75% of Discord servers

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Tito Piromalli : You have no ground to talk cunt. You to are a anime gay cunt. Fuck you you gay anime cunt.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : **Sponsored by the discord app**

TheRealKenzo : You need to add in 40% white knights/female worshiping

Versaucey : 0:42 *_gaming community intensifies_*

Orbit Chuu : The amount of names I recognize here is concerning

Howard Dudley : All degenerates are gamers. Not all gamers are degenerates

Wholesome Lad : *These are true gamers*

Shit Sandwich : Have you seen Political discords? Now that is a seperate realm entierly

Mr. Parabola : This is why I stick to small private servers on discord.

Alec Price : All my discord serves are people talking about how they want to kill themselves, ive been using it all wrong

Onion Knight : So wait, you're telling Discord is a gaming community, not a porn one?

Magic Rainbow Elf : I love how discord is fully aware of the state of things and just fully accepts it

Caleb Morrow : You make the fatal mistake of not realizing that this is what the gaming community is.

Zephlos Kal'Shanor : Never seen any of this shit lmfao.. Then again I use discord for actual gaming not these "social groups"

Charuzu yorudan : But the most important about discord is that it has *F A M I L Y F R I E N D L Y C O N T E N T*

Inspector L : NO U

Wholesome Lad : *Gamers* in their natural habitat

get BeANed : Opens lusty argonian maid *ONE HANDED 100*

Unclaimed Username : Discords are a hive of degeneracy and shame that I haven't experienced firsthand since my friend invited me to D&D without telling me that him and everyone else were furries. Imagine playing a ranger, hunting to *feed your party and not die* and some vegan roleplaying as a wolf tells you it's unethical. A *VEGAN* RPing as a *CARNIVORE* Tells me not to hunt because it's "wrong* Discord is actually worse than that like 85% of the time.

Mox : When another youtuber named mox and myself is the actual the real mox then youtube recommend me to watch myself. Mox meets Mox Nani!?

Austin Knox : This is why I run my Discord like Caesar's Legion and stamp out degeneracy.

Arlife GM : @everyone @here .rule34 Basically what discord is

Alptraum : To be fair, there's probably not a single weaboo loli what-not-person who isn't also a gamer.

Robert MacIntosh : I mean It still beats skype groups

Ya Boi PI : pretty much 99% of discord servers are dedicated to porn.

Turtles 634 : i just use discord to sing and play piano lol i had no idea this existed *humanity has evolved well i guess* also mox how many results were for futa? i curios

Ad SJB : Nonono. You don't understand. About 30% of Gamers are Otaku's as-well. So they discuss anime in theses servers, then it leads to their kinks. And so on and other subjects like furries come into conversations.Then the rest of the server, seeing this large group of Otaku/Gamer (maybe furry) start ironically making jokes about it. Putting it in their name for memes. Writing it out in chat. Talking about it with them... and so on. So what SEEMS like 75% of Discord is actually like 30% with an added Ironic crowd percentage of 45%. Irony and sarcasm is the core trait of all Gamers. You gotta admit that. And the last 25% is attention seeking emo's saying they will kill themselves. Rage all you want but it's true and you know it.

InestriX : Inspiring.

Adam XD : lmao I saw my irl friend in this video 😂😭

Salman Hussam H. Linjawi : can i get a link for these channels? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alkatabra : Discord Creators: What have we done?! Me: Eh. At least it’s free.

Goldwizzard : *and 100% reason to remember the name*

Caleb Tynes : In all honesty, we should've seen this coming. It's an entirely unregulated/unmoderated and easy to use chat platform. Given it's incredible accessibility, it was only a matter of time before the internet creeps got a hold of it. That being said, there are some really great Discord servers out there. You just have to sift through the never ending piles of shite to find them.

Johan phillips & Jeb de flint {Boze} : 1:01 prepare your eyes for true -art- autism

Ladders : Degenerates like these belong on a cross.

Jody Bruchon : So basically, you're saying that they're sowing seeds... of discord. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH

David Knapčok : I'm using Discord for over 2 years now. Am in 72 servers and this kind of shit is happening in just one of them. It really depends on what you look for and what you cherrypick. If you do, you can do a video about anything being anywhere really... Statistically Discord is indeed used mostly for gaming purposes, most streamers have their Discord servers, nearly every gamer group of people in high school have their Discord server. The difference is that those "friends" and "stream" servers aren't listed because their authors didn't list them since there is no reason. Of course just servers that are looking for trash people will be listed... I get that it's kindof a joke video but I still think that you are kindof shittalking something without knowing enough information about it.

Max Mustermann : good i'm in the other 40%

Hamekko : Cool! Let's get this to a milion real quick :P

Emineican Productions : this is why i stick to my islamic teachings/is training servers.. they are kinda practical too they told me how to create a bomb and strap it to my chest, altho idk why i would strap it to my chest, anyway guys im off out, they said to press the button in the park so see ya

Best Snake : I have to die.

noyoucanttellmewhat : yeah this is most gamers I have no idea what you're talking about

Tyler Sherrill : I gotta say, what type of servers do people join for this to be 75% of them, I have never ounce seen a server like this, all the servers I have ever joined was an actual gamer server talking about various games, or servers for developers to talk about game development.

Abdominal Treason : more like, gay-ming communities.

Joe Camel : Alright, how many of you guys are in actual gaming servers, i'll go first, 5

Krabs The Derpy Pirate : Dont forget the Voice channels on populated servers

Peeble Kitty : The community sucks sometimes but the app itself is 👌 There's very little learning curve and it's all organized and free and easy and it's nice on the eyes and overall just a good app. But yeah... the community... that's a whole 'nother can o worms.

Depression Session : "BIGWAVE- Emotional Prism" Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

🅱️oulder : Now this is FORTNITE EPIC GAMERS

kody becker : You know mox, I'm getting a really weird feeling those aren't gaming discords D=