PodRide - cycle anywhere, in any weather

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Marin Stulić : He really has it all, except the solar panels :-) Traveling around the world?, that will be adventure, a great innovation!

etruscus74 : Podride is my favourite HPV

Kim Gleadall : How much and can you get it in Australia?

Ziltoid TheOmniscient : getting some asmr from this

safik alam : Launch your products wroldwide I want to purchase it

Bruno Salcedo : This thing is awesome!! I've been contemplating the idea of getting an enclosed trike for my commute. One thing I haven't figured out is where I would park it. How would you lock the PidRide when parking on the street?

Hevva67 : I really want one of these, alas I am poor. But I like this one most from all the videos I've seen...

52nenne : Well ain't that an amazing invention completed with an excellent pr-video. Please put it in production. It is a winner.

Orfkip : Was hoping it was purely pedal powered and not some electric vehicle. The price will be too high and might not compete with a velomobile when it has all kinds of electric components.

Magbumper LLC : This is Clever, AWESOME! Good Luck!

Meme Liquid : I would rather drive this then any other car

Sir Casm : That would be perfect for my ride to work. Looking forward to the result! :)

roxana cabrera : Maravilloso!! Lo mejor que he visto!! Gracias!!

edurdo gual : e,xcelent. houmuch $???

EL ANGEL DE LUTO : I falling in love of this

T1000AX : it looks fun

Aryans TV : Another guy with a product who eats funds raised and passes time and tries for an exponential profit. Hate these kind of people who don't respond to even official emails.

DarkXAngel55 : windshield wipers motor? or hand?

Mahesh Nayak : How to buy it online

Rear Gear Gaming : 10-5 or 35km and hour? i is confusesing? thx, hello, welcome, and thanks for joining, mobility revolution.

Fernando Velazquez-Alvarez : This vehicle would make an interesting transportation option for the typical Canadian winter!

Meme Liquid : when it goes for sale, will the trailer come with the podride or will it be sold separately?

casainho : Love it <3

Donizildo : Fantastic!!! :-D