашка 1941 : No thanks. I'll eat something a bit less deadly.

Spectans1 : So, why eat it if its poisonous, tasteless and expensive?

Schindlers Pisse : these fish are too cute to eat them, i would pet him

SuperJumpReviews : I wanna live in Japan so bad. I'm not expecting it to be like real life anime or anything but every time I see videos of Japan it just seems so peaceful and different. It just seems like people over there are so more in touch with nature.

Josef Young : I'll stick to spicy tuna

Sunny Wu : But master, we need your skilled hands! My hands are busy! You do it!

Alex Patt : I only know Fugu after Homer was poisoned.

TheBaldr : No one has died eating Fugu in 30 years, unless they were purposely eating the poison. Dozens of people die each year just in the US eating raw oysters and hundreds to seafood allergies worldwide.

Xeno Morph : I've never heard of a poisoned pork chop!

Trustable Pal : Where is his restaurant in Japan? might visit there sometime

Matdrox : Roses are red Violets are blue I came from The Simpsons And you did too!

vassilis Thegreek : served at €150 per person. Im definatly heading to the nearest tackle shop. Imma google the poison outta this fish.

Aaron Molo : In America we call this a Big Mac

SAK- SOON : Oh no, the pufferfish was handled in a very rough way..!! Is it dead now? D;

Ozan : Never nuke a country, twice...

Oliver Lee : It's to die for...

Simoun O'Brien : I would love to eat one. Just hopefully it won't be my last meal

Instashot : I feel bad for that fish

Hemic Shark : I won't eat that even if you pay me!!

Hank Venture : 100 bones a fish, lets go fishin.

Vegan7 : The only deadly beings on planet earth are humans.

Oo oO : "Mr Simpson san we have reasons to believe you have eaten.. POISON" 😂

StreetArtillery : i'm not scared! Here, hold my beer homie

Bash Mahdawi : The only thing I can think of, is that a long long time ago... some person poisoned a whole lot of people in trial and error, until they figured out how to properly prepare toxic free Fugu. So it's safe to assume the first Fugu chef was a serial killer.

Jonh Cena : Nope i stick with mcdonalds

Snakebloke : Oh god...English narrators trying to pronounce Japanese words is painful... #smh


shogrran : Am I the only one who didn't see any more than 1% of "How to prepare deadly pufferfish" in this video. -,-

NecFish : not gonna lie, doesn't look that hard to prepare. Just take out the skin and guts. hyped up for mystery

YOCARAJO100 : I preffer peruvian ceviche.

siddharth b : I am gonna try this at home tomorrow. Everybody is invited for dinner.

HunkMine : In other words the people who buy this are just rich who eat the food just because other people don't.