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wizzzer1337 : Apu is a better role model to Indians than 99% of Bollywood protagonists who are almost always violent, brutish and incredibly sexist.

Bronger Hekkema : My man's animated 45 mins of animation, what a comeback.

ツAcidicAli777 : I’m so glad Futurama ended before they could remove Hermes for being a stereotypical Jamaican.

Shane : Brian Griffin should be voiced by a real dog. It's only fair if apu has to be voice by an Indian man

Common Sense : That kid from Phienas and Ferb had a thicc Indian accent and nobody cared

apandah : another amazing video. the way you dissected the topic was so well done it, thank you for this experience

NPC Principal : Apu isn't an accurate stereotype. I haven't seen him shit in the street once.

AGS 15 : Good news everyone! Al Jean confirmed on Twitter that they’re NOT retiring Apu!!!

That One Pokemon Dork : "And he's got a weird *PENIS"*

Jesus Nibba : If you disliked this you're the problem.

Social Account : So THIS is why Hot Diggity hasnt uploaded in forever. Because hw worked on nearly 40 MINUTES OF ANIMATION

Satan : Saw a post on tumblr with the link to the video, with the caption "hotdiggetydemon is about to say something racist", so I tried to stay away from the video. But I just watched it and holy shit I agree with you so much. I'm a Polish immigrant in England, and I find jokes about me being Polish funny! Like, wtf why is everyone so sensitive...? People are more than their race or culture, just because they fit into a "stereotype" doesn't mean they're bad.

Dalton Da Boi : The dude who made the crappy documentary should watch this video and get educated on who Apu really is. The dude claimed he watch the Simpsons but that can't be true because he clearly doesn't now shit about Apu. Thank you for making this video to talk some sense into people that have no idea what Simpsons and Apu are really about.

IcantSeeReplies : Next up: 'The problem with Smithers'

The Dark Lord Kid : Jeez I wonder what the odds are that Hari Kondabolu just made the film because he know it would gather enough attention and make him a lot of money and put him in the limelight? I think he's fully aware nothing is wrong with Apu, he's just trying to profit. This is the world we live in, where being a professional victim is far more lucrative than anything else...

Saberspark : This video was so well made. Excellent job Max, you really knocked this one out of the park!

Way of the World : You could have made the same points in 10 minutes. SJWs really don't deserve so much attention.

SuperTrisset : I don't think removing the only indian character from the simpsons is going to help or change western peoples perception of Indian people. If anything, i think it could only lead to a total of less awareness and knowledge of that part of the world, the more connection and exposure of it you remove... For example the way Apu talks. Yes, it is exaggerated but it is STILL similar of how many Indians English accent sounds. I mean, thats just how it is. The less people get exposed to hear forein accents the less used of it they are going to get, and so the gap is only going to be wider the next time they will actually meet someone with those accents they are not familiar with.

Rookie141 : if i were to lose my mind about every time germans are being caricaturized and stereotyped i'd be dead by now. actually i'd be dead even if i dared to complain because for some reason germans don't have rights ever since WW2. but i digress. i agree with everything you say here. simpsons, as an american tv series, makes more fun of america and its people and stereotypes than it does of others. i don't see a problem with Apu

Not a Magical Girl : Honestly the Simpsons wouldn’t be the same without Apu.


Jeesaf Oceanleft : The social justice paradox. "If they're being represented, then it's mischaracterization and stereotyping, and is therefore racist" "If they're not being represented, then the omission is racist, considering they exist in real life"

Moe Szyslak : Apu is staying guys, Al Jean has said to loads of people he's going nowhere and also Tweeted "Adi Shankar is not a producer on the Simpsons. I wish him the very best but he does not speak for our show.", Like or pin this comment to keep it at the top as so many people still think they're getting rid of Apu when they're absolutely not. Check Al's Twitter and replies to people, he's said it to loads and said he doesn't know how much clearer he can make it.

ichangedmymind : Youtube has been pestering me for TWO WEEKS to watch this; it was a recommendation. I ignored it, even going as far as 'opting out' via the Not Interested function. I've never watched one of your videos, nor even heard of you, until today. I relented and thought I'd check out what the fuss was about. I've gotta say: I sincerely enjoyed myself. This video COULD have been a third of its size and you would gotten your point across, but despite its whopping 45-minute duration, I didn't feel bored or like you were arbitrarily repeating yourself. I think what I liked most was the little 'editing'. I don't recall another Youtuber I follow that uses an actual 3D animated avatar of themselves. It adds another level of interactivity that kept me paying attention. It wasn't just you doing a voice-over, with a 2-3 Apu clips on repeat in the background. Favourite little things: 1. The squishy sounds as you pushed the horns back into your head 2. Your avatar inhaling and exhaling/zerberting. 3. The Mario jump sound; the bottom-line opener. 4. The animated stereotype art of the simpsons cartoons that I assume you, or someone you commissioned, drew; correct me if I'm wrong. It's just these small attention to details that shows you really put a lot of effort into refining this video to not only be informative, but entertaining and engaging. The two things I disliked: 1. The "lightly toasted" sequence. It was obnoxious and, imo, a detractor. 2. That whole mickey-mouse-knockoff-coconut-oil thing. I couldn't see the point of it. So, with all that said: you've earned another subscriber. Look forward to future content.

