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Qwonk : Oh yeah daddy I want you to use all of my body and track me mmm 😋😋😋 egg yeah!!! ❤️❤️

SilentBora : Is it wrong to say that David has better moves than Forceable?

Corrupt Hankey : I like the conversation going on between anime Batman and 2 anime chicks on the right. Must be nice to be a millionaire playboy😖

degenerate soldier : That is a very nice thumbnail my good sir. *PLZ GIMME SOURCE*

master g swag : Oh yea I'm cool with this I'm gonna watch you on twitch your the best dancer stay eggy best youtuber nologicdavid 1st on list peace

HouseCat. : If i had full body, i would just sleep, nya

Cherisera G : My dream is to dance with u in Vrchat but i cant dance and i don't have the VR gear xD ❤️❤️❤️ Ill just cheer from the sidelines ~

the tacoi55 : Your so amazing love the vids

SavagePredator : This is the True wae to use full body tracking ma man !!!

FullMoon : Deam you now i want to learn hip hop dancing :D

Code-Requests : Such an inspiration, truly amazing!

CamoXD¿ Thamriyells national guard : Congratulazioni on 35k

It'z Jionah : Bruuuuuuuhhhhh this was lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


qwonk has QUALITY content : That tumbnail is hot af.... Love you david even tho you had you upload this when its like 4 am for me

_Cami02_ : Yo lo usaría para bailar me encanta 💕😻

peaches vr : Who is that witch in the background?👀👅

xXShinigami99Xx : And against a new nice video from NLD, every time I see u had a new one I look it instant haha ur Dancing moves are soooo nice pls accept ur my senpai xD

Tyler John : Love the vid David❤👍

jjuussoo youtube : ニースダンス

A Distraction : So eggy

BleedOutHack3r BleedOutHack3r : You should dance and somehow make a gunshot happen while dancing and just fall down and try to scare people lol and keep up the good work ^^

DeLuXe FXTM : Porra, eu sou brasileiro e gosto muito dos seus vídeos, muito bom! Assisto direto. Apesar de conhecer você por alguns videos...né ZUADOS :V

Yo Bro : Love the thumbnail

DUMB LUIGI : Now there’s some thing you don’t see everyday.... Bloody Hell you are bloody beautiful..... Hehehe

not loneliou : Whats your avatar

Coach Wall-E : That was super smooth my man. Keep being "egg"-citing as always!

Adrián Pérez : Dam boi...!!! Those are some THICC moves you got there.

Kratos 521 : this is amazing my dude keep doing what you do

Zuku Uzu : meanwhile cyber in the back just flirting

Osman Orak : dance to the name of anime

Positive Vibez : My favorite person

Dakcka : I am so entranced

SearingMemes 33 : Why do you only have 35k subs? You should have more 2:04. Wish I could dance like you, keep up the work 😁👍🏻

ZzArthurzZ Uchiha : Brother I only have one thing to talk about this character and very delicious guy that this papa haha ​​our lady

Dante_Wolf12 : Enseñamos a bailar :'v

Onkel Anon : Those are the best moves i've seen so far ;-)

beyblade716 : Thumbnail is 🙄😈😍 kappapride

Ashton 7939 : How do you even move like that?!?!


Axion : are you in a big room or something?

RevampedNinja : The moves 👌🏾

Titoo Bingo : You the best 😍😍

Rin Miyazaki : AHHH SO GOOD 😊

Mr NOLOGIC : Good job nologic

Jayson Zachary : 7th like......

Mr NOLOGIC : Yea my boy

HUMAN BEING : Wish i could like this twice

Qxorty : Jezuz, awesome

trappu ow : ok this is sick