Super Bowl 48 Bruno Mars-Full Performance Halftime Show HD

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NBA MLB : Wow 25,000,000+ views crazy!!!

Zach Crutcher : Who else came back to this after this years trash halftime show?

Spencer Sutherland : I watch this everyday to remind me that there is good in the world

Eleanor Cate : everything about the Super Bowl 48 puts 53 to shame

tim maddocks : The platinum standard for halftime shows.

Brittany's Side Channel : Bruno needs to headline halftime again! I feel like he did the Super Bowl too early in his career. He didn't even have most of his biggest hits yet when he did this! Imagine it now?! Uptown Funk, 24k Magic, That's What I Like, Finesse... It'd be a non-stop party. Do ya think we could get a petition going? lol.

Jabuu : Just the drum solo is better than the whole 2019 halftime show

Taylor May : Who else agrees this might be the best halftime show ever?

vor tex : Adam sings just to perform. But my man Bruno sings to entertain. Thats why.

Tyrande : Only Red Hot 🌶 Peppers are allowed to take off their shirt during the halftime show. 😆

TigerWoodsIsMyFriend : I love how Bruno received hate before this performance because nobody knew him for being a very new artist, then proved everyone wrong and still managed to do better than Maroon 5 who’s been around since the 90s

Jennifer Tapia : I’m just going to pretend this was the halftime for 2019 😂

Moises Can Sing : Imagine if he did half time again with his 24K Album?!?

FV : I ain’t finna lie this probably one of the best halftime performances

phx2ewr : Trying to recover from the terrible halftime show I just horror.

frederick osei : after watching super bowl 53 performance, i think we need to reconsider bringing back Bruno Mars. anybody digs that?

H i : Justin who? Maroon who? Travis who? They're all decent artist but bruno actually has entertainment value

Cash Cody : Real talent right here!

John Libs : better than Justin. can i get a like??

Angela Johnson : After the Maroon 5 halftime show, I needed to come back and see what a REAL halftime show looks like. They should have brought Bruno back.

Anderson Mendes da Fonseca : Only the drum solo itself was way better than this year's trash performance

BZRK Jerk : I've always thought this was the best halftime show

Vinh Duong : 12:55 That applause wasn't just a "Thanks for a fun halftime show and we're clapping because you're done." That was an applause of pure appreciation for the artist and his ability to put on an AMAZING f'n show from start to finish (sans the RHCP but they were put in for nostalgia). Ya'll forget at the time a lot of people felt he wasn't a big of enough star to pull off a halftime show. Lot of skeptics. And he indeed proved them all wrong.

HTSenpai9000 : Michael Jackson: No one will ever make a half time show as good as mine! . Bruno Mars: Hold my beer

CalTalksTech : I feel like the less popular the band is when they play the super bowl the better they are because they're actually excited to be there. When you get a band that's already as huge as Maroon 5 they just don't have the same energy.

Shashwat mishra : Top 5 of all time on basis of only performance 1-Bruno mars 2014 2-Prince 2007 3-Lady gaga 2017 4-Michael Jackson 1993 5-Beyonce 2013

dcareyHQvideos : It’s been 5 years since this aired and this video has staggered to 50+ millions views!!!

Frida jaurello : HELLO stranger I know you're here after watching maroon 5 disappointing performance c:

John Smith : When I watched this live I had no idea who Bruno Mars was. This performance was amazing. And the Red Hot Chili Peppers nailed a classic hit of theirs. And having them mix together wasn't awkward like many Super Bowl Halftime shows have become.

Bernardette Velez : I know you’ll say the best was MJ, gaga, madonna or kathy perry. But Bruno didn’t need tons of production, just his awesome Hooligans, voice, dance moves and energy, Sharing the stage with the Red Hot. And deliver the best Halftime show ever!!!

Allen Nop : Maroon 5 is a band, Bruno Mars is a PERFORMER. That's the difference

Can we get 1 thousand sub without any viral vids? : My brain is finally cleansed

Ricky Brain : I heard there was a football game. In bruno mars Concert?

Cancern Citizen : *After 5 yrs this is still lit af*

Harrison Gooch : Bruno Mars and Red Hot chili Peppers... The best Super Bowl halftime show isn't a question, this will never be topped

Hi Im Ryan : Bruno Mars at super bowl 54 let's make this happen

wiremu edwards-chaffey : Just casually scrolling through liking everyone’s comments cause we know why we’re all here 😂🙌🏽

Carol's Makeup : Justin who???

Gracie Zudonyi : I’m only hear because super bowl 53 was a disappointment. This is by far one of the best half time shows

Jose Lopez : Anyone here after the 2019 disappointment?

Xtian Samuel Gonzales : Every year, after every superb owl halftime show, people will always comes back to this Bruno Mars halftime show...Gathering all genre... The best halftime show ever... Who agree with me...???

J K Y : The whole military intro to the last song got me crying... God bless those who serve the country. God bless America.

Leizl Sloan : No one can beat him 😍😍😍still my no.1 super bowl performance

Geni L : Bruno didn’t have to take his shirt off 👏🏻👏🏻

Calvini2013 : This, Beyonce, and Gaga were the best, but what makes this special is the lack of props, just good singing.

superjoiz 834 : why do I come back here every year after the super bowl halftimeshow.. legendary and untouchable

Sonja Wicks : Bruno's will always stand as the best halftime show ever

Pho53 : Who’s here after the Super Bowl 53 disappointment?

JamesTLWolf : Just here to remind myself of what a good halftime show looks like

Ben Baldwin : Nothing, and I mean nothing will beat this performance.