Principal Skinner : You will be missed my dear friend. I'm sure we'll see eachother again soon 👋

Staxlotl : This was one fine damn episode. Glad you're back, you pasty, fat kool-aid man.

Retromind : SJWs ruined comedy.

yaj126 : "He's a bait and switch, and some people aren't seeing the switch" This is so accurate. As a lifelong Indian and lifelong Simpsons fan, Apu was one of my favourite characters, I'd go so far as to say a positive influence on Indian stereotypes. Apu is portrayed as just stereotypical enough that viewers aren't alienated, except from when the focus is on him which is when he goes above and beyond. We'll miss you, sweet prince.

Stealth : Still waiting for "The problem with Groundskeeper Willie"

Fenrir Werewolfe : "French: the sworn enemies of italians" You know too much, Max

AlternateHistoryHub : You hit the nail on the head with this one. The only reason why I feel Indians are ever bullied and called Apu is because 'The Simpsons' is a cultural hallmark, and Apu is literally one of the few actual Indian characters in US TV. It's just a recognizable name for idiots to say

Salvatore Ciciarelli : Just gonna say this: You are a great reviewer, You're unbiased, and if I could ever do a review about you. It would sum this up: You do your research, you make sense, you are 10000% more logical than the opposing arguer, and I thank you for shedding light on that guy's BS. Sure, Not all Indian and Indian-American people speak English, BUUUUUT I'd be the first to tell you that his fairly on part, albeit a more thicker cartoony one, but not an entirely inaccurate one. I've worked for Indian people and if straight from India, They can have an accent, but born straight in America, they rarely have one which isnt horrible. I'm Italian-American 2nd gen out of italy, but no italian accent, but Nonna does. The comedian is purely a SJW who wants attention and unfortunately the writers gave into the terrorists of their regressive and racist ways.

Kokichi Ouma : At least Apu is not a tech support

HistoryFan476ad : I thought Apu was a good show for Indians. i mean yes he is wacky and does illegal stuff, but every character does though. Simpsons is all about parody homer is a parody on the working man, Mr. burns an evil old rich guy, Duff man is well a i don't know, Lisa a smart nagging kid, Bart the trouble maker etc it can go on for examples. when i watched the show i never thought of Apu as a foreigner or well a racist character. he was just the shop owner with a different style. he also helped Lisa turn to Buddhism in one episode helping her deal with a problem. Apu is a good example of a immigrant i think he even later on in a episode does and passes his citizenship test. But now he is gone due to whining babies. But to be honest the show was going down in quality for years it should have been left on a high point and left to rest.

PikachuPlayz : Longest brain dump ever?

Salokin : The most controversial take is that people still care about modern Simpson


PsychodelicPanda : Holy shit I gotta make popcorn before starting this bad boy

Hutmann : Netflix is literally pumping out documentaries and standup shows with heavy SJW themes: Patriot Act, Follow This, Hari Kondalobu, Michelle Wolf... Why do they follow this postmodern agenda? If this persists I'm surely gonna cancel my subscription.

German Hockey : Either you can make fun of anything or you can make fun of nothing. Context is what matters most.

JaxBlade : BACK After a longass time and killing with it an awesome video, Great to have ya back Max

Jayden Draws! : CONTEXT! It matters friends. People just don't care about context anymore. I love Apu, he's my favourite character other than Moe.

sinnerslight : This was a really long and nice way of saying people get offended way too easily over practically little to nothing. Haha. Trust me. As long as people keep feeling entitled you'll continue to see this over and over. Oh and God forbid a white person feels marginalized. Cause they're not allowed to. Sometimes it feels like those crying "racism" are the ones provoking or even being racist for making everything about race. Even when it doesnt warrant it.

Albert G : As a hardcore simpsons fan not only was this a great commentary on this topic but the references made throughout that only true fans would know had me LMAO. Well done sir, well done.

Bow To Your Senpai : You wanna hear another joke? ...there’s more than two genders

Daniel Sambar : _Obligatory “I thought you were dead” comment_

DarkGengar94 : This is my first video from this channel and single handedly made me subscribe

Bob Jim : The Mario-Jew had my sides in orbit

Tyler Martin : What! The Simpsons, offensive! That’s impossible

kautschuk : I cant believe Simpsons gave in without a fight. I hope this Hari Kondabolu person will be scrutinized his entire "career" so that he himself dont use stereotypes in his work