How To Terrify The Audience

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The Closer Look : Hey guys, so I’d just like to say sorry my voice sounds a little weird in this video. Essentially the reason why is I have been struggling with Tinnitus for the past 6 months. For those of you who dont know it is best described as a constant ringing that is in the victim’s ear that never goes away. Whenever you’ve been to a loud nightclub or a music festival you will probably experience a ringing in your ears that goes away within a few hours. What I have is that except the ringing is much louder and it never quiets down. It is constant. It may sound like it’s not that bad but really it is unbearable sometimes. I hear it all day every day and it is at the point now where it is making me depressed and is severely limiting my productivity. Nights are the worst. You never truly appreciate something until it is gone and something as simple as silence is something everyone takes for granted. The ability to go to bed or somewhere quiet and hear nothing is something that I have not had for half a year. The silence is deafening. Right now I’m taking a course of drugs that are supposed to reduce the fluids in my ear as the doctor thinks that is the cause, the ringing is ever so slightly less noisy but still unbearable at times such as right now when I’m writing this. For those of you who dont know the ears, mouth and nose are all linked together so me taking these drugs to reduce fluids in my ears is also causing the way my nose works to shift so when I speak I sound slightly different. Not going to lie it feels pretty shit and I am 90% certain I will have this ringing and warbling in my ears for the rest of my life. But anyway don't forget to like and subscribe XD

James Burgess : "Jump scares... lots and lots of jump scares." *All of Hollywood:* "Ok, sure!"

Sepia Smith : i definitely agree that using helpless protagonists makes it very terrifying, but in some ways I find the opposite to be true: what's more horrifying than seeing someone do everything right, everything you thought would work and keep them safe, only for it to fail in the end. they're helpless in that sense, and you'll feel the same way too. 👀👀

Prot07ype : Watched this film for the first time yesterday, at my local cinema. How did I even miss this gem?

Gerardo Ochoa-Vargas : How to terrify your audience: to, without warning, cut off the main topic and start rambling about minutes of audience retention and subscribers

Bijinius Cross : Oh, I feel the scariest thing of _ALL_ is that "impenetrable" plastic you talk about. For me, after the straight-up _medieval_ iron bars containing the other hopelessly insane criminals, there seems to be _nothing at all_ between Hannibal and Clarice (i.e. _us—the audience.)_ There isn't a lot of light reflecting on the material—I wouldn't be surprised if there was nothing at all really there while filming it.

The Halo Scrolls Gaming : Hollywood back then: Who needs jumpscares when we can have terrifying Villains and good writing? Hollywood now: “who needs good writing and terrifying villains when we can have jumpscares?

Jack Berczi : Let's not act like the writer or director made this character, without Anthony Hopkins we wouldn't be making this video.

ElectroBlissMusic : Does anyone else remember. Him saying "hello clarice" as the first line? And not "good morning?" that just sounds weird to me.

Nightlife 9 : See, Hannibal Lector is a Genius, he is manipulative and can Trick anybody, when Hannibal tells Clarice to bring the ID Closer, she obeys, this already proves, he gives commands, *others listen.*

WillRock07 : Something that the video doesn't mention is that while yes, when you first see hannibal lecter standing there in his cell, he's not showing any signs of insanity, to me he is terrifying anyway because he seems so... artificial. Yes he's not showing any signs of insanity but he's not normal because a normal person would just looking bored, lying on the bed, maybe reading...? However, he's just standing in the middle of his cell, unmoving, with a perfect posture. Its almost like he's TRYING to appear normal but just comes off creepy because its not actually normal in the slightest. However, he's a psychologist so it has to be intentional. The best way I can describe it is that it is like he knew she was coming and decided to do the creepiest thing he could think of, which was in fact, nothing, like an absence of any sort of traits so she couldn't read him. And that is terrifying because you have NO idea what to expect.

Grace Zhu : I have no idea why I'm watching this but it's sort of interesting

Andrew Feistner : Would you ever consider an analysis on trailers and how they get us to want to watch the movies they're promoting?

13RedCorpse : This is funny because in my university there is one lecturer who is known for his cruelty, harshness and in general for his horrific nature. And we all heard the stories about him until we actually saw him. And, what a coincidence, he totally looks like Hannibal Lecter.

Fena Kazy : 1:25 “There are three inmates she sees before CANNIBAL” This is the biggest mistake in human history and it will be in all the history books as the reason World War 3 started

Florijan Pira : You wanna scare the audience? Cast anthony hoppkins and tell him to be a villain . Thats all there ia to it

Daniel Cannata : He is so insane, he is sane in his own right.

Joeri Spek : Can you analyze how to keep the audience in suspense during the movie?

Chops667 : When you said he looks normal just standing as he does, I think when I see it, I see a predator ready to pounce. I think this is furthered by his gaze and the way he looks at her overall, I think this is what makes up the menace that we feel when we see him.

Justin Knapich : I always loved that look Lecter gives after Clarice said "no, you ate them." the look of... oh, yeah...

