Bigman | Asia Beatbox Championship 2017 Solo Battle Wildcard #ABC2017
I didnt even know this was possible without a loop station i mean

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Bigman | Asia Beatbox Championship 2017 Solo Battle Wildcard #ABC2017 Sorry guys. accidentally delete the video and upload it again. from : South Korea Thank you ! booking email: facebook: instagram:


rl Gomes : Cadê os brasileiros?🇧🇷só tem americanos?

Ути Тьфути : 0:37 It's the most wonderful sound, which I have ever heard😍🤤

kpop trash : 0:37 i keep replaying that part it's AMAZING!

Xx_KillerSwagBoi6969XD420_xX : Barber: what haircut you want? Bigman: microphone Barber: say no more!

Just Survive Somehow : This is how many people are from Imbrandonfarris 👇🏽

Lauren-Isabelle Usher : Is anyone one here after iambrandonfarris 's beatboxing video?

Tehseen Muhammed : 2 0 6 0 ?

Emily Huh : Who’s here from Brandon’s video🙋🏻‍♀️

EarthBass : Me: How did that one song go again? Bigman: 0:37 Me: okay..

Shema Peediakal : Who’s here from Brandon Farris video?

tamz MK : Who's here from Brandon's video....👋👋👋

Kim Jong-in is beautiful : Thank you brandon for leading me here

Isabelle Zabala : I can barely speak English and this guy is over here being a robot

Luke Medeiros : For everyone who's asking how to do 0:37 Just do techno base which is switching between throat base and normal voice. And change the shape of your mouth to fit each vowel so it makes the transitioning sound Hope this helped :)

TonyaMae Brandon : Aaaand ......Brandon Farris brought me here. Impressive!!!

Savio alves : Engraçado o cabelo dele fazendo um cosplay de microfone kkkkkkkk o mlk manda muito

LifewithAsia : Who came her from Brandon Farris 🤣🤣

max barcon : His hair is like his mic XD

The Sistaasss : Who’s here from Brandon!💕😭😂

Jaxi B : I showed this video to my grandpa be like What year is it?

Keli Karnatz : Here because of Brandon Farris's vid

jack lateef : 0:36 my brother was like OMG HE IS GOOD

Ketogenic Project : "Sempre vai ter um asiático pra fazer melhor que você"

Andrea Haley : Came from imbrandonfarris 💀

The Future Army Medic : Anyone else here from imbrandonfarris?

Triturador De Carne Moida Do Vlad : Vim dnvo pelo ratão KKKKKK mas eu já conheço esse canal e esse video que por sinal eu amo

Sally Cox : Who else is here from Brandon Farris????

F_Ō_Ō_D_Ī_Ē : I'm dead wow...!😰😭 The beatboxing is OMG unbelievable 😵

Random Plays : Me: Do you know this music? Friend: Wich one? Me: That one, 0:37

P Beast : I'm here because of Imbrandonfarris but I also want to know if this guy won!


Azorp : Who is here from brandonfarris

trinity jarrett : Jear desus Brandon was right

Tori.B : Damn yall late.. I've listened to this since a month after it came out. This will never die to me 🔥🔥

Melissa Brammer : This is amazing! I tried, but just spit everywhere😮

Death : Who's here from Brandon 😂

Jainil Ajmera : The mic is a miniature Bigman (Miniman?) with the same hairstyle and white "t-shirt"

Duy Lê : I'm extra careful about that Because I'm afraid that you are gonna Get tired of my love Of my love I love you so much, but I feel I can only get her in the future From me so I can Give you all my love

Smithy : I showed my friend this video, he said it was fake. We're no longer friends.

EgonGames : O cara tá igual o microfone kkk

Vegas Wolf : Quando vc acha um vídeo top parecendo música do "NCS release só que humano"

Megan H : So far 4 people, (I'm 5th), have come here from Brandon Ferris fb post. Love it. Never woulda see this wicked cool video otherwise. Great job dude!!

Yann Pouso : Ele está segurando um boneco dele kkkkk... #brasileirosemzoeiranaoébrasileiro kkkkkkkk

kookie : Ellen: What is that hair cut? Bigman: Boawl cutu Ellen: ... yeah, I thought so...

Aaliyah D. : I came from Brandon

i am tired and bored : I'm here because Brandon Farris was trying to beatbox and kept watching this video

MickeyS4466 : You are incredible! I'm here because of Imbrandonfarris :-)

Pon Adithi : 0:35 that note killed me and I'm dead now😵. It was super duper cooper clear😤😍

jordan koerth : Thank u imbrandonfarris for helping find this awesome beat boxer again! Never gets old!