Fat Joe Tried To Warn Tekashi 6ix9ine - A MUST WATCH!

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After Tekashi69 aka 6ix9ine and 5 of his associates of the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods were arrested and charged with 17 counts of racketeering on a federal indictment, this interview Tekashi did with Fat Joe on his Cocoa Vision podcast rings prophetic!

Comments from Youtube

Mustang GT : Fat Joe is a very wise OG. I would've been all ears.

Steven Seagull : When I see this I see a grown man speaking to a kid

Wowzerz00 : "Time is the most crucial thing in life. That's why they take that from you." 💯💯 Time over money.

Krypton : The older generation teaching the younger generation, that's life; the younger generation throwing back arguments & "I know... I know.. I know...", that's the history of the world. 69 wants to be obstinate, that's his choice & right now, he's learning where his choices got him. The sad truth is when 69 becomes Fat Joe's age, 69 is gonna tell another young person the same stuff & that young person is not gonna listen, that's the history of the world & that's our human race, that's our sin.

Miles Fontaine : Damn... didn’t know fat joe was a prophet “1000000% they plotting on you”

Jonathan Philmore : Talking to a wall.

Killa Crossova : "Time is the most crucial thing in life, that's why they take that from you" Couldn't have said it better.

Yeezy westy : if you can't learn from your elders you're going to have a hard road.

Koopa High : Hats off to fat Joe... Now OFFICIALLY the OG ... Respect

Pac man : IN. ONE. EAR. 👂. OUT. THE. OTHER.

Mr. T : "We all went to jail , you don't have too.." real talk

BNIBCD Creative Media : LOL "this Fat Joe from da Bronx"......he shouldve followed up with aka Joey Crack aka The Don Cartagena aka Leader of Terror Squad aka J.O.S.E........

Jacob Ryon : All he kept saying was “ya I know.” This kid is NOT a leader of the new crew new age. They don’t make cats like fat joe and Pun and the OGs no more.

Fitzroy Bartley : Salute to Fat Joe tho, he did his part.

diddy1226 : He kept saying nobody can touch me. The FEDS said hold my beer...lol

Tightpocket Burton : I miss old school hip hop..most of this new school rap not cutting it 🤷🏾‍♂️

Adam : If you can’t control those people why are you allowing them to be around you?? Surround yourself with people who aren’t going to cause problems for themselves and for you!

Are5 DN : You should have listened kid..

Osmosis : "Time is the most crucial thing in life, that's why they take that from you" Damn well put.

Itzy Zaza : Fat Joe’s last statement was the best jewel from this clip.

ContactingTheDead : *6ix9ine couldn’t drop his ego and take what he was saying to heart.* *I can’t say I feel sorry for him. You’re a millionaire, with a lot of eyes on you and you’re still dumb enough to keep doing illegal stuff?*

Fortnut Goon : Even tho I hate that guys music, it's a shame he got himself into the same trap everyone else gets into. Respect to the legend, fat Joe for trying to help a young kid out. He knows where that life gets you.

KINGSEANFAME : He thought it was a Game.

Shannon Graham : Cunts face looks like what I scribbled on my desk at school lol

Stash Ketchum : “Time is the most important thing in life. That’s why they take it from you...” If the OG’s can’t guide you, then you can’t be guided.


Steve Arce : Fat Warned Him

j'Mar B : When dude goes "Yeah ikno, Ikno, but--", you can damn near See Joe's words flying out the other ear.

Trevor Cunningham : That young boy ain't hear not one word! An look what happened!

Brian Louis : Joe tried his best. Smart and compassionate man.

Brandon thomas : He wasn't even listening to Joe once. Just kept talking about himself. Bro listen to what a made man has to say. He had to grind way harder to make money, before Itunes and soundcloud when mofos had to sell albums and tickets to make money not just put a song on soundcloud. These boys these day dont get how hard it was back then.

FLAWLESS MOBB : A dad trying to warn his rebellious son. This is insane how it happened exactly as he said it would, wow.

Crystal Six : You know what am sayin [69x]

TrichsRUs : “One MILLION percent...they are plotting on you”. -Fat Joe

Nick Wayne : Everytime he say "I know" i scream at the phone "NO YOU DON'T KNOW!" Stoooopid.

Lil Jorjo : Fat joe like father like brother 🙏

Lane Listerud : Might as well be talking to a brick wall

Warren London : Have a shot glass every-time he says “You know what I’m saying” 😶....I’m DRUNK! 💀

Metal Boss : Crack spitting like a true OG to the kid. Great work!

Austin Gray : Wow he’s like really trying to break through to him. This is some real love.

Sirius Mind : " Can you control your team ?" Fat Joe told you the RICO was coming. Shit different in New York.....

Roger Gutierrez : This is some real shit. This was clearly a warning. They knew he was gaining to much and they tried to warn but he didnt listen!

aa Bb : Sometimes u can't talk sense to young hard headed knuckleheads LOL …. 🤣🤣😭😭😭 That convo went through one ear and out the other

Armando Nevaez : Damn skool was trying to skool yungsta didn't listen smh!

bugatti bay : He heard fat joe, but wasn't listening to him.

You Wish : Joe trying tell him the game he been down that road but the young dude aint listen

Tomasz Śliwa : Fat Joe, my man, you've done everything you can....this fool just won't listen

Jonathan Cole : Smh I know he replaying all this in his head now

Cosmos 247 : Repsect to Joe for giving him the benifit of his expirence and insights.