How To Terrify The Audience

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The Closer Look : Hey guys, so I’d just like to say sorry my voice sounds a little weird in this video. Essentially the reason why is I have been struggling with Tinnitus for the past 6 months. For those of you who dont know it is best described as a constant ringing that is in the victim’s ear that never goes away. Whenever you’ve been to a loud nightclub or a music festival you will probably experience a ringing in your ears that goes away within a few hours. What I have is that except the ringing is much louder and it never quiets down. It is constant. It may sound like it’s not that bad but really it is unbearable sometimes. I hear it all day every day and it is at the point now where it is making me depressed and is severely limiting my productivity. Nights are the worst. You never truly appreciate something until it is gone and something as simple as silence is something everyone takes for granted. The ability to go to bed or somewhere quiet and hear nothing is something that I have not had for half a year. The silence is deafening. Right now I’m taking a course of drugs that are supposed to reduce the fluids in my ear as the doctor thinks that is the cause, the ringing is ever so slightly less noisy but still unbearable at times such as right now when I’m writing this. For those of you who dont know the ears, mouth and nose are all linked together so me taking these drugs to reduce fluids in my ears is also causing the way my nose works to shift so when I speak I sound slightly different. Not going to lie it feels pretty shit and I am 90% certain I will have this ringing and warbling in my ears for the rest of my life. But anyway don't forget to like and subscribe XD

Mysteri0usChannel : There's a huge difference between horror and terror.

Namelesshunter Gaming : did you quit your job jet?

Salty SeaDog : Think you dude sounds crappy( your situation that is )

Awesomemay : Ill just show a picture of my face. BOOM TERRIFYING

irlrp : Hello, i know i'm nobody, but your voice is too dramatic, you accentuate it way too much, it's distubing us from what you're showing. you have a WONDERFUL VOICE but it sounds like you're "maniering" every word.

grkpektis : I think the scariest villain I've ever seen is Killgrave from Jessica Jones. We spend the whole first episode seeing how much of a complete badass Jessica is, but when we see how terrified she is of Killgrave it builds up so much tension we are immediately terrified of him. He is not set up as a supervillain he is a horror villain

Our Führer quill18 : hannibal in the series is even more scary, as he is a real danger for the characters.

Jordan Antonio : Ok I'm subbed

John Cruz : Herez another sub

ralf nyberg : youre amazing & so is your voice!

The Halo Scrolls Gaming : Hollywood back then: Who needs jumpscares when we can have terrifying Villains and good writing? Hollywood now: “who needs good writing and terrifying villains when we can have jumpscares?

Pradhyumna Gupta : Why Anthony Hopkins is probably one of the greatest actors we've seen. Most good actors in their best roles have some traits which is them and can be seen in all of their roles. Hopkins in this is so different that you rarely think of the actor and get absorbed in the character. Another role imo is his portrayal of Burt Monroe in The Fastest Indian. Blessed to have seen Hopkins's work.

Froy 2001 : Hannibal Lecter vs Michael Myers

Benedict Saunders : Never forget that the glass allows a view from both ways. They are separated by nothing but perspective

Sketching Artist : The reason that your viewing time is so high is because you deliver a lot of good information in an entertaining way for a large demographic of people

Bijinius Cross : I do "enjoy" how you pat yourself on the back ceaselessly for the entire ending portion of this video. Good work? Keep it up???

Colluding Google : British accent a must. That being said Mads Mikkelson is a far better Hannibal.

Usman _2404 : this guy definitely got an A* in his English exams

Jared : Or another way to terrify an audience is to build suspense and then release that certain doom. For instance Jurassic Park 1 does just that in building up how dangerous the raptors are without showing them and then releasing them on the characters.

michael ray : The movie the thing is a real good horror movie could you do a closer look at it

Bijinius Cross : Oh, I feel the scariest thing of _ALL_ is that "impenetrable" plastic you talk about. For me, after the straight-up _medieval_ iron bars containing the other hopelessly insane criminals, there seems to be _nothing at all_ between Hannibal and Clarice (i.e. _us—the audience.)_ There isn't a lot of light reflecting on the material—I wouldn't be surprised if there was nothing at all really there while filming it.

