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wizzzer1337 : Apu is a better role model to Indians than 99% of Bollywood protagonists who are almost always violent, brutish and incredibly sexist.

Logan King : apu can come back once t series is defeated

Common Sense : That kid from Phienas and Ferb had a thicc Indian accent and nobody cared

Jeesaf Oceanleft : The social justice paradox. "If they're being represented, then it's mischaracterization and stereotyping, and is therefore racist" "If they're not being represented, then the omission is racist, considering they exist in real life"

inunni : Dude, I’m Indian and I approve of this message.

Saberspark : This video was so well made. Excellent job Max, you really knocked this one out of the park!

yaj126 : "He's a bait and switch, and some people aren't seeing the switch" This is so accurate. As a lifelong Indian and lifelong Simpsons fan, Apu was one of my favourite characters, I'd go so far as to say a positive influence on Indian stereotypes. Apu is portrayed as just stereotypical enough that viewers aren't alienated, except from when the focus is on him which is when he goes above and beyond. We'll miss you, sweet prince.

That One Pokemon Dork : "And he's got a weird *PENIS"*

Stealth : Still waiting for "The problem with Groundskeeper Willie"

Jayden Draws! : CONTEXT! It matters friends. People just don't care about context anymore. I love Apu, he's my favourite character other than Moe.

AlternateHistoryHub : You hit the nail on the head with this one. The only reason why I feel Indians are ever bullied and called Apu is because 'The Simpsons' is a cultural hallmark, and Apu is literally one of the few actual Indian characters in US TV. It's just a recognizable name for idiots to say

gopher urcell : God damn. I think I'm gay now, after that description of Apu's figure.

Boris Mikhail : I came into this video expecting to dislike HDD. His avatar alone made me skeptical that he would have anything productive to say. I put aside my bias and gave him a shot. He's proven that my initial skepticism was way off the mark. While at certain moments I feel he became preachy, overall he's very respectable and respectful. Good job, HDD, and thank you for your work toward healthy debate.

Maxwell Isaiah : Funny how these supposed "racially sensitive" people are only capable of seeing Apu as his race and accent

Shaylen Pillay : As an Indian i don't find the character remotely offensive.

Salokin : The most controversial take is that people still care about modern Simpson

Rookie141 : if i were to lose my mind about every time germans are being caricaturized and stereotyped i'd be dead by now. actually i'd be dead even if i dared to complain because for some reason germans don't have rights ever since WW2. but i digress. i agree with everything you say here. simpsons, as an american tv series, makes more fun of america and its people and stereotypes than it does of others. i don't see a problem with Apu

LivingDew : That Straight White Man Joke Had Me Cracking Up XD

A Crystal Shard : Skip 31:31 –31:51! shield your eyes dear pure children

MsCecy1995 : I was ready to hear your opinion BUT dear god I wasnt prepare for that bedroom stare from Apu


German Hockey : Either you can make fun of anything or you can make fun of nothing. Context is what matters most.


ZoltenJ 75 : S T E A M E D H A M S🍔

Boring User : This is the first brain dump I’ve seen Edit: 31:30 Children, don't click

Crowne Prince : Two days ago I was thinking, "What happened to Brain Dump?" Now I know.

Elyse Cordero : Omg my worst nightmare.... Straight White Bald Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mickal Farker : Now you’re just an apu that I used to know

paige : Why are Michael mouses nipples *so* hard

Resting sad face : Mario is a really diverse character when you think about it He is a Italian plumber Made by the Japanese That looks like a Mexican Jumps like a black guy And collects coins like a Jew

LazyPillow (Yotam Perel) : i missed being yelled at by you


oz pardo : 4:16 foreshadowing to goofball's joke in the grinch video.

Kevin : The creator of this movement to get him removed admitted when it was agreed to be remove his intention was to get himself a writers job with the show by using claims of racism.

