Tour of the SR-71

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SR-71 pilot and National Air and Space Museum docent Buz Carpenter gives STEM in 30 host Marty a tour of his favorite plane, the SR-71 Blackbird. Find more STEM in 30:

Comments from Youtube

badlandskid : The titanium came from Russia! Haha the irony.

avatangg5801 : "The sound of freedom" that is the most american way to describe a sonic boom

Victor Moreno : This is the coolest grandpa that someone can ever have.

sk8punk318 : God damn that machine is insane. That ex-pilot has titanium balls.

bird271828 : This is the most beautiful aircraft I have ever seen. It was designed about 50 years ago. Yet, when you look at it today, it still looks futuristic.

Nicholas Todd : "We called it the Sound of Freedom" that's too damn badass

lesmoor kelly : this guy has the right stuff old skool style

Chris DIYer : We did some really "big" things in the 1960's.

Velo1010 : Incredible! And to think these planes were designed and built without Google, Cloud Servers, Intel, or other silicon tech giants. This was when man didn't need an artificial machine to design an engineering marvel.

outdoorlife25 : Outstanding and very enlightening. My only complaint is that I wish the interview was longer.

Skydrag.V60 : This guy’s awesome. I could listen to his stories all day

superfast30 : There will never be a plane as badass as this ever again. I am referring to how it was conceived, the era it was conceived in the sheer stories behind it!

BigRalphSmith : Kelly Johnson was a genius.

s0nnyburnett : 50 years from now there will be no stories like this to tell. "Yeah I flew drones, from my trailer in CA. One time I spilled my soda and had to get a napkin to clean it up."

mathew mann : It makes you wonder what classified aircraft the Air force has today

Never Gonnatell : The reason it was retired is because for 1300 bucks I can buy a drone with better photo capability, more storage and it nearly fits in my pocket. Imagine what the government has now.

Doyle Borchers : Amazing machine. I flew radar test missions using an SR-71 as a target as one of the Navy test pilots on the F-14 program. Eyewatering performance!!!

Law19157 : Sonic Boom - "We called it the sound of Freedom" - lol! Love it

jakemj03 : Excellent! I could listen to him talk all day about the SR-71

gmctech : Amazing. Simply amazing. The SR-71 has always been and always will be my most favorite airframe ever produced... you yanks sure know how to build planes.... from the UH-1, to the 747 to the U2 to the SR-71... American aviation ingenuity is quite an epic thing to behold... I'm sure glad you're on our side!

Olivia Lambert : Jesus christ. No wonder nobody else tried to make an aircraft like it. An invulnerable aircraft is perhaps the greatest military aircraft ever made, but the maintenance, safety, and cost makes this one of the most impractical aircraft ever used by the military. In the end it was one of the most successful aircraft ever designed but I can't see another aircraft like it ever being created outside of another multi-decade war like The Cold War. Also props to the pilots, it must have taken immense skill and to risk one's life in an aircraft that dangerous, well we owe them a great deal and I'm sure without their risks things would have been significantly worse for all of NATO.

J Tanner : What a HERO! I loved every second of this video.

oceantrolls73 : God only created one Kelly Johnson.

Krunoslav Šokić : ...I bet buying titanium from Russians is one interesting story...:D

Christiaan Bailey : What a fascinating individual, such a national treasure to be giving these tours and providing his stories onto the next generation...I salute you sir!

mrmonte51jm : This Aircraft...STILL...holds the worlds' FASTEST AIRCRAFT SPEED Record !! My dad was Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force and when one landed and was due for take off, he would call the house and my brother and I would race out to watch it take off !! Clearance for T.O. os from E.O.R. to Altitude, straight up full A.B. with HUGE FLAMES !! My God she was Beautiful !! She no longer flies tho !! However...she DOES have a replacement that the Air Force has yet to talk about !!

Hot80s : Blackbird singing in the dead of night.

JET997u : The most exotic looking and perhaps the most amazing (technologically) plane ever made.

thebarnabator69 : i didnt think id watch this whole video, but i was hooked instantly. that guy is super knowledgeable

Scorpion7substance : Buz Carpenter, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. Truly amazing.👏

Robert Salser : This guy is great, What a good speaker, he knows what he's talking about and can convey this very well, I was fortunate to see these fly in person while stationed at Barksdale AFB between 1973 through 1976, they always brought these in for the yearly open house air show. The first one I ever saw scared me to death, I was on the far side of the runway at the weather site when it came down the runway what looked like a couple hundred feet off the runway, I thought a missile had come in, made one step and looked from behind the building I was at, by that time it looked like it was five miles away in a left turn. I learned a lot from this video that I didn't know about.

Earth Station Alpha : The SR-71 is what got me interested in aviation and aerospace. My dad bought me a plastic model of it many years ago... The Blackbird is a sexy jet.

Narek Avetisyan : Man, this is the coolest thing! I wish we had a SR-71 like aircraft today.

Slikx666 : Probably the sexiest plane ever made. Full respect to all that flew in them.

Controlledburst : Kelly Johnson cheated. He went into the future, collected data and returned to the past to make his airplanes.

Barry Sabahat : Thank you for your service. Awesome interview.

John S : The Skunkworks and the pilots that flew their birds are simply the most amazing and brilliant minds to ever exist in this awesome USA!

D.B. : The amount of engineering in this plane is incredible. Especially considering when it was built. Amazing.

terry hollands : I like that statement "we called it the sound of freedom " referring to the sonic boom

Ducati Drew : God I love this stuff! Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University grad class of 1995. This never gets old.

NewShockerGuy : This is 25 minutes from my house. The whole museum is awesome to see. They have the freaking space ship there as well... It's so awesome! Both of these alone are worth it just to see in person. Truly epic!

gojewla : This guy is super knowledgeable! I would have expected him to perhaps know a little less specific information about the plane and more about just flying it. What an interesting video.

Thomas Paine : Great informative video. Excellent professional interviewer who let the interviewee actually talk. Awesome government administered organization. Thanks Smithsonian! :-)

sean shapuron : where is the decepticons' sign?

Tomas Carlsson : I'm so impressed, by the pilot, the engineering and the actual plane. Sound of freedom indeed! Thanks!

Cammi Rosanov : LOVE this plane. It is among my favorites (A-10 being top fave.) That said, I'm quite surprised at the lack of "Jetfire" comments..

alick swiden : shortly after this was shot, Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, and a Camaro all showed up and woke up the Blackbird and teleported off to Egypt.

ricky v : One of the greatest planes ever built by the good ol'e of USA. This video helped me learn more about the plane then I already knew.

SuperSix Delta : This is about the best and informative videos I've ever seen on the SR71. Good stuff.