Super Bowl 48 Bruno Mars-Full Performance Halftime Show HD

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Super Bowl 48 2014-Bruno Mars Full Performance Halftime Show HD


Pho53 : Who’s here after the Super Bowl 53 disappointment?

Zach Crutcher : Who else came back to this after this years trash halftime show?

Brittany's Side Channel : Bruno needs to headline halftime again! I feel like he did the Super Bowl too early in his career. He didn't even have most of his biggest hits yet when he did this! Imagine it now?! Uptown Funk, 24k Magic, That's What I Like, Finesse... It'd be a non-stop party. Do ya think we could get a petition going? lol.

Jabuu : Just the drum solo is better than the whole 2019 halftime show

Spencer Sutherland : I watch this everyday to remind me that there is good in the world

FV : I ain’t finna lie this probably one of the best halftime performances

Moises Can Sing : Imagine if he did half time again with his 24K Album?!?

TigerWoodsIsMyFriend : I love how Bruno received hate before this performance because nobody knew him for being a very new artist, then proved everyone wrong and still managed to do better than Maroon 5 who’s been around since the 90s

Anderson Mendes da Fonseca : Only the drum solo itself was way better than this year's trash performance

Allen Nop : Maroon 5 is a band, Bruno Mars is a PERFORMER. That's the difference

Oliver-Ian Lovenaria : MAROON 5 got nothing on Bruno.. Am I the only one who thinks that Bruno should do it each year?

Xandrify : He set the bar so high

Tyrande : Only Red Hot 🌶 Peppers are allowed to take off their shirt during the halftime show. 😆

wiremu edwards-chaffey : Just casually scrolling through liking everyone’s comments cause we know why we’re all here 😂🙌🏽

Cancern Citizen : *After 5 yrs this is still lit af*

wewd : Bruno Mars should do the Super Bowl every year until he dies. And then make a Bruno Mars hologram to keep doing it forever.

Hi Im Ryan : Bruno Mars at super bowl 54 let's make this happen

kuya wuten : NFL could have save money if they just played this video in the 2019 Superbowl

Geni L : Bruno didn’t have to take his shirt off 👏🏻👏🏻

Hooligans : Dear NFL, we need bruno mars and lady gaga at next year's halftime show as your apology for this year's halftime show disappointment

Calvini2013 : This, Beyonce, and Gaga were the best, but what makes this special is the lack of props, just good singing.

Vikas Dhand : Bruno mars never disappoints...

John Smith : When I watched this live I had no idea who Bruno Mars was. This performance was amazing. And the Red Hot Chili Peppers nailed a classic hit of theirs. And having them mix together wasn't awkward like many Super Bowl Halftime shows have become.

J K Y : The whole military intro to the last song got me crying... God bless those who serve the country. God bless America.

Chris Minks : Need to watch this because Maroon 5 and Travis were garbage

x SoccerSkiLLzz : 12:32 this is why Bruno Mars is currently the best Male singer, he can hit all four octaves with no problem and he can last a long time singing the same note, high or low.😍

dcareyHQvideos : It’s been 5 years since this aired and this video has staggered to 50+ millions views!!!

Cash Cody : Real talent right here!

Sky Cloudd : Bruno, you are a legend.

Chanel Mars : Every time I watch this, I'm SO proud of Bruno's accomplishments! He showed what a real halftime show is supposed to be about! The energy was insane! A good time had by all! Bruno is a legend! And his best is STILL yet to come!

Michelle Cortinas : Even in 2019 I still watch this and think it’s the best super bowl half time show ever! 🐐🐐

Jason Tubs : Imagine if bruno is back in the super bowl with his 24k magic's magic 😱

A/A Gang : I was really depressed after Super Bowl 53, I just needed something to cheer me up. U know back to the good times.

DJ Brown : Who’s back from the recent halftime show that put you to sleep 💤

Assel Magzumova : No tigers, no flyings and jumps, just pure talent 💜💜💜

Heneral Popsy : I get wet everytime I see Bruno mars performing. Hes so damn sexy

Boss Trading : Ok so I'm now a Bruno Mars fan! This was quality!

CaptainAngry 1 : Just by the beginning, you can tell this halftime show is gonna be good!

Eleanor Cate : everything about the Super Bowl 48 puts 53 to shame

Rafa Inovero : Thank God our generation has King Bruno and Queen Gaga❤️

Yesseli Viscardi : MJ Prince Bruno Beyoncé. Goodnight go home everyone else

Jaime Jorn : Actual talent. Rare these days

imen5686 : This will forever be my favorite halftime show 🙌🏼🔥

aljohn tabion : Did anyone realize there was a superbowl during the Bruno concert?

Glaiza Acosta : He always sounds recorded even on this intense live performance. He's a total performer. My love!!!

Hooligans : Ohh man..can you imagine how great it will be if Bruno mars playing superbowl halftime show with his 24k magic album? The album is so GREAT and yeahh the dance coreography will kill the show

Gene Tinsley : This is likely the best live performance. Ever. Of any artist. Of any genre. Of any period of time. EVER! #letsargue

Anonymous : This is what separates Singers from Performers!

King Panda : Bruno should be in the halftime show every year in the super bowl incredible talent.