Martin : ahaha, thanking the audience. Classic way to get past 10 min. -love ur vids tho

Joe Quinlivan : ThE rEaSoN hAnNiBaL iS sUcH a TeRrIfYiNg ViLlAiN iS bEcAuSe He HaS aLl ThE pOwEr What an enlightening discovery.

Kayde Kai : Hannibal is a decent man that just happens to eat people. And, on the grand scheme of things, Dr. Lecter really isn't that horrible when compared to real life serial killers.

Madness by Design : It seems obvious to me that you're getting better than average viewer retention times because you're putting together intelligent content. Your observations and conclusions make sense. Your delivery is well paced, and clear. Kudos!

Zaky : As a viewer who is an aspiring author and has been with you since around 500 subs, I'm real glad to see you've come this far man! Always more anticipated for your videos than any of the other channels I subscribe to, keep it up!

Schmib Kat : None of that movie was scary to me nor Hannibal Lector himself. I only thought it was interesting, not at all scary.

Luca DeAdam : While I don't fully disagree with your statement "if you want your audience to feel terrified, it has all to do with which character has the power" I think it only tells half of the story. It may sound like nitpicking but I'd say it's just as important, if not more important, to emphasize where the LACK of power is if you really want to terrify your audience. I hadn't ever really thought much about the idea of terror until you made that statement, but once I heard it I realized that terror is feeling an overwhelming sense of powerlessness in the face of a malicious presence. If you want your audience to feel terror then you want your audience to be focused on the terrorized's powerlessness more-so than you want them to be focused on the terrorizer's power. Either way though, I think this was a great video and it really got me thinking, keep up the great work!

WarlockofWords Channel : Bram Stoker also used this in Dracula, building mystique around the count from his effect on Renfield before we meet him.

Lua : You clearly don't know what psychotic means.

grkpektis : I think the scariest villain I've ever seen is Killgrave from Jessica Jones. We spend the whole first episode seeing how much of a complete badass Jessica is, but when we see how terrified she is of Killgrave it builds up so much tension we are immediately terrified of him. He is not set up as a supervillain he is a horror villain

MineTurtle Animations : I love your videos, I’m thinking about writing stories using your advice. Thank you so much!

melvin goberfish : This isn't as much terror as it is suspense.

bill bill : 6:38 inversely proportional, not directly proportional

Bijinius Cross : I do "enjoy" how you pat yourself on the back ceaselessly for the entire ending portion of this video. Good work? Keep it up???

FILM PUB : Keep up the good work. I am learning a lot from you! Wish my channel could do as good as yours.

FallenstarslX Ayan : HOLY CRAP HE UPLOADED

Andro Meda : That was an excellent Essay, I do wonder if you've seen Hannibal TV? If you have what are your thoughts on it? Would be great if you could make an essay on said TV series, the amount of metaphors and subjects to analyse is insane.

avalon NewWay : So called majority of normal people can turn out to be more crazy than people like Tesla and Thoreau.

Jack Charlson : I have been trying to write a horror trilogy recently and you have been the biggest inspiration, thank you very much and I wish you the best of luck

Psiberzerker : The intimacy of the eye contact is unnerving. The ultra-closeups, and how both actors portray it. Jodie foster doesn't get enough credit for her acting in this scene. It's terrifying, you can feel it, but because she's standing across from Anthony Hopkin's Hannibal Lechter, it's overshadowed. More sublimation here, he steals the scene, but as you pointed out "Closer..." is asserting dominance, it also tightens the vignette. Focusing on the eye contact, the intimacy, and claustrophobia of the situation. Ironically, she's trapped, while he's standing calmly in his cell. He's comfortable, well lit, with decorated walls, while all she's got is a folding chair in a dim cramped corridor...

Nick The Farb : Someone who helps writers get inspiration deserves to be subbed. *Subscribed!*

Johnathon Haney : With respect, let us name the people deserving of your praise on Silence of The Lambs: director Jonathon Demme (RIP) and director of cinematography Tak Fujimoto. Both, I might add, cut their teeth on Roger Corman productions in the 1970s, two of many later mega talents. So remember that the next time you hear some know-nothing diss Corman's life's work.

Eli N.S : How to terrify the audience? Put Amy Schumer naked or in a skin tight laser dress. Without make up. With a bogger coming out of her nose.. omg i have just terrified myself 😱😱😱

Mysteri0usChannel : There's a huge difference between horror and terror.

MellowJelly : You obviously understand how to lure in an audience because you're explaining it for us; so it's pretty clear why your average view duration is longer! You just know how to work an audience

Putri Wahyuni : In summary: Pay attention to details

Stop the Philosophical Zombies : I waited on Anthony Hopkins in Park City, Utah at a ski resort where I was working back in 2007. What a genius actor. I was starstruck but kept it to myself. I couldn't think of anything to say that he hadn't heard a thousand times, so I just was as normal as I could muster.

Laverne Blaszczyk : But is he really that smart?? He only knew Buffalo Bill because he actually KNEW him, he already had that information, it's not like he deduced it from anything

whyaremeninmyshoes : 9:09 Like Hannibal?

Dani Grantham : You have an amazing channel with great content, no wonder you're doing so well. Keep up the amazing work!