The Roman Triumph
Historia Civilis The Roman Triumph

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Mark Paton : Consul's hate it!!! 6 easy step to getting yourself a Triumph.

Matt P : that giraffe was the most-detailed icon in this whole channel

The Modern Martial Artist : "The gold was spent on prostitutes, if you know what I mean." They bought them flowers?

Una città bizzarra e chiassosa : I would like to add that the offensive chants (Carmina Triumphalia) were meant as a way to remind the Imperator of his humility lest he would consider himself above the institutions. It was also the only moment a soldier could publicly insult his general. It must have been amusing to watch Caesar march under the taunts of his own soldiers.

Lord Ashbury : I love details like this. It really humanises the Romans. Too many documentaries etc just show the Romans as some boring, highly efficient military machine. Details like this really make you realise how human they were, they cracked rude jokes and used billboards to educate people on geography! Classic!

Alex Harris : a slave whispering "remember you are human" in the triumphator's ear sounds like something marcus aurelius would have lapped up

Severelag : Rome: We can't allow you to sacrifice people because that practice is cruel and barbaric. Also Rome: We're going to ritually murder your King and his entire family in front of our red faced god in the honor of his literal incarnation on Earth, but it doesn't count as human sacrifice.

Drunkrobot : If the human sacrifice wasn't enough to convince you of the barbarity of the Romans, they were also responsible for inventing socks in sandals.

CreepsMcPasta : I like to imagine the chariot with magic deflecting wards is like the modern bullet proof pope mobiles of today

Holdin McGroin : "He made up for it later, though" oh boy did he

NinjaCell : Wow! Saturnalia came early.

Xtravia9 : I always enjoy some bacon and eggs after strangling my prisoners.

Tommaso Ragghianti : Fun fact: I'm Italian and the laurel is still considered of grat prestige. When people graduate from university it is tradition to wear a laurel crown

Nigel Lobo : On the concept of the color purple, purple dye was very expensive as the dye came from a sea snail. It was called Tyrian purple. It was so expensive that only rulers could afford it.

psammiad : It's an irony that Roman writers despised "barbarians" who committed human sacrifice to their gods - yet gladiatorial games had their origins in funeral rites, and this ritual killing of prisoners at the temple of Jupiter is blatantly a form of human sacrifice.

D Snodgrass : I will never not laugh at the idea of Pompey trying to stuff his chariot elephants through the gate.

Samuel Tan : "Objectively the weirdest animals"

Daniel Gazizov : We need to hold a triumph for Historia Civilis

Xavier Atkinson : He's back boys! And I'm noticing a significantly higher pixel count In those cubes!

Jebediah : you heard it here first folks, funk killed the Roman Republic

Hamish Woodland : “We’re not going to linger, but hold these prisoners in the back of your mind”-Uh oh I’m not optimistic for these prisoners lads. Yep. Lucky guess.

Pyro Gear : The Romans seem to enjoy giving their lower classes the occasional opening to have some fun at their rulers' expense. Here you got the Soldiers making fun of their Commander, and the people more generally. In Saturnalia you have Slaves being made "king for a day" and getting to mouth off to their masters. It's an interesting quirk.

Marcus Depew : When I was a kid watching history channel, I always wanted more detail, but never got it. Finally years later we got a show with an amazing level of detail.


Rutger Postma : Last time I was this early Romulus still had a brother

Shane Santos : 15: 21 *Not Pictured But we already have the picture in our head - Rome season 1 ep 10 -

Stormwind : 15:17 And that ladies and gentlemen is why Queen Cleopatra committed suicide.

Bajilson : Ah yes. The fabled rainbow Unicorn of Camino de Santiago. Quite the prize.

Bram06 : I imagine that the Roman army singing would've been a lot like a sea shanty

Leigh Page : Who wouldn't want a Triumph after finding a unicorn?

platypi pope : "objectively the weirdest animals" Australia would like to know your location

bificommander : "This sounds a little human sacrificey." Huh. There's a phrase you don't hear every day.

Julius Lapi : 7:40 purple was the color of royalty becouse it was super expensive

oWallis : What a perfect way to end my day. Some might say it's a.... Triumph. Also nice unicorn at 5:40 ;)

S_MacIsaac : I'd thought Belasarius received a triumph from Justinian?? so were there any other post-republic late roman triumphs

SOX Shimoneta : The executions were probably a reflection of the death of Remus' followers and tried their best to show it in a triumph

Eric Connor : Every time Kings and Generals, BazBattles, or Invicta uploads a new video I get excited and save to watch later. Every time Historia Civilis uploads a new video, my body enters a prolonged period of titillated rapture and transcendence. Thanks for the upload! I learned several things about Roman triumphs that I did not know before, especially the stuff about the route through the city they would have taken, including a stop at the ole Circus Maximus. Cool stuff.

Kreska0 : 7:20 horses or cows?? :-)

Jamie Gaehring : can 0:56 be made into a t-shirt?

xxAnaconta : It would be pretty cool if someone had made themselves dictator during their triumph as an ultimate ''execute order 66'' move.

Frank Reynolds : I just have to say that, every time I watch one of your videos, I am absolutely stunned by the quality. From your clear and eloquent narration to your simplistic yet clear visuals, everything is astoundingly well done. I salute you for your efforts to entertain and educate us, your viewers, on an incredibly interesting and complex period of history. So in short, thank you very much for all of the hard work producing and researching these videos, and keep them coming!

A8HBU : 15:30 Nobody understands the Romans attitude to death. When it lurks in the corner of every room, it wouldn't shock you the way it does us today.

saeed faroole : Thank you so much for this video Greetings from somalia 💙

Valter Östberg : Did any generals ever include animals that weren't in the territory they'd conquered, like giraffes and elefants, just to make their triumph seem more important and flashy? Like, I can imagine Caesar and other generals who conquered parts of Gaul and Europe had relatively little in the way of cool animals to show for it. Maybe they wanna throw some stuff in their to not seem boring.

sam Ait : Kings and generals are starting a gallic wars serie Getting some competition huh?

Xavian Brightly : 5:41 was that... a unicorn?

Dunk Donut : It's no coincidence that the most victorious nations are bloodthirsty.

Renato Andrade : Unicorns? That must've happened during some totally historical conquest of Scotland by Rome.

impcaeaug : Flavius Belisarius was possibly the last man to be rewarded with a Roman Triumph for his part in the liberation of North Africa from the Vandal Kingdom in AD 534.