Siych : Keep it up mate your videos and arguments are very well constructed and entertaining

Raid Mahdi : "How to Make Disturbing Chat Scene"

Robert Gift : Well done, insightful video! The only mistake in Hannibal's cell scene is his pillow and sheet are not perfectly smooth and neat.

Jari : Very detailed video. I loved it.

Jack Berczi : Let's not act like the writer or director made this character, without Anthony Hopkins we wouldn't be making this video.

Clay Create : BOO! End of video

SlewedBoot25934 : Lmao just do a spooky when nobody expects it

Mrmcfeffers : Started watching at 12:30 AM, I don't think I want to keep watching 😢😢😢

Merrick Colburn : I feel as though Aliens also captures the feeling of terror from the original. While the Colonial Marines are somewhat experienced, they have zero experience with combatting the Xenomorph threat, and, in turn, are outmatched and outgunned, as the Xenomorphs slowly pick off the Marines over the course of the film.

Putri Wahyuni : In summary: Pay attention to details

Uzair Sipra : Very true explanation, totally agreed 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿

Mahesa Rangga : Because your content is good and it's very educational. I just wrote down a useful insight I found from your video for me to use on my comic 😄 Thank you so much!

Kilravok : Can you make a series like this for novelists rather than movie makers. I don't exactly have the tools of a movie script writer or director.

Kilravok : Lecter is no psychopath....he is a sociopath.

Psiberzerker : The intimacy of the eye contact is unnerving. The ultra-closeups, and how both actors portray it. Jodie foster doesn't get enough credit for her acting in this scene. It's terrifying, you can feel it, but because she's standing across from Anthony Hopkin's Hannibal Lechter, it's overshadowed. More sublimation here, he steals the scene, but as you pointed out "Closer..." is asserting dominance, it also tightens the vignette. Focusing on the eye contact, the intimacy, and claustrophobia of the situation. Ironically, she's trapped, while he's standing calmly in his cell. He's comfortable, well lit, with decorated walls, while all she's got is a folding chair in a dim cramped corridor...

the night hAunter war/russian/aidan/doctor/doyle : so the film shows true monsters.

the night hAunter war/russian/aidan/doctor/doyle : this guy,heeeees pulling his own teeth out?,why would he do something like that? he just banged his head against the wall,is he dead?

AquaticSkipper : getting 7 instead of 2... "Over double" haha Yeah it's also over triple?

Brandon Person : What a find. You are now making more money with this channel then your actual job. Do you know how very blessed you are. I am dang near killing myself trying to get that feat done. Congrats to you brotha. I love your work sir. Keep it up.

MellowJelly : You obviously understand how to lure in an audience because you're explaining it for us; so it's pretty clear why your average view duration is longer! You just know how to work an audience

Day u X : You’re gonna pass t series

Andrew Santiago : loving the videos, You are an intelectual

The Great Papyrus : Just play nickleback

Leim bolton-zerebeski : You should do a video on good battle scenes. Breaking down something like Saving Private Ryan, or Band Of Brothers, or really whatever you feel best represents a good battle. Either way keep up the good work.

Cobra Kai-Zer Soze Soze : The man who narrated this.... Is a brilliant mind.

Simon Oosthuizen : Please make these videos full time! I will pay you personally (not actually, I’m just being over dramatic to emphasize my love for your channel). Your analysis is never biased, you’re well educated, you’re a brilliant educator due to your ability to communicate complicated ideas or techniques in a way that people less educated than you in the art of film can understand. It’s no wonder that you’re doing so well, you’ve earned it and I’m happy for you

lakydei : I think it's not that he looks "normal" what impacts (he looks creepy tho), it's that he looks superior in comparison to the other 3. His cell is better than the other's shitholes, his manners are pristine, his clean clothes and his conved hair. Everything screams he is at another level from those vulgar and primitive convicts. Also the cold neutral color palette of his cell and the fact that everything around him looks organized make you feel like he has the control. He's intimidating by a sense of inhuman control as of his body and his surroundings.

lakydei : I saw what you did there xd You try to make us feel part of your success with a thank you and you say "a lot of people do it" to get us to give you money. It's a very seductive method.