That 70's show - Bacon

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Alex Painter : I like how Eric says bacon

FoxDemonMaster : I say that every time i eat bacon now

Skull Crusher : Bay-Kon. Lmao.

Sunny Price : mmmm bey-coan

MrMelloCountry : "And it's so good. And it's SO much better than ham." Amazing how Eric found some balls later on in this series, mouthing off to Red.

Gwen Poole : Where are my sprinkles?

Lee Holy Spirit : Such a great scene

Cassady Rae : its even funnier the second time he says it

squito94 : I just made some bacon on my George Foreman grill while watching Foreman eat bacon.

ghettoblaster36 : When my vegetarian girlfriend lets me eat meat again

RobbyH5 : Um..... Bacón

M4levolence : Hmmm Bakawnn

MncDssctn : Funny how in the 2010's it still can't be proven that cholesterol from food equals bad cholesterol in the blood

Ventriloquist Vance : I would've slapped Kitty's hand back. No one is going to keep me from eating bacon.

JRC99 : "Let's celebrate... with bacon!" My response to everything.

Sonic waffle productions : Mmmmm....Bakkon. lol.

Taylor Has : The yolk isn't the baby bird.

unknownnamer330 : ...where are my sprinkles...?

Ray Beard : "But the yellow parts the baby bird. That's the part I wanna eat." LMAO! Love Red!

Mar Thivierge : "" LOL

Jiikai 021 : Uhmmm~ Bacon

PikkaBird : The bird doesn't grow from the yolk. Fun egg facts!

HolyFad : "Where are my sprinkles?"

Old _Yeller : And people wonder why Red wants to put his foot up Eric´s ass

Tanya Artiaga : let's celebrate with bacon -red 😂

armando díaz : Mmmm bacon!

Redninjax600 : 0:23

Scott Mcmulkin : What episode is this

Rocksparadox From the blocks : 0:28 1:24

card969 : I miss this show a lot.

itamar mordoch : mmmm BA-COAN

DIana Todorowa : I swear Eric would've made a great Spiderman!

KristinNirvana : Ohhhh so that's where the "mmmmm bacon" comments come from...

Bithiah Brooks : does Kitty know ham is pork also

Bastarden : The way he says it... I still to this day cannot eat bacon without thinking about this!!

parkslady : Shit those pancakes sound amazing.

TheNotoriousCheeto : Most unhealthy food I eat I could give up, would rather have a heart attack than stop eating bacon.

Thad Castle : bacon is overrated

Robert Kidd Carl Cornell : I love how Eric was rubbing it in Red's face with the bacon! He was basically putting his foot in his father's ass!!!

민기 : this makes me want to eat bacon so much

HeadBangerAust : I'm with Red, I wouldn't want to give up bacon because what some quack doctor says about cholesterol. I'll worry about it when I'm dead

TheChildofAuraReborn : I have a theory that Eric Forman is secretly related to Clayton Carmine.

Stoneman180190 : Eric sounded like a cow when he said mmmmmmmm

Rishav Siddhanta : "Ummm....Bay-Koh!"

GameWizard 999999 : Mmmmm...Bacon..

Tanya Artiaga : 0:29 my foot in your ass ?? I'm surprised red didn't say it their 😂

Datsizer : AAALLL the time...MY gf LOVES it when i do it too

CharizardDragon : anyone else say that when they have bacon?

Abused Peanut : Oh man, Eric sure knows how to get under Red's skin xD

unknownnamer330 : where are my sprinkles?