Joe Rogan Reflects on the PewDiePie Controversy

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Dan Smith : What's really insane is the fact that there's billions of dollars to future charities that has gone lost now. Pewdiepie has single-handedly done more for charities than the WSJ combined.

Aaron Thomas : The profound irony that Walt Disney was a MASSIVE, unapologetic anti-semite. I guess things worked out fine for Pewds, because he now has nearly 80 million subscribers.

Matt Kwikest : pewds had 55m subs in jun 2017... now sitting at 80m in jan 2019. hell yeah

Max Hope : That uniform wasn’t even a Nazi uniform I’m pretty sure it was like a British Officer Uniform. He mentioned that in one of his recent videos

Just.Observer : The irony is that Walt Disney himself was a well know anti-semite. Fact.

iforce2d : the guy in the video looks a lot like poppy harlow

Dark Waters : A guy who isn't a native english speaker doesn't have perfect english? o.O What a shock joe...... lol

Taranbir Singh : He hit 69 million today 👏👏🤘💪

Natan Tataran : Joe "Poodeepie" Rogan

Naerwyn : Pewds legitimately didn't think the fiverr guys would do that bit. It wasn't for shock. :/ The whole episode was about making requests that were so crazy they would be denied.

Tyclone : We need to boycott the WSJ. Seriously screw them for trying to take down our site like that. They are scared that old media is dying and in that fear they sped up the dying of it.

WhiteCourtain : bet he speaks better english than you speak swedish lol

Bengt Henricsson : are they talking about the real gloria borger ? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

dylan scronce : How many bros out there? Im a lifelong BRO

Jef B : PewDiePie didn't bring about the ad-pocalypse. That ship was setting sail one way or another. With PC culture ramping up, it was inevitable. He was simply the bottle of champagne that crissined the ship

EXCEPT : This is amazing, screw the WSJ.

jesus juarez : It's like people don't know what satire is.

CaptainPlanet : The "Death to All Jews" thing was requested by Pewds specifically because he wanted to see how far he could push Fiverr creators to do something for 5 bucks as well as testing the Fiverr's anti-discrimination enforcement. From memory both PewdiePie and the 2 dudes' accounts were terminated so they actually did pretty well.

Metal Bat : I like how Joe pronounces Swedish names: 8:14

acovarrubias12 : you could tell Joe was hoping to find something to hate on pewdiepie the whole time lol

jodi houts : I must say that Pewd's videos afterwards....when he became a "Christian" station were hilarious. Not smart funny like Carlin but silly funny like Robin Williams. And he has gotten even better. His book reviews are good too, but I wish he would do "Jitterbug Perfume".

Spika Rooni : 12:57 These oldies don't realise that nazis have become a huge joke on the internet. Nazis have become a sort of joking reference point for the worst possible way to be. The point of seeing if those Indian guys would write 'death to all jews' is because that's among the worst things they could do, and their actions proved that they had zero filter. The nazi jokes are not "in poor taste", because the joke is that nazis are the worst. Joe just needs to meme more, get some meme lore, rack a mean score browsing comment sections at the meme store then he'll understand XD

Andy Sorrell : I always thought that kid was just an obnoxious video gamer that yelled and made kid jokes for views... Then I watched his videos and realized he's a decent person who is honest and genuinely likeable.

chris p bacon : Im subscribing to him now because of this...

aceventuraify : Have Pewdiepie on the podcast

Betternet : The crazy thing is that everyone knew about these jokes and had no problem then someone from wsj found out and acted like they were the first to hear the jokess

Maxon Mendel : Joe Rogan is like my senile grandma

Road to the 2 Comma Club : I’ll be honest I never trusted the WSJ after this stuff went down. I lump them in with the Fake News group.

CrzyLion : "why would they attack a man with 55 mil subs" because they thought they could joe. Clicks > truth.

Joseph Vincent : Joe Rogan is my spirit animal.

NOTHANKSDUDE : It's funny how Joe complained about Pewd's english skills yet Joe keeps saying "poodiepie" even though everyone around him says "pewdiepie". It's like he WANTS to sound like he doesn't even know who Felix is lol

AzzaRudders : What they did is framing and slander

Jaymes elliot : Can anyone remember any times in history where comedians were persecuted for their jokes? also free speech? how come hate groups aren't persecuted, and instead just frowned upon? they actually mean the shit they say--and yet they are allowed to exist. Why do we go after the people who are making parodies, and yet allow true hate groups to advertise and network? All hail Mine fuhrer Pewdiepie #freecountdankula #jimmycarrforpresident

k s : I really enjoy Sargon, he seems like a guy I would enjoy a few drinks with.

Thickfam989898 : I like how he says "Poodiepie"

Oda Soto : Actually, he was trying to prove with the video order from Fiverr that they would do something like that without giving it a second thougt. On that video he was moral testing the platform. Not just being stupid

Roman Hashon : Gloria poppy the only trusted news source

Jason Patrick : I always kinda despised PewDiePie, mainly cause of the stories I've read about him. But over the last month, I have fallen in love with his channel. He seems to have aged well from a maturity standpoint. I really enjoy his content and he calls shit like he sees it.

mf Red : i love Joe but I wish he would let the guy talk about poods

Officer Tenpenny : Joe need to get pewdiepie on jre

Buddy Luck : If you don't buy into Jewish left wing indoctrination you will be demotized on all jewish owned media platforms

adda plaster : This fat dude is like PewDiePie biggest fan.

Colton Brummel : You find out who's in charge when you realize who you are not allowed to make fun of.

Time Space : Death to all Wall Street Journals!

TheReal SlimShady : Joe "Poodiepie" Rogan

Puddle Duck98 : Aww I love all the sweet things he was saying about papa poods

B. Eder : Hay his English is better than your Swedish.

Insane Brain : He has over 76 million subscribers now lol

DEVANSH SHARMA : After he was accused of being a Nazi, I started liking him even more :P

Dash Paz : Is this joes channel or a copycat?