Viridiana Cortes : This isn't the first time something like this has happened. I remember that at one point they removed Speedy Gonzales from the Looney Tunes because they thought he was a racist stereotype of Mexicans. In the end, the character was brought back because fans from all over the world (mainly Mexico) kept saying they wanted him back. I believe the same will happen here. I don't know if Indians feel the same way about Apu like Mexicans felt about Speedy Gonzales, but I suspect he will soon be brought back for similar reasons. Also, I as a Mexican actually liked Speedy because he seemed to outsmart others. As a member of a group of people who have been taken advantage of and oppressed many times in History, it was great to see a character that portrayed my people as smart and lucky as a child. Speedy also reminded me of my relatives, who loved pranks and had witty humor like him. I have seen some Indian Americans saying Apu reminded them of their parents or other people they knew, so maybe he is beloved enough to be brought back. But I am not Indian and do not know that many Indian people, so I wouldn't know for sure. We'll just have to see what happens.

Chi-chi : The amount of work and effort you put into this is staggering, and I hope everyone who watches recognizes that. I love how you were able to show a real level of empathy while at the same time being able to be critical at the topic at hand. I thought the balance of comedy to seriousness about the argument was extremely well done (the comedy might have gone a little far at some points, not that it wasn't hilarious! it was! just might distract from the main argument at points) and I also love that you bring up all different points of perspective, and how your willing to say that you can't get a certain perspective because you didn't grow up Indian. The level of thought and analysis going on here is really something else, and doing that all through ANIMATION!?!? my god man that is a feat in of itself. Overall, thank you for making this and sharing it with the world, You offer a sound and rational perspective on this issue that I feel like a lot of people sympathize with and explain it in probably the most rational way I've seen yet. Really well done Mr. Max G, really well done indeedy

VintendoGirl : My nonna says Mama Mia when she tries to get off her chair.

Darakpop : Is Apu racist? YES! BUT HAVE YOU SEEN ONE EPISODE OF THE SHOW? The simpsons is a satire therefore it makes sense that most if not all characters is a stereotype! And on top of that Apu was represented as a good character most of the time, i would even say the best character! SO! Following this logic (This is the fun part): We should remove Flanders and Lovejoy Because they are obviously religious !? We should remove Mr Burns because he's armful for the image of CEOs !? We should remove Abraham because the elders are revolting !? We should remove Krusty because it's a stereotype of Clowns AND Fast Foods!? We should remove Moe and Barney because the image of alcohol is harmful for the children that shouldn't watch the show anyway!? WE SHOULD REMOVE ALL CHARACTERS AND SHUT DOWN THE SHOW BECAUSE IT'S A SATIRE OF THE AVERAGE AMERICAN LIFE!?!?!? (did i go too far?) and i could go on for a while so i think my point is proven.

+- Hexiplays -+ : (Insert T-Series Comment)

kautschuk : I cant believe Simpsons gave in without a fight. I hope this Hari Kondabolu person will be scrutinized his entire "career" so that he himself dont use stereotypes in his work

apandah : another amazing video. the way you dissected the topic was so well done it, thank you for this experience

Dinosaurprince : Been watching the show religiously every week since it aired. Put up with so much crap over the years. Taking Apu out is the final straw. Done with the show.

Maggie Shannon : Wait. I thought minorities WANTED "representation" though... This is why people will never be satisfied. When a minority IS represented in film or something similar, the character that represents them comes under harsh scrutiny and then the minority group turns around, shouting it down...then complain yet again about getting "very little representation" in popular media. Logic. Right??? RIGHT???? 😑😑😑😑

Matthew : God I wish I saw this as soon as it came out, I'm Hispanic but I have lighter skin and no accent like the rest of my family, but whenever my family sees a Mexican character on TV we take no offense... It's exaggerated, my best friends are Italian and I crack the Mario joke every now and then but it's not insulting its a joke... If so we wouldn't be friends for the decade we've known each other

Antonio Valdes : Yeah, Mr. Kondabolu kind of reeks of hypocrisy given how he's more than willing to make fun of Americans (and apparently Belgians), but he doesn't like his culture to be satircized. (sorry if I mispelled anything. The auto-correct isn't working).

JaxBlade : BACK After a longass time and killing with it an awesome video, Great to have ya back Max


Mysterious Mister Minister of Stuff : Your character looks like a weird penis. On a more serious note though, Simpsons should have died years ago. It's basically just a zombified shell of what it used to be.

PsychodelicPanda : Holy shit I gotta make popcorn before starting this bad boy

Ivan Aguilar : Dude you are amazing. You thought process and animations are refreshing and completely original. You make me have faith on internet once again :)