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A lot of people don’t like Apu. But is there another side to him? And what do we know about Apu that hasn’t yet been said? Lets find out! SEXY APU full rez download: Follow BRAIN DUMP and MAX G on social media for updates! BRAIN DUMP TWITTER ► FACEBOOK ► TUMBLR ►


Logan King : apu can come back once t series is defeated

Maxwell Isaiah : Funny how these supposed "racially sensitive" people are only capable of seeing Apu for his race and accent

MusicListener : > Complains there are not enough Indian characters in the media > Has one of the most beloved and well known Indian characters in television removed ???

Myst1kNova : 28:07 is wrong As a black person we all dream about fried chicken and conservative children

Oof Moof : My god, this must have taken you AGES. Over half of this video is original animation. I applaud you, sir.

JaXa GAME : It’s like judging a book by it’s cover. They see Indian, Accent and stereotypes. And then ignore everything and every episode where Apu is great character.

Boris Mikhail : I came into this video expecting to dislike HDD. His avatar alone made me skeptical that he would have anything productive to say. I put aside my bias and gave him a shot. He's proven that my initial skepticism was way off the mark. While at certain moments I feel he became preachy, overall he's very respectable and respectful. Good job, HDD, and thank you for your work toward healthy debate.

Soggy Crouton : Reasons why this is the best episode of Brain Dump so far: Max makes good points Barely any goofball (sorry but he really gets in the way a lot) Sick Burns 🔥 Max sees both sides of the argument

Lightning Runner : "Can people weaponize Apu to bully people? Yeah, they can." I disagree. Being called Apu isn't an insult man. It's a great compliment.

Saberspark : This video was so well made. Excellent job Max, you really knocked this one out of the park!

HokAss FokAss : I love apu! I don't want him to be removed! I'm an Indian! Everything you said is justified and the thing is Simpsons is supposed to be funny. Apu being a character of the show has to be funny! Whats wrong in having a funny accent? That stupid comedian everything! Apu must stay

Antonio Valdes : Yeah, Mr. Kondabolu kind of reeks of hypocrisy given how he's more than willing to make fun of Americans (and apparently Belgians), but he doesn't like his culture to be satircized. (sorry if I mispelled anything. The auto-correct isn't working).

Ezential Flabbity : Saying Apu can't be played by a white guy is like saying a white guy can't draw any type of race. That kind of logic has always confused me because voice acting is a form of art and like any median art anyone should be able to enjoy it right?

F Sol : On Minute 24:20, Guess what?! An Hispanic guy gave the voice to Rocko, in the Spanish version. Oh and guess what?! All voices of Anime Characters, all of the white/black/Asian characters from the Simpsons where dubbed by HISPANICS in Mexico where I grew and watched the dubbed show... Gasp! how terrible. The same with Japanese people dubbing American shows. So according to the people who say only Hindu people should dubbed or give voices to Hindu Characters, they should make sure that every country that dubs cartoons has a wide variety of talented voice actors in hand of all colors and ethnicities . So any dubs of Black people should only be done by black Japanese native speakers, and so on...

Common Plant : That kid from Phienas and Ferb had a thicc Indian accent and nobody cared

Kevin : The creator of this movement to get him removed admitted when it was agreed to be remove his intention was to get himself a writers job with the show by using claims of racism.

oz pardo : 4:16 foreshadowing to goofball's joke in the grinch video.


Matthew : God I wish I saw this as soon as it came out, I'm Hispanic but I have lighter skin and no accent like the rest of my family, but whenever my family sees a Mexican character on TV we take no offense... It's exaggerated, my best friends are Italian and I crack the Mario joke every now and then but it's not insulting its a joke... If so we wouldn't be friends for the decade we've known each other

ImRos : my man has just dropped a content cop

Elyse Cordero : Omg my worst nightmare.... Straight White Bald Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Gibbons : So going by this man's logic regarding Apu, then that means we must remove Raj from The Big Bang Theory, Gloria, Mitch, and Cam from Modern Family. Afterall, Raj has a relatively thick Indian accent and is another long running representation of Indians on Tv. Gloria has a thick Hispanic accent, a representation of hispanic people on tv for a long time. Cam and Mitch stereotypical feminine gay men have been among the most popular go to representation for a 'Good example' of gay people for a long time on tv. If it is so upsetting that Apu is voiced by a White man, than were is the outrage over Mario an italian character voice by a french man, Samurai Jack a Japanese character voice by a black man, izma ancient peruvian character voiced by a black woman, or Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life an australian character voiced by a hispanic man. Oh right, it's only a bad thing when white people do it. But on the same hand you seem to also push the message that characters of a certain ethnicity or race should be voiced/played by an actor/actress with the same ethnicity/race. So, it is about 'Damn those white people and their.... voicing cartoon characters.... why does this upset us again?'

Hurpn Durp Depo : I’m not discrediting the fact that when Apu was created,...... it was with stereotypical intent. But like max said, through the years we have all seen and learned Apu’s back story and what he had to go through to get to where he is now, within the Simpson’s universe,......and I’ve seen the documentary. Now I will give credit to the the fact that the guy who made said documentary(I forgot his name) actually mentioned some of the positives about Apu,...... but only for about 30 seconds. Once he was done,.... he held onto the negative aspects of Apu, like a drowning man holds onto a chunk of floating debris. His passion on exposing the negative basically says “Sure, there on a few positives,.... but who gives a fuck am I right?”

