Misinterpretations W/ Craig Ferguson

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Sam Vav : i know you've done this on other videos but still you should mention the name of the guests as well. also thanks very much for the video

Michael Reynolds : Nuttin like a couple of good tips for the meat pies served to help ya fucis.

Keith Jones : Hey Leno Fly! Maybe you can answer, what was the origin of "ass mode"? I mean, I know it's a way of life, but I can't find when it was first used.

kevork92 : Jiu-Yoga!!!!! I swear to god and I'm not even kidding... I choked on water 😂😂😂😂😂

acgm046 : I loved this compilation! I'm really glad there's a channel so devoted to Craig's content to put up these really well done videos. I'm sure so many fans appreciate it. ASS MODE

Anco77 : Pretty amazing that this channel still sports freshly and stylishly edited content from my favorite show. It's a delight whenever I click on it, thank you so much for making this available to us!

CrashForce : wow this guy is a living legend... kinda feel bad that I found out about Craig's show just now :/

Christoffer Lund : So funny! You're a beast for making all of these videos. Fantastic work

scaho : Haha what a clever outro

Josh S : Craig Ferguson was hilarious on The Late Late Show. The last great era in Late night talk shows officially ended when he left.

James Perry : Thank you for keeping the memory of this incredible show alive. My heart skips a beat when I see you uploaded. Hope you have an amazing life and thank you so much for all your hard work!

Jessica : Craig Ferguson is my favorite celebrity, he's such a funny and genuine person. And many who really know his work know how sensitive and intelligent he is, even if he has a low self-esteem about it and constantly joking about himself it's impossible not to notice

Andras Libal : and now we know where the Jayleno Fly gets its name from :)

Berk Ç. : I miss you man!

mildly adequate : You have no idea how much I appreciate you still taking the time to do these compilation. And it's obvious too how much thought and creativity you put into your videos... Keep it up friend ❤

Totes1829 : “Do you cream?” I laughed so hard I got light headed. That was fantastic.

Your Channel : OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH............Tips. I thought she said she has some nice Ti....never mind. =D Oh goodness. Great compilation. =D

J T : I laughed so hard at Jew-yoga my pet bird flew off my shoulder like a Jay Leno fly.

Chris Ducat : What a crazy shift from Craig to James...Craig was so much better at interviews

Vanessa A. : It's amazing how you find these patterns. You must be a detailed oriented person, good job!

A Man : It should be illegal to be as beautiful as Alice Eve!!!

khairowensullivan : Whenever I need a laugh, I visit this channel. Thanks The Jayleno Fly

DV : I misinterpreted in a different way when Inbar said she got some nice tips.


Jay : "I had my period" - Edward Norton, 2012

Spike1891 : thanks so much for this, these vids are perfect with a good drink!

Drive Fast : Can't imagine how you do these. Did you just have an idea one day ... I know what, I'll do one about misunderstandings. That's easy enough, but finding all the misunderstanding clips without having to watch all the episodes. #URLegend

Joy L : I miss Ferguson so much! My favorite talkshow host of all time.

Mario Khoury : thank you man for bringing us joy

Alexander G : That was superb. Really brightened my soggy, cream filled english evening.

Lonesome Wandererr : JaylenoFly buzzin my notifications again! Best type of Pest. Keep up the great work.

Malistan Selmi : Holy shit that was one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. Keep up the good work, man!! :)

DFed324 : So that's where the name, Jay Leno Fly comes from! I love Craig. Thank you for continuing to upload.

crysjumar1 : more "misinerpretations", please

Balaji Srikanthan : You're the best Jay Leno fly

israelqzd04 : Best show ever!!!!!! Love your youtube channel as well!!!!!

Efthimios Kalaitzis : Zero dislikes. Best video ever.

scatty cat : Again, thanks for these uploads, the videos cheer me right up :D

xyoda006x : This was awesome. Can you do ones where he is like: Here is the mouth organ.... and also the harmonica...

G George : Dude almost 100k subs :O

Jason Samfield : Other ideas might be every time he or a guest cussed. Maybe compilations of every guest and audience member who is of a certain nationality like Germans, Swedes, Italians, Belgians, British, Australians, Scottish, etc. I think the compilations of the British guests and Australian guests would really go over well with your subscribers.

Arch Stanton : Greatest audiences ever. 🤣

Kevin G : Another great video sir. Thanks for posting.

Jessica : do not forget the idea of compiling every time the guests praised Craig and the show, even as a form of homage. but beforehand I'm already grateful that this is an incredible channel, and I can not even imagine the work you have to compile and edit the videos of this guy who has a personality as unique and incredible as Craig Ferguson! Thank you <3

SHaiLuVsTaCos : this was amazing as always ! been going through a rough patch in life & i really really needed this laugh ! thank you ! X

mria621 : Craig is SO hilarious and SOOO sexy!

Егор Бедов : You know what would be awesome to do? To allow subscribes to make subtitles. Saying nothing of bringing more foreign viewers as explaining some tricky places of Craigish language. Anyway, the channel is top of the top. Subscribed recently and now can't stand watching it every day. Hope you have fun entertaining us. Thanks a lot, dude

Mohammed Tariq : Thanks mate

Aditya Gaikwad : Can’t believe you just uploaded

Ernie Z : Ahhh...before the crazy PC culture Also if u can sign petition to rehire James gunn on change.org