Super Bowl 48 Bruno Mars-Full Performance Halftime Show HD
In case you forgot This is how you do a half time show

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Super Bowl 48 2014-Bruno Mars Full Performance Halftime Show HD


wewd : Bruno Mars should do the Super Bowl every year until he dies. And then make a Bruno Mars hologram to keep doing it forever.

La Boon : Who randomly watches this in 2019?

Cancern Citizen : *After 5 yrs this is still lit af*

Kim Yoo Jung : GOD : What talent do you want Bruno? Bruno : Yes

Livia : the fact that he wears the same as the other guys, makes me love him even more.

Sunshine & Moonlight : he can sing, he plays 8 different instruments, he can dance, he even writes his music. this is true talent.

Vicki Empey : I’m a 65yr old gramma... best. halftime. show. EVER!!!

kuya wuten : NFL could have save money if they just played this video in the 2019 Superbowl

Hooligans : Dear NFL, we need bruno mars and lady gaga at next year's halftime show as your apology for this year's halftime show disappointment

Hooligans : Ohh man..can you imagine how great it will be if Bruno mars playing superbowl halftime show with his 24k magic album? The album is so GREAT and yeahh the dance coreography will kill the show

Zach Crutcher : Who else came back to this after this years trash halftime show?

Arie van Namen : Bruno Mars live East Rutherford 2014 - Metlife Stadium (Super Bowl 48) Choir - Billionaire 0:04 Bruno Mars - Drum Solo 0:49 Bruno Mars - Locked Out of heaven 1:51 Bruno mars - Treasure 4:03 Bruno Mars - Runaway baby 5:17 Bruno Mars & the red hot chili peppers 7:32 intro 10:19 Bruno mars - just the way you are 10:56

Boss Trading : Ok so I'm now a Bruno Mars fan! This was quality!

Ungas Ka pa rin : I think only Bruno Mars can beat this performance..

Mizzy Chan : In my opinion, this was one of the best halftime shows I’ve seen.

xXMikeI6Xx : Who’s here after the Super Bowl 53 disappointment?

x SoccerSkiLLzz : 12:32 this is why Bruno Mars is currently the best Male singer, he can hit all four octaves with no problem and he can last a long time singing the same note, high or low.😍

Antoine G : I don't care how much time goes by this is is no doubt the best Superbowl halftime show in the universe!!! Great shit from Bruno Mars and the Holigans keep it up 👍🔥🎉

Anonymous : This is what separates Singers from Performers!

Jaime Jorn : Actual talent. Rare these days

wizzygirl : So versatile, so gifted, dancing skills that can make one be envious for, such a beautiful and powerful voice. Bruno Mars gets what it takes to be born being on stage. Such an amazing artist and so talented that I don't know how to put it into words. Bruno Mars can wowed and rendered someone speechless. This performance sure has gone down into history of the Superbowl.

The Centaur : He knows how to bring the stadium down. Such a performer. Still one of the best!

Apl Vnj : The BEST Super Bowl Performance!!!!! Love Red Hot Chili Peppers too!!!!

Ezaiah Cisneros : That drum solo tho

Karen Aguirre : What I love about Bruno and this show is that he didn't use a lot of technology, he didn't change his outfits, he just used what he has: TALENT.

Shashwat mishra : Those people in stadium were the luckiest people in world

Sky Cloudd : Bruno, you are a legend.

Edgar Castillo : Bruno’s split is better than the whole 2019 performance

imen5686 : This will forever be my favorite halftime show 🙌🏼🔥

Oliver-Ian Lovenaria : MAROON 5 got nothing on Bruno.. Am I the only one who thinks that Bruno should do it each year?

RL B : Bruno Mars for 2020 halftime show please!

Michelle Cortinas : Even in 2019 I still watch this and think it’s the best super bowl half time show ever! 🐐🐐

Rafa Inovero : Thank God our generation has King Bruno and Queen Gaga❤️

uthman shakir : This is amazing how many people are here after 5 years to comment on this show. This was powerpacted and thoroughly satisfying. This is the epitome of what a show means. Greatest show to date. Feb 12, 2019

Chris Minks : Need to watch this because Maroon 5 and Travis were garbage

Jas H : I think this is my favorite halftime performance of all time.

SOBER OTIS : *Bruno is a LEGEND in his own time !*

Jhonatan Nuñes : This is my favority halftime show

Georgina Hernández Klée : He is so respectful with his audience because, obviously, he is always willing to give everything to entertain them and always comes prepared 100% for it. I love him!.....He always seems to have a lot of fun on stage!

Spencer Sutherland : I watch this everyday to remind me that there is good in the world

Gene Tinsley : This is likely the best live performance. Ever. Of any artist. Of any genre. Of any period of time. EVER! #letsargue

Theodore Lamb : The goat. Without a doubt. A blend of everyone before him. And when live it is so good you almost cant watch because you cant stare at the sun. Greatness. Enough said. Bruno is from Mars.

Name Name : Bruno + red hot = best halftime 🙏🏼😇😘

Manay Popeye : I get wet everytime I see Bruno mars performing. Hes so damn sexy

xiexie claw : The youngest to do it. The greatest of this generation. No props. No gimmicks. Pure talent. Bruno Mars.

George Torres : Would you like some red hot chili peppers to go with your bowl mr. Mars.... Bruno: perfect

mich anch : Please bring Bruno Mars again to the half time show.. He never disappoints. 😍

Thanos Thanos : Literally no super bowl performance has been as lit since this one lol 😂

Shimon Yamaura : Greatest super bowl performance in my lifetime