The Roman Triumph

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The Modern Martial Artist : "The gold was spent on prostitutes, if you know what I mean." They bought them flowers?

CreepsMcPasta : I like to imagine the chariot with magic deflecting wards is like the modern bullet proof pope mobiles of today

Mark Paton : Consul's hate it!!! 6 easy step to getting yourself a Triumph.

Matt P : that giraffe was the most-detailed icon in this whole channel

Lord Ashbury : I love details like this. It really humanises the Romans. Too many documentaries etc just show the Romans as some boring, highly efficient military machine. Details like this really make you realise how human they were, they cracked rude jokes and used billboards to educate people on geography! Classic!

Una città bizzarra e chiassosa : I would like to add that the offensive chants (Carmina Triumphalia) were meant as a way to remind the Imperator of his humility lest he would consider himself above the institutions. It was also the only moment a soldier could publicly insult his general. It must have been amusing to watch Caesar march under the taunts of his own soldiers.

Alex Harris : a slave whispering "remember you are human" in the triumphator's ear sounds like something marcus aurelius would have lapped up

Severelag : Rome: We can't allow you to sacrifice people because that practice is cruel and barbaric. Also Rome: We're going to ritually murder your King and his entire family in front of our red faced god in the honor of his literal incarnation on Earth, but it doesn't count as human sacrifice.

Steve C. Kim : Historia Civillis deserves a triumph!

oWallis : What a perfect way to end my day. Some might say it's a.... Triumph. Also nice unicorn at 5:40 ;)

Jane Shepard : Fastest click in the west.

Rutger Postma : Last time I was this early Romulus still had a brother

NinjaCell : Wow! Saturnalia came early.

Tommaso Ragghianti : Fun fact: I'm Italian and the laurel is still considered of grat prestige. When people graduate from university it is tradition to wear a laurel crown

D Snodgrass : I will never not laugh at the idea of Pompey trying to stuff his chariot elephants through the gate.

Stormwind : 15:17 And that ladies and gentlemen is why Queen Cleopatra committed suicide.

Hamish Woodland : “We’re not going to linger, but hold these prisoners in the back of your mind”-Uh oh I’m not optimistic for these prisoners lads. Yep. Lucky guess.

Total War Timelapses : I was literally about to search for porn when this notification came, thanks HC for giving me instant better fapping material

Hiukas : I don't understand Unicorns are normal animals

Nigel Lobo : On the concept of the color purple, purple dye was very expensive as the dye came from a sea snail. It was called Tyrian purple. It was so expensive that only rulers could afford it.

Jebediah : you heard it here first folks, funk killed the Roman Republic

Daniel Gazizov : We need to hold a triumph for Historia Civilis

Samuel Tan : "Objectively the weirdest animals"

Julius Lapi : 7:40 purple was the color of royalty becouse it was super expensive

Jacob : Just finished a stressful essay, I needed this in my life.

S_MacIsaac : I'd thought Belasarius received a triumph from Justinian?? so were there any other post-republic late roman triumphs

Bram06 : I imagine that the Roman army singing would've been a lot like a sea shanty

Xtravia9 : I always enjoy some bacon and eggs after strangling my prisoners.

Drunkrobot : If the human sacrifice wasn't enough to convince you of the barbarity of the Romans, they were also responsible for inventing socks in sandals.


Jamie Gaehring : can 0:56 be made into a t-shirt?

Xavier Atkinson : He's back boys! And I'm noticing a significantly higher pixel count In those cubes!

Valter Östberg : Did any generals ever include animals that weren't in the territory they'd conquered, like giraffes and elefants, just to make their triumph seem more important and flashy? Like, I can imagine Caesar and other generals who conquered parts of Gaul and Europe had relatively little in the way of cool animals to show for it. Maybe they wanna throw some stuff in their to not seem boring.

Ptaku93 : The Triumph features exactly everything I would expect from a pagan festivity, god-impersonation and human sacrifice included.

Eric Connor : Every time Kings and Generals, BazBattles, or Invicta uploads a new video I get excited and save to watch later. Every time Historia Civilis uploads a new video, my body enters a prolonged period of titillated rapture and transcendence. Thanks for the upload! I learned several things about Roman triumphs that I did not know before, especially the stuff about the route through the city they would have taken, including a stop at the ole Circus Maximus. Cool stuff.

SPLNKR : What the hell is a yanny tree?

Holdin McGroin : "He made up for it later, though" oh boy did he

Oussama Aithsain : Kings and generals are starting a gallic wars serie Getting some competition huh?

Shane Santos : 15: 21 *Not Pictured But we already have the picture in our head - Rome season 1 ep 10 -

psammiad : It's an irony that Roman writers despised "barbarians" who committed human sacrifice to their gods - yet gladiatorial games had their origins in funeral rites, and this ritual killing of prisoners at the temple of Jupiter is blatantly a form of human sacrifice.

LOLquendoTV : Every upload makes my day

Caleb Smith : You make being a Patreon an easy choice. Thanks for you videos over the years, they impact further than you think

hellothere4858 : So they found human sacrifices horrible when the gauls did it. But mass ceremonial murder is a ok, I guess its the mass part.

DAVID HANLON : Great video although for the Romans the killings were obviously not at all senseless but clearly deeply meaningful. An interesting observation about the decline of meritocratic competition. A warning for our " participation price" age?

Bajilson : Ah yes. The fabled rainbow Unicorn of Camino de Santiago. Quite the prize.

hawk0485 : Imagine being strangled to death in front of cheering crowds. O_O

juzao1000 : So Christmas came early this year

Pedro Rodriguez : That purple looks blue to me :\

Seleucus : Dude we really wanna find out who you are, where you from and all of that, i mean i know this is a history channel for all of us plebs that love roman history. Having that said it would be really interesting in my opinion because you're a one man operation as oposed to the other history channels ( kings and generals, bazbattles, history marche, epic history tv, etc).

Reliably Top Player : What you say about the circus maximus is not completely true. It would still be one of the largest sports arenas in the world but there are some Indycar and Nascar tracks that can house more spectators. In 2016 there were 350k at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and its the most attended single day-single venue sports event in history. Still cool how the Circus Maximus from 2000 years ago played in that same ballpark of numbers tho