75% of Discord servers

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Trash Tier Waifu : On all levels except physical I'm C O C K

Magic Rainbow Elf : I love how discord is fully aware of the state of things and just fully accepts it

Taste : Porn can be a video game if you try hard enough

Ganderlow : Lusty argonian maid

SquadFace : Get frickn age restricted. you deserved it

Wholesome Lad : *These are true gamers*

Stan Stanitor : That porn priestess bot said it was designed to make the listener want to watch more porn, but all it did was give me an existential crisis.

Skiddish Cat : *This is what happens when your moderators are furries*

xiLe 4 : Where can I find a Christian friendly discord server where I can chill with my Minecraft bros?

UBCS Mercenary : Damn, I'm the 4% that actually uses it for gaming. The world is a weird place.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : **Sponsored by the discord app**

彼の目を盗む : Sad thing is *its all true*

Lucky Lock 115 : I've been to these servers, don't ever go to them if you still believe in humanity.

TheGenjiWeeb : "Hands off my *COCK!* "

Edgelord of Edginess the Edgeth : I got kicked cause the server couldn’t deal with my Gillette edge

Wholesome Lad : *Gamers* in their natural habitat

SealMeme6 : The Discord staff team are furries so what do you expect

Ventex : Does anyone want this rock hard, long, Diamond Sword and some Emerald?

shiloh : i dont use it bc its difficult and i dont know how to use it edit: i was so high when i wrote this what the fuck

sigurdgram : ok but if you make a server for you and your friends to be a substitute for stuff like teamspeak it's pretty solid. discord can't help it if the people that use it are....vocal about their....interests.

TheRealKenzo : You need to add in 40% white knights/female worshiping

roma : Middle aged hairy man: "I'm a loli looking to have some fun with some daddies UwU" Other middle aged hairy men: "Seems legit"

Zarno : The funny part is that those people are all gamers

POCKET LINT : Anime profile pictures everywhere

Magic Cookies : This is the result of gamers being the most oppresed group in the world!

Arlife GM : @everyone @here .rule34 Basically what discord is

Kayn The Cosmic shadow : Still waiting for the end of humanity

Amteloletom : Stop liking my comments, it's not worth it.

CHAOS : 2:21 perfectly normal reaction.

Determined : Nice song Japanese future funk is really good

Alkatabra : Discord Creators: What have we done?! Me: Eh. At least it’s free.

Potatobater : 1:20 RAM RANCHH

PooDot StinkPants : Well that was disturbing.

Saint Lucus : For all who dint know the kid who made the greentext later blew his brains out. Yes there is a video. It shows the full "event and his mothers reaction.

Terrance Godwin : 1:02 now this, is what I call a EPIC WIN 😎

Best Snake : I have to die.

*Heretic : got 10 channels on my discord, zero porn, all gaming chan. probably doing it wrong.

SW4414 : you are also forgetting about how like 95% of female '"bios" are either lesbian or Bi

XenoTronus PrimeZilla#21068 : Is this the new PornHub?

sum gai gaukil : On all levels except everything Discord is pretty much a gaming community

Jody Bruchon : So basically, you're saying that they're sowing seeds... of discord. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH



william huggy : And I say KILL EM ALL

Roxas The Nobody : Isnt it an internet rule that "Any website that can be used for porn will be used for porn?"

Krabs The Derpy Pirate : Dont forget the Voice channels on populated servers

Andri289 : be careful you might get banned by the Furries!

Discon : As a discord user I can confirm this

Blue Bluish : Gaymers

Tazmore : that just look like everyday youtube comments