Pokemon Trainer RED vs My Level 1 Team

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GoLuckyz : Skip to 2:14 if you don’t wanna watch Snorlax’s HP drop

Detective Cotton : *youngster Joey* *challenges* *you* *to* *a* *battle*

Dark Necroninja : Lol It took me 6 lv.1 Rattatas to defeat Red.

TheGameKnights : Now beat him with Magikarp

PewDipie : You won against Trainer Red Trainer Red used Frustration Trainer Red jumped off the cliff

ONite : Named his Trapinch Kog'Maw! 😂 I'm dead

Thats Pella : "Did I ever tell you the definition..... .....of insanity?"

Warp Drive Fueled by Insomnia : I think this qualifies as art

It's Thinzy : How to annoy red 101

Aenygma : Hail and rain at the same time? Are you battling in Canada??

Dr. Dank : Red probably jumped off the cliff after that battle.

Maria Venus : Once I saw the shedinja I felt a great disturbance in the force

GamerX6500 : Can Anyone Explain Why Its On People And Blogs

Sarmoc : No wonder Red didn't say a word after the match ended. I just hope he's OK...

GokuSama : Rain Continues to fall...

Martini Blank : This trainer obviously isn't lvl 1

Lovely Kõhai : Red: "I'm going in the mountains, leave me alone" Shedinja: "Then perish"

Tsukimaru 1 : Am i the only one who finds it weird that his politoed has a hidden ability... when hidden abilities didn't exist?

Matt Bailey : Lmfaoooo kog’maw

Turkeys Owner : I feel so cheated that he didn’t use Ratata with endeavour and quick attack

Lyrick : Reminds me of the good old days with action replay

Mike MêgåDēãth : Bubblebutt? Also your game is slow..im used to playing on my emulator at double speed. Watching this is killing me..lol

Trollazord : he jumped off the mountain

Dyer TheLegend27 : Would be cool if it wasnt hacked

SSJ Duskblade : Kog maw lol

DragonTamer TAP : One of the cheapest things I’ve seen on Pokémon, ITS AWESOME

Chris_HQ : This guy is the most skilled Pokemon trainer in the world

SlickNickP : I thought the joke was going to be that red wiped out the team instantly. But no... the madman actually did it!!!

xicydragonx _Roblox : Now this is what i call a Pokémon pro, i am good at it but i could never do this. 😅

JRMstudios : In the time it took for Snorlax’s hp to drop I had already done the dishes, finished the laundry, and picked up all my clothes in my room.

xXUndeadMcLovinXx : "kog maw" AYYYYYYYE

J.Creepy_XD : Karimero humillando a trainer red

Earl John Medallo : How do you kill a shedninja?

Corncob Johnson real : I'm sorry I can't get over how awful your nicknames are

PichuXS Gaming : Jog Maw from League of Legends😂

Godly Legacy [Ramxn] : Lol “Bubblebutt”

Alex Reyes : Loved the way perish song sounded back in the days in gen 4

Dead Children Playing : Why are Red's Pokémon over level 90? Is this a hack or something?

Yurima V : “ protecc “

A. Hdh. : Lvl 99 pika? Eh...

Bryan Martin : You use your Pokemon only as tools to further your own goals.. You're as bad as mewtwo! Pokemon aren't meant to fight like this.. I was prepared for trouble, but not like this

Remco F. Gerritsen : So basically it's detect/protect, combined with focus sash and perish song, oh and a Shedninja to do the job.

Old Channel : This is obviously hacked... but who cares? It’s still entertaining and would require lots of planning to create.

Redbubble : Cheater... Munja cannot evolve at lvl 1

Ibex Animations : Hecc

Kylian Joly : PIKACHU SURF !?

PikariocrafTF 2 : Mission passed *+ respect*

Edwin Zell : you hacked you can't have a level 1 palitoed and shedninja

Smog Blazer : This theme is surprisingly great

Omni HeliX : Wait... How did you have a Lv1 Shedninja?