Misinterpretations W/ Craig Ferguson

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Sam Vav : i know you've done this on other videos but still you should mention the name of the guests as well. also thanks very much for the video

CrashForce : wow this guy is a living legend... kinda feel bad that I found out about Craig's show just now :/

fumblerooskie : Nobody does interviews like Ferguson. I miss him. The talk show hosts now are incredibly hackneyed and boring.

Michael Reynolds : Nuttin like a couple of good tips for the meat pies served to help ya fucis.

infntnub : "i've been both upstairs and downstairs" - Alice Eve

Jay : "I had my period" - Edward Norton, 2012

Cyrus Slapatich : Colbert, Kimmel and the rest could learn a thing or two from Craig Ferguson about actual comedy.

shapeshfters : Yeah, she got some nice tips.

Adolf Hissler : Hands down the greatest and most underrated talk show host ever. It's a shame he's not around any more. With the bottom barrel pathetic hosts that are on the late night circuit now, he'd easily be the King of Late Night with literally zero competition.

A Man : It should be illegal to be as beautiful as Alice Eve!!!

J T : I laughed so hard at Jew-yoga my pet bird flew off my shoulder like a Jay Leno fly.

Cak Redi : They didn't invent Fergasm for no reason.

Phillysub : Craig could never get away with this humor with today's #MeToo movement.

Totes1829 : “Do you cream?” I laughed so hard I got light headed. That was fantastic.

Mark Chavez : Mad respect for making these types of videos.

acgm046 : I loved this compilation! I'm really glad there's a channel so devoted to Craig's content to put up these really well done videos. I'm sure so many fans appreciate it. ASS MODE

Chris Ducat : What a crazy shift from Craig to James...Craig was so much better at interviews

MrMosdef30 : His the bond of tv host!

rapier1954 Farrell : Pity Craig is gone and all we have left on late night is a bunch of losers.

Josh S : Craig Ferguson was hilarious on The Late Late Show. The last great era in Late night talk shows officially ended when he left.

Alabama Crappie Adventures : That 1st woman is so hot

geo last : Craig is a frekkin god!!

Anco77 : Pretty amazing that this channel still sports freshly and stylishly edited content from my favorite show. It's a delight whenever I click on it, thank you so much for making this available to us!

machia0705 : Multi talented Ferguson gets passed over by the idiot Colbert who’s only joke is making fun of Trump . Bring Ferguson back ! He’s funny 😄

Martin Dee Wan : Amazing what you did man, Craig explains a sign for when he's excited and he makes that exact sign in the next video with Alice Eve. You're the man of Craig's compilations, only you can find those little things for us to watch !!!

aperson22222 : I miss this show.

Jessica : Craig Ferguson is my favorite celebrity, he's such a funny and genuine person. And many who really know his work know how sensitive and intelligent he is, even if he has a low self-esteem about it and constantly joking about himself it's impossible not to notice

Joy L : I miss Ferguson so much! My favorite talkshow host of all time.

Andras Libal : and now we know where the Jayleno Fly gets its name from :)

mildly adequate : You have no idea how much I appreciate you still taking the time to do these compilation. And it's obvious too how much thought and creativity you put into your videos... Keep it up friend ❤

shogrran : 6:18 just noticed that

Christoffer Lund : So funny! You're a beast for making all of these videos. Fantastic work

ConsciousThought : 3:15 Oh wow she's gorgeous. Her body language, accent, voice, looks, personality.

MythicUSA : The best talk show host ever.

mizo dragon : Great video... Loved it and finally gave me a hint of some interviews that i haven't seen before.. So thanks for that as well Keep building this masterpiece

mohyeddine achraf : i LOVED the "jew-yoga" Misinterpretation i watched the interview several times, thanks for the imagery hint <3

khairowensullivan : Whenever I need a laugh, I visit this channel. Thanks The Jayleno Fly

Stimulator7 : #rootintootinfingerpistols

SuperN0IS3 : good god the way craig can make these women no matter how beautiful they are to look so awkward and unconfortable is so impressive that's such a high level game he could probably fuck mother teresa

Mr Dave : Focusing girl is so cute

Adin Dobar : Thaaaaanks

Badness Bob : Without a doubt, the best late night host EVER, extremely funny and charismatic. Brilliant. Bob. Australia

Kevin Laing : I finally understand the channel name thanks to that last clip.

Barison : How could you not fall for Sarah Paulson.

Your Channel : I rewatched this and I think that Marion Cotillard would have been perfect for advertising Meet the Fockers. =D

Chris Anon : Come back to us Craig. We need you. The other late night guys are rubbish.

Berk Ç. : I miss you man!

Tarkus2040 : So THAT'S the origin of your name. Love the channel!

chromepinman : Thanks for cracking me up at Starbucks while doing some work!!!!! Craig Ferguson is the best!!! Funny funny guy!

Sylva Luca : Hilarious, non-divisive banter. Craig is a comic genius and deserves more recognition.