How to be High Speed Low Drag

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Back by popular demand...stay tuned, we're hoping for part 2 before the end of the year.


TheAsianRamz : "I just like to feel free" lmfao

TheAsianRamz : GMR lmao

Eddie Wiest : Geeee..anyone ever heard of humor. These guy's are nailinit!

Eddie Wiest : 14kt funny!!!! Too good! Thank you, keep em comin.

Andrew Coetzee : this is bloody funny. slay all dem bodies

Elitescope2006 : Gudtogo?

Zzzz : He sounds like White Goodman in Dodgeball :D

Ando-San : Who's at kings bay?? Is it a FAST company?

RickBelmont : Yeah I down about 2 or 3 of these things a day

Louis Vart : @EliteMarineUSMC dont be a joker

usmchausam : WOW... Way to show your intelligence level. You sir, are a moron! How old are you? Obviously not out of your teens yet, especially by the looks of your personal channel. You should prob stop posting comments until you grow up some and learn to spell.

Bill 1239 : @usmchausam dam you are a us marine dam that's one of the best fighting force forces in the world im so scared!....... oh wate that's the royal marines oh sorry year the usmc are the ones that make the funny vidios ok so maybe it's not a rip off maybe that marine is the one that inspired idot in mask which maybe is not such a good thing it's qwite scarery if thats the case the usmc runng around killing kids........ and i rest my case no hard felings guy :-)

jer9716 : haha monster=RTT CQB mans sweat

Carter S. : ....Speed Reload...Tap Tap...Slaying Bodies...

Bond Leung : way aye man, geordie?

WthzoroProductions : @riverfox22 not realy a rip off ? there 2 totaly different conceps dude

Bill 1239 : this is just a rip of idot in mask it's ok tho

foreverhugable : Good to go.

Shifter Media : How is this not a gigantic hit yet?

patrick4588 : @CharlieJulietEcho omg hilarious.

vtmegrad98 : Kings Bay eh? That's awesome. I'm going to be doing some work at TRFKB in about a week. Nice to know I'll be buzzing past someone so funny in the process.

schnips074 : lol high speed, low drag, slayin' bodies, all day...goodtogo

gunterm2009 : so funnny what a nut lol

Wolfsburg00 : I am so glad this is back, I used to watch this all the time before I left for OCS.

rambokenney : ololo win!!!!