Loren Theory : THANK YOU!!!! I saw the special when it aired and my fam and I were like “wtf!?” I am a Hindi and Urdu speaking linguist and I have such a deep appreciation for the southeast Asian cultures. Apu is a lovely character and a moral rock in a selfish crazy town. I didn’t even know all of his character dev this deep but he’s always been so sweet and puts homer in check. The comedian that made the documentary came off as vapid and superficial. He kept getting mad solely about the accent and on top of that was angry @ mike azaria for voicing him!!!!! He’s an actor bro!!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I hope that the simpsons won’t remove apu, it sends a terrible message & people whom can see true talent in writing and character dev would suffer solely because others can’t get over an accent.

usedmop : You have met the minimum requirements for this video to be considered a movie, and I love it.

Viridiana Cortes : This isn't the first time something like this has happened. I remember that at one point they removed Speedy Gonzales from the Looney Tunes because they thought he was a racist stereotype of Mexicans. In the end, the character was brought back because fans from all over the world (mainly Mexico) kept saying they wanted him back. I believe the same will happen here. I don't know if Indians feel the same way about Apu like Mexicans felt about Speedy Gonzales, but I suspect he will soon be brought back for similar reasons. Also, I as a Mexican actually liked Speedy because he seemed to outsmart others. As a member of a group of people who have been taken advantage of and oppressed many times in History, it was great to see a character that portrayed my people as smart and lucky as a child. Speedy also reminded me of my relatives, who loved pranks and had witty humor like him. I have seen some Indian Americans saying Apu reminded them of their parents or other people they knew, so maybe he is beloved enough to be brought back. But I am not Indian and do not know that many Indian people, so I wouldn't know for sure. We'll just have to see what happens.

The Animated Sandwich : Black or white means nothing We all bleed red.

Ethan Mead : Man this is long video. I wonder how long it took to make this!

Ellis : I've been putting off watching this brain dump for a month, and man am I glad I got around to watching it. Your argument skills are really incredible. This video really works better without ghosty the ghostly ghost. You are still able to create funny jokes without relying on an overly comical character to carry you. A+ video. Keep it up, I love these video essays

Art. Vandelay : My man's animated 45 mins of animation, what a comeback.

the couch potato : Apu is my most favorite character in the Simpsons

The Violet Emojii! : When I was little I was a bit big boned (trying not to sound rude) and some girl compared me to Chowder for the cartoon, well, Chowder. And I said "Yeah well Chowders famous. And Chowders cool. So yeah" I know I sound a little weird but when you said being compared to cartoon characters it just reminded me of it. Thanks for this very inspiring and cool episode Max.

MacheteEnima : I'm jealous of Apu, I want a small business, a Phd, a hot wife, and a Firebird.

Nicholas Herrstrom : *_that wasn't very progressive of you_*

Macent : > Demolishes Hari's documentary in less than 8 minutes .... > 37 more minutes to go *Stop! Stop! He's already dead!*

StealingShad3z : The SJWs strike again

StarKnight619 : 31:30 AHHHHH!!!!!!!! christ man give some warning next time! 31:53 YOU THINK!?

Sarah Walter : have you sent this video to anyone? I would love to see the person who made the Apu documentary rebuttal your argument.

HummusLord1337 : The whole show is meant to be a ridiculous stereotype of America. That's why we don't know what state Springfield is in.

AlternateHistoryHub : You hit the nail on the head with this one. The only reason why I feel Indians are ever bullied and called Apu is because 'The Simpsons' is a cultural hallmark, and Apu is literally one of the few actual Indian characters in US TV. It's just a recognizable name for idiots to say

Life of Luke : GET LIGHTLY TOASTED!!!!!!

John Denver : I love apu. I would marry him, even though i know that iz homogay.

Maggie Shannon : Wait. I thought minorities WANTED "representation" though... This is why people will never be satisfied. When a minority IS represented in film or something similar, the character that represents them comes under harsh scrutiny and then the minority group turns around, shouting it down...then complain yet again about getting "very little representation" in popular media. Logic. Right??? RIGHT???? 😑😑😑😑

UltraGalaxyify : MY God, it's like no matter how hard you try, everything that can be said and done can somehow be linked to white people and how they're ruining America. It's like Godwin's Law taken to the Nth degree!

wizzzer1337 : Apu is a better role model to Indians than 99% of Bollywood protagonists who are almost always violent, brutish and incredibly sexist.

SophieTheFlammable goddess : Samurai Jack was voiced by Phil Lamarr who is black and ya'll don't complain about him voicing a Japanese samurai when ya'll complain about Apu being voiced by a white actor and you guys thought it wasn't acceptable of a white guy voicing a indian character when you Got a Freaking Black Voice Actor that voiced a Japanese Character!!!! That's hypocritical!!!!!

Nali Sead : You’r one of the greatest critics of all time.

MartinGe_De : It is a very harmful stereotype. It gives the impression that indianz are more than clerks /s

ZoltenJ 75 : S T E A M E D H A M S🍔