Joe Rogan Reflects on the PewDiePie Controversy

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Dan Smith : What's really insane is the fact that there's billions of dollars to future charities that has gone lost now. Pewdiepie has single-handedly done more for charities than the WSJ combined.

Tyclone : We need to boycott the WSJ. Seriously screw them for trying to take down our site like that. They are scared that old media is dying and in that fear they sped up the dying of it.

iforce2d : the guy in the video looks a lot like poppy harlow

Thickfam989898 : I like how he says "Poodiepie"

DEVANSH SHARMA : After he was accused of being a Nazi, I started liking him even more :P

Joseph Vincent : Joe Rogan is my spirit animal.

Ronnie James Osbourne : *_WSJ = SJW_*

Fartificial Insmelligence : Poodiepie

Officer Tenpenny : Joe need to get pewdiepie on jre

Bedworms : As Voltaire says: "To know who rules over you, find who you can't criticize "

Sam Raycraft : I'm pretty sure he didn't fake his reaction to the "death to all Jews signs". He didn't pay them to make the sign so that he could pretend to be shocked at something taboo, he really was shocked that they actually made that sign for $5 because he didn't think they would.

Greg Cawthorne : Joe _ "amazing how popular considering his grasp off english". Is it me or is it just an accent? Joe wtf

John 17 : 53 mil subscribers at time of WSJ video, now he has 55.9 mil. Good job WSJ, made him more popular.

Rene Villarreal : "55 Million Downloads"

auscaliber1 : "such a shitty grasp of English", ah America. Still learning about the existence of places that aren't America.

SchmokinJoe : The British guy sure has a hard on for pewdiepie.

Spika Rooni : 12:57 These oldies don't realise that nazis have become a huge joke on the internet. Nazis have become a sort of joking reference point for the worst possible way to be. The point of seeing if those Indian guys would write 'death to all jews' is because that's among the worst things they could do, and their actions proved that they had zero filter. The nazi jokes are not "in poor taste", because the joke is that nazis are the worst. Joe just needs to meme more, get some meme lore, rack a mean score browsing comment sections at the meme store then he'll understand XD

Charlie Tries : Why does everyone seem to hate Sargon? I think the guy is smart and very well spoken. I don't get it.

Fartificial Insmelligence : i like how joe doesnt laugh at pewdiepie nearly as much as zardon

Pathikrit Ghosh : The WSJ is the farthest thing from objective business news. When was the last time they published news that you wouldn't get anywhere else? If they are responsible journalists, where were they in 2008? Sucking up to Alan Greenspan, that's what. They didn't report on the bad investments, or the unnecessary risks that private pension funds were taking up, nor how people could ultimately lose their homes if they went around following Greenspan's deluded mind. They shut up anyone who pointed out that there could be problems. Didn't report the rampant lawlessness of the rating agencies. TL;DR: WSJ is proper bullshit.

James Gibson : I love pewdiepie but what the heck is this guy talking about saying parents are lucky to have pewdiepie

Ribsletics : love how Joe Rogan makes a statement as if he's the first person to think of it

adoredpariah : LoL at Joe trying to comprehend Pewdiepie's subscribership, you can hear the gears working of him trying to figure out how it is possible. Nobody knows Joe, it's weird. Sargon is pretty shortsighted on the issue though.

Joe King : The point of the sign was that Pewdiepie was showing how far people would go for a small amount of money... (some website I can’t remember which is comparable to craigslist) the big outcry with the sign in particular was that people claimed the two kids holding the sign had no idea what they were doing

videogamenostalgia : Sargon of Akkad saying "Intellectual integrity is the most important thing" opened up a supermassive black hole of irony.

Anthony R : Joe "Downloads" Rogan

Drunken Master II : Regardless of Pewdiepie adpocalypse would’ve happened anyway, it just precipitated it. It wasn’t an attack specifically on Pewdiepie, but on YouTubers as a whole to put the plateform in the medias conglomerates. I’m not into conspiracies or anything, that the reality of what happened after that. Channels that still get a lot of marketing are only those supported by some agencies, it’s a way for businesses to be only associated to people that don’t make content on controversial subjects and that share their political agenda if they have some. There’s still ads on YouTube it’s just harder to get them.

Brother Tracy Stone : Sargon of Akkad is a joke.

K. : I've seen about 10 minutes of this podcast and I don't think I can take anymore.Sargon comes across as REALLY lacking in social skills,or he has aspergers.Awkward af.

aceventuraify : Have Pewdiepie on the podcast

redfurydubstep : I wish they showed Joe some of the funnier Pewds clips

Green2Blue 30 : WSJ known and unfavorable to 13-18 year olds. Praise Kek.

FIGHTFANNERD9 : Stop immigration into Europe

Ian Phoenix : Joe's getting all my favorite YouTube channels on here these days, it's amazing!

Ice Kold Killa : Sound like my mom. Downloads? Hahaha. Hits? Poodiepie? Sorry too funny

GamersBar : I had not watched pewdie for years before the WSJ bullshit , i watch all his videos now , guess how many WSJ articles i read ...

Ice Kold Killa : Luckily some people were fired and doesn't seem to be happening again.

Patali : Had to bring Mel into this...

Lazy Comments : They played the wrong video, it was the video of him dressed as a nazi. (Him paying the two foreign teenagers to use the sign/the jesus guy was apart of the original controversy. But WSJ borught it up again to emphasize their stance.) The video they played was literally a response to the controversy, not the original controversy's video.

Tekinette : FYI Sargon of Akkad believes in the Alt-Right, explains why he was so excited to talk about the issue. I doubt PewDiePie is racist but his videos are for kids and have huge sponsors, that's just how the real world works.

hektikvideos : Pretty soon Joe Rogan might be hip to Harambe memes XD

Ryan Eder : Joe "Stares Strangely Intensely at Gaming Commentary" Rogan

planTHC Greenhouse : The moment Joe figures out News Corp owns the wsj

Marcellino Sananto : Kardashians probly have more viewers than PBS, that does not make it more valuable to society.

fruitypeebils : its so funny to hear joe rogan say 'pewdiepie'

jongberto : poody pie

EXCEPT : This is amazing, screw the WSJ.

MRfullon : sargon is a 9/11 truther so he can no longer be trusted. thats why people have issues with him. the accent makes him seem smarter than he is honestly.

Michael ONeill : "Deaf to all joos." - Pewdiepie

Chan Nghiem : Hey joe interview bob lazar, fine out about aliens at Area 51