75% of Discord servers
75 of Discord servers

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-75% degeneracy -15% shitpost -5% other -4% actual gaming -1% female worshiping Song: BIGWAVE - Emotional Prism Super Mario Tennis (GBC) - Peach's Castle


Tyknighter The Noble Otaku : I am that 0.5% that just uses Discord to chat with friends.

Shadowtrollswords : *made for gamers* *ran by furries* *filled with weebs* Something clearly went wrong along the way

CaptainAlliance : *This coming from the guy whose server is literally hentai haven 2.0*

ur stepsister : me: * enters voice chat* dude 1: OMG ITS A GIRL dude 2: send nudes dude 3: * talks about politics*

AMX ELC Bis : Loli search results 11,000+ Discrord Devs:I'm so proud of this community.

buddhism cockline : *"Porn is my life"* Wow, that's just a next generation of sadness.

Jesus Christ Denton : "Why don't you use discord? Because it's new?" because i'm not gay and because i dont like furries

Maybe I am yumek0 : Discord: 75% NSFW 24% game stuff 1% alot 7 yrs old kid with they fortnite

wenloseN : Girls locker room: OMG principal Ryan makes me so wet Boys locker room:

Fxlkki : Yall remember when we used to play minecraft and use skype

Jaaz : How about we just get rid of furry moderators. Problem solved.

Gary King : I don’t get how furries can use discord with their big ass paws

T-MOTH : You forgot the lineup of sweaty dudes throwing money at people claiming to be girls ;)

Weekend Myself : Wait. I didn't know this was happening. I just use Discord for literally chatting with my friends *normally* .

Somali pirate who's actually somali : **Sponsored by the discord app**

Illidan Stormrage : Wait, if discord is a gaming platform, you telling me that porn hub is not one Edit: whoa 77 likes, damn

milkshake da flying cat : Look man, idk what kind of servers y'all are in but I'm concerned.

Local Dumbass : No one: Absolutely none: Not a single being in the ever expanding darkness of the universe: *Porn Priestess*

Rusty Blader : Discord is lawless almost and this is the internet....the hell did you expect?

Серая Армия : Loli - 11k results *FBI WANT'S TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION*

Mr.Scared : I installed discord... *And haven't used it yet*

PlayZ · : @everyone Y’all wanna play some Minecraft tonight?

Weeaboo Trash : i use discord to steal memes lmao

Wholesome Lad : *These are true gamers*

Samantha Patterson : There's a discord server that has mod abuse and encourages bullying nonstop. Pretty much toxic af

Greggory Admn : As someone who is mainly apart of sexual and furry servers on discord *This is accurate*

gaming inc : when the discord sound went off i actually checked my discord and i was like who tf is spamming me messages

Ruben Alejandro Oropeza Requena : >75% >Not 99.98% My sides

Stan Stanitor : That porn priestess bot said it was designed to make the listener want to watch more porn, but all it did was give me an existential crisis.

Tú Trần : I install discord and i see alots loli pic Now i feel WONDERFUL

Broken Lord Of Cinder : You fool you forgot you were apart of a questionable species of degeneracy known as *humanity* nothing is safe while in their presence

The Malfoy : I love how Discord doesn't care about this shit, but they make a big deal if there are 3rd pparty clients out there like RipCord oder BetterDiscord .....

Michael awesome : Only discord members know the struggle.

Magic Rainbow Elf : I love how discord is fully aware of the state of things and just fully accepts it

Rico653 Caines : Category: “G A M I N G”.

Magnificent Birb : It's always the loli weebs, traps, furries and power-tripping moderators that are most degenerate. Even worse, all of the above.

an ordinary Indian : This video got an age-restriction LOL

Manash Pratim : Idk how did this vid end up in my recommendations 🤦🏻‍♂️

Best Snake : I have to die.

Hin Leung : Solution: never join any public servers

Unionist : Then you hop to the gaming side of Discord, full off Raids, @everyone, @here, spamming and deafening people.

InkSamsGamer324 ni idea wey :v : *"Prepare your eyes for true **-autism-** art."*

The Anal Atheist : Me an intellectual: uses discord to tell people about how despite being 13% of the population

A Salad : I love discord but *WHY DISCORD W H Y?*

big funny : -84% Degeneracy. -14% Shitpost. -2% Other.

fernando jose : I accept that that from the 17 servers from dicord that i have now , 5 of them are anime and Other kind of stuff.. anyways this Is a reality 12 servers from gaming and memes lol.

ajazman : tfw my server's channels all have the name "porn" in them but we don't actually have any channels for porn and it's just a bunch of weebs playing MMOs and steam games this degen shit makes me wish there were some good discord clones out there

LuciferNiisama : There's a porn priestess but wheres the hentai goddess?

Alter nate : if 75% servers are like this then: 10% are youtubers' stuff 5% are undertale stuff (it's a little complicated) 2% are those which are actually for gamers 8% are hangouts edit: oh whoops didn't